Denying Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad America 2.0

Donald Jeffries

The word “denial” has historically meant the withholding of something, even from one’s self (self-denial), or to doubt the truth in a statement or opinion. It eventually came to mean a refusal to recognize widely accepted “reality.” It has become a cornerstone Orwellian term in the giant mental asylum that is America 2.0.

When revisionist historians began disputing the details of the Holocaust, laws were passed pretty much everywhere except here (shockingly), which resulted in the prosecution and imprisonment of those who were labeled “Holocaust Deniers.” Over the past few years, after the COVID psyop and the laughably fraudulent 2020 election, the “denier” term was expanded to include other Thought Crimes. Disputing anything about COVID or the blessed vaccine was now “COVID Denial.” Complaining about voter fraud in 2020 made you an “Election Denier.” So vote, pay your taxes, but don’t “deny.” It’s become illegal.

They haven’t bandied the terms about much, but for all intents and purposes, those questioning Sandy Hook are “Sandy Hook Deniers,” and those who dare to mention Pizzagate are “Pizzagate Deniers.” They also throw up the “Climate Change Denial” and “Science Denial” thing quite a bit. Some years ago, none other than RFK, Jr. suggested that “Climate Change Deniers” be locked up. He has walked that back a bit, saying he meant heads of large corporations or something, but it’s still a disquieting thing to say. No one should be imprisoned for their views, regardless of how distasteful some might think they are. You certainly can’t have true free speech when anyone, anywhere can be prosecuted for their thoughts. I “deny” Thought Crimes.

As a diehard Thought Criminal, I “deny” basically everything that is happening in this crumbling country. I “deny” that transgenders are anything other than tragically confused, often mentally ill people. I “deny” that there are more than two genders. I “deny” that a man pretending to be female is just as much of a “woman” as those born with a vagina. I “deny” that any mother promoting this, and pushing her child to ruin their life, is a good parent. Like Matt Walsh, I think they are horrific abusers and should be locked away for life. I “deny” that men dressed as women are not sexually interested in the children they are recruiting to watch them.

I “deny” the mantra that “diversity is our strength.” On the contrary, it is a significant weakness. Only cognitively challenged or hopelessly compromised individuals would possibly invent such a slogan. How is it a “strength” for people to struggle to communicate because of different languages? I “deny” the introduction into our culture of practices and beliefs which clash with traditions that built this country. Yep, I “deny” that African-Americans “built this country.” They were enslaved until 1865, discouraged if not prevented from reading and becoming educated. Or learning any valuable skills. So, how did the uneducated and unskilled “build” the country? That is politically correct fantasy, not historical reality. And I “deny” it.

I “deny” the absurd position, which cuckservatives cling to in the face of evidence to the contrary, that young people “don’t want to work,” and need to “learn marketable skills.” Via nonstop illegal immigration, all the lower level blue-collar jobs which once paid citizens at least enough to live independently, have been taken over by our continuous supply of “undocumented workers.” Those citizens that apply, prepare for wages (and no benefits) that only a poor migrant could love. They’re just “doing the jobs Americans won’t do” for slave labor pay. The Republicucks think every youngster should start their own business, become an entrepreneur. They love that word. I “deny” the high cost of college tuition, because even the few student loan debtors who get decent paying jobs didn’t get their money’s worth.

I “deny” the “new normal” notion that Victoria’s Secret models can be overweight. I “deny” that obese people are sexy. Lizzo shouldn’t ever, under any circumstances, wear a thong. Especially on stage at the Grammys. I really, really “deny” that. I wrote Bullyocracy. I know what fat people have been through from cruel youngsters and immature adults. But every criticism of an overweight woman isn’t “body shaming,” any more than every criticism of someone Black is “racist.” I “deny” that. They have formed a bizarre Fat Hierarchy now, where the most obese are the most respected. And ironically, they engage in bullying those who aren’t fat. “Thin privilege” is being promoted in the same manner that “White privilege” is.

