Wicked, Wicked Doctors

Dr Vernon Coleman

Doctors writing in the British Medical Journal have called for the medical profession to do less screening of patients and to cut back on prescribing treatment – ‘to help combat climate change’. Doctors called for global warming concerns to be put above patients’ interests.

Let’s get this straight: the medical establishment wants to cut back on diagnosing cancer early in order to save Big Ben from disappearing under 100 foot waves a week on Wednesday. This is terrifyingly wicked.

The climate emergency is the true health crisis of our time,’ is the message from the medical establishment. Doctors’ leaders appear to have had their brains removed and replaced with those of 12-year-olds. The members of the medical establishment who believe this should all be certified insane and put into a coma to protect the public from their deranged utterings.

The nonsense from the BMA is pouring out these days. For example, the BMA now says that Britain needs another 60,000 doctors. Britain doesn’t need any more doctors. Dare I suggest that the NHS needs the GPs on the payroll to do what they’re paid for – which is to see patients?

The Department of Health in the UK has reported that the average GP is now working a three day week and earning over £100,000.

Doctors protest that they are overworked and that they are struggling to deal with a continuing crisis. But GPs are working three day weeks! It’s no wonder patients are more likely to win the lottery than get an appointment with their doctor. When I last practised medicine, GPs visited their patients at weekends and nights and if a patient couldn’t make their way to the surgery then the doctor visited them at home. Today, a large number of GPs won’t ever see patients in the flesh and certainly won’t lower themselves to take blood samples, syringe ears or remove stitches. The unfortunate patient in need of one of these services has to make another appointment to see a nurse, health care assistant or, quite possibly, the practice cleaner. It may sound strange but I think GPs lost their way when they stopped syringing wax out of blocked ears.

Today, the medical profession is complicit in the Government’s attack on the people it is paid to serve.

The Government repeatedly agrees with the BMA’s claims that Britain desperately needs more doctors.

But if the Government really wants to increase the number of GPs, it should invite retired GPs to emerge from retirement – and perhaps work part-time. (After all, many existing, younger GPs only work two or three days a week to reduce their tax liabilities. And that’s part of the reason for the shortage. Older GPs working half a week each would improve the health service considerably.) But this won’t happen. The Government does not want older, experienced, independent-minded doctors working in Britain.

It is difficult to avoid the thought, by the way, that the GMC’s absurd revalidation programme was deliberately introduced to force older, experienced, independent doctors out of the medical profession – thereby making it easier to destroy the NHS, to kill vast numbers of elderly and sick patients and to push through the rebranded flu hoax and the associated fraud involving an experimental injection.

Maybe the Government realised that older, more experienced doctors, not bound by an NHS contract, without mortgages to pay and without future careers to worry about, might be more likely to question the whole rebranded flu hoax. It is noteworthy that most of the few doctors objecting to the fraud have been older and more experienced physicians.


Taken from Vernon Coleman’s latest book (and his last book about covid and the Great Reset). The book is called `Truth Teller: The Price’ and is his most personal book.

In `Truth Teller: The Price’ Vernon describes the way censorship and suppression have been used to hide the truth and to demonise those telling the truth. Ironically, the book has itself been suppressed and is currently not available in many parts of the world including the US and Australia.

Source: vernoncoleman.com. Image: Composite, Unknown + / Shutterstock
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