Now, for the record, I think there has always been some kind of “Thin privilege.” Those who are in good shape appear more attractive to everyone, and are unfortunately going to be treated better than the overweight, or someone who just wasn’t blessed with a nice genetic makeup. But I vehemently “deny” that any such thing as “White Privilege” exists. The vast majority of Whites are terrified of nonwhites, and anxious to virtue signal and curry favor with them (and more importantly, each other). A shocking number of Whites hate White people, and applaud the fact that they are an endangered species. I “deny” that extinction is ever a good thing.

I “deny” the green haired, tattooed freaks on Tik Tok that openly state how they’re anxious to get children to “transition.” What’s truly frightening is that these are teachers doing this. Parents need to finally wake up to just who is spending eight hours every day with their impressionable youngster. I “deny” that they should even be teachers. Who possibly interviewed these very disturbed people, and decided that they’d be appropriate educators? These are screaming pussy hat wearers with a captive audience. With real power. And with the desire to convert little Johnny into little Jenny. Why aren’t all parents “denying” that?

I “deny” Climate Change, just like I “denied” Global Warming. I care deeply about our environment, but Climate Change activists don’t. If they did, they’d still be protesting the greatest ecological disaster in recent memory, the Gulf Oil spill. They never, ever mention that in their pretentious lectures. They also might have visited East Palestine, Ohio even more recently. But no, only non-environmentalist extraordinaire Donald Trump did that, where he bought the first responders McDonald’s. It’s not clean air, or clean water, or preserving life that interests them. It’s lowering your standard of living. Asking you -not wealthy individuals or corporations- to “sacrifice” more of what you don’t have. And I thoroughly “deny” that.

I “deny” that Hollywood is capable of making entertaining films now. I “deny” that the music industry even promotes music, let alone good music. I “deny” that the best players play in professional sports. Someday I’ll write a book about that, and they’ll just make me an official Unperson. I “deny” that doctors save more lives than they take. I “deny” the value of almost all Big Pharma products. I “deny” that there exist any Perry Masons out there, attorneys who fight for civil liberties and know how to win a case against politicized social justice warriors who circumvent the law. I “deny” Judicial Review, Victim Impact Statements, and the power of lordly judges to gavel down dissent with “contempt of court” charges.

I “deny” that America is a First World Country. I “deny” our internet, which pales in comparison to the likes of the Dominican Republic. I “deny” our cable and satellite television system, which produces 200+ channels that offer nothing worthwhile, outside of old films and television shows. I “deny” our collapsing infrastructure, which has barely been touched in sixty years. I “deny” our disastrous “bipartisan” foreign policy, whereby we send troops off to far flung lands, who pose no threat to the United States, without any discernable mission. I “deny” our batshit crazy immigration policies, which provide free education, healthcare, and now even housing to those who break our immigration laws. I “deny” birth-right citizenship, sanctuary cities, and all foreign visa worker programs.

I “deny” the odious asset forfeiture program, around which our tyrannical policing for profit revolves. I “deny” law enforcement officers who used to be peace officers. I “deny” the top secret budgets of all intelligence agencies. Actually, I “deny” these intelligence agencies themselves. I “deny” the Department of Homeland Security. And the Department of Energy. And FEMA. And the Department of Education. I “deny” all worthless and unconstitutional agencies of the government. I “deny” career politicians and demand term limits. I “deny” the brainless chant of “USA! USA! USA!” and the insipid country song Proud to be an American. I “deny” NASCAR, even before it began pandering to fans it will never have.

I “deny” self-checkout at stores, where the sheeple become unpaid cashiers and serve to eliminate jobs. I “deny” warranties that don’t cover what they advertise. I “deny” “free” offers that require payment for shipping and handling. I “deny” any and all gratuitous male nudity, onscreen or at “family friendly” drag shows. I “deny” the massive and ever growing disparity of wealth in this country, which has resulted in the bottom half of Americans making less than $30,000 annually and having less that one percent of the collective wealth. I “deny” tax-free executive bonuses. I “deny” One Percenters taking part-time jobs by sitting on each other’s Boards of Directors.

I “deny” the court historians. They are wrong about everything. They have so distorted the historical record that you’d be better off knowing nothing about history, than knowing what they teach you, to paraphrase what Jefferson once said about newspapers. I “deny” every mainstream journalist. They are paid well not to investigate anything of significance. I “deny” all television talk show hosts. They are not remotely talented, and you’d have to be absolutely devoid of any aesthetic taste to laugh at their “humor.” I “deny” foul-mouthed, disgusting feminist “comedians.” I “deny” both toxic feminism and transgenderism.

All people everywhere have a right to exist, but I “deny” Israel’s right to exist where they exist, on land that belonged to other people. I “deny” the cavalier and inappropriate allegations of “anti-Semitism” against political dissidents. I “deny” our unwise affinity for the Ukrainian government led by the actor/comedian turned statesman. I “deny” corporate America’s admiration for the totalitarian regime in China. I “deny” that the Civil War and World War II were “good wars,” and agree with Benjamin Franklin’s quote that “there is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace.” I “deny” that war is anything but a racket, as General Smedley Butler called it.

I “deny” euthanasia. I “deny” capital punishment. I “deny” abortion. I “deny” the notion of “quality of life” or “quality time,” which leads inexorably to pulling the plug on those who supposedly no longer have it. Some of our best memories are of sitting around and doing nothing with those we love. Is “quality” the right word for that? I “deny” name-calling and “cancelling” as a method of discourse. I “deny” the Orwellian term “hate speech,” which is in reality Thought Crime. I “deny” “hate crime,” because emotion is subjective, and irrelevant in terms of the law, and “hate” is in the eye of the beholder. All violent crime is inspired by some kind of hatred.

I “deny” private prisons. I “deny” Super Delegates. I “deny” ridiculous anti-male labels like “mansplaining.” I “deny” any and all censorship. My book Masking the Truth is getting the full treatment; being hidden from searches at Worldcat, Google Books, and is not included with my other books on Amazon. They have it listed for $999 on Apple Books. I “deny” the right of prosecutors to put their political enemies on trial, as exemplified by the continuing travails of Alex Jones and Trumpenstein. Identity Politics has destroyed our already hopelessly corrupt courts. I “deny” that birds, and sleep, and basic math and grammar, are “racist.”

Now, the Founders didn’t specifically spell out anything about “denial” in the Constitution. It would simply have been taken for granted that all citizens have a God-given right, which they were born with, to “deny” everything from an interested paramour to the “official” truth about a historical or current event. In the same way, we have the right to “discriminate” in the food we eat, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the people we choose to associate with. We can freely “deny” the Apollo space program, the single-bullet theory, or the “warp speed” vaccine. Those in power don’t seem to feel we have a right to our own opinion, unless it’s one that has been approved by the state.

The word “denial” isn’t used correctly by our despotic leaders. There is no Holocaust “denial,” there is dispute and questioning. No one who protested the 2020 election “denied” that an election too place. They maintained that a fair election didn’t take place, that it was fraudulent. “COVID Deniers” are denying the accuracy of the narrative. They are “denying” that COVID is what they say it is. Those who question mainstream science aren’t “denying,” they are trying to demonstrate the flaws in heliocentrism, and the concept of outer space. Many of us think Evolution is a preposterous, discredited theory. Does that make us “Evolution Deniers?” The “denial” label permits authorities to blame a mental illness for our skepticism.

This is a slippery slope, this denial thing. First they came for the Holocaust Deniers and all that. If they keep insisting we eat insects, will those of us abstaining be dubbed “Bug Deniers?” If they actually push through reparations for slavery, will those objecting be called “Reparations Deniers?” Maybe they’ll just say “Slavery Deniers.” If there were still civil libertarians left in this country, they’d be very concerned about all this. As it is, I’ll just have to speak for them. I don’t want to join the January 6 “Election Deniers” behind bars, but I can’t keep quiet in the face of this overriding tyranny. They are basically trying to deny our right to deny. There’s some powerful irony there, but what do I know? I’m an America 2.0 “denier.”

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