No-one except the Globalists Will be allowed to Grow Old

Dr Vernon Coleman

The well-documented global slaughter of the elderly has shocked millions.

In care homes, nursing homes and hospitals, the elderly were deliberately and cold-bloodedly murdered by doctors and nurses acting under ‘orders’ from above.

Politicians and advisers decreed that the elderly should be denied medical care, and thousands who did find themselves in institutions were treated without compassion, caring or proper, decent care. The elderly were denied contact with relatives or friends and were kept in isolation for many months and in some cases for years. Residents were told that they had to be jabbed with a so-called ‘vaccine’ that was known not to work and to be dangerously toxic. Thousands of elderly patients were killed by a vaccine which should have been classified as too dangerous to use as landfill.

The elderly were locked in, forced to wear masks (which did much harm and no good) and subjected to conditions which would have aroused an uproar if they’d been applied to illegal immigrants or dangerous prisoners. (Check back to my early videos and articles for evidence of how this happened and how the elderly were officially abused in 2020 and onwards.)

The fake pandemic which was designed, marketed and sold to a gullible public in the spring of 2020 was always an essential part of the globalists’ plan for the Great Reset. And the elderly (at least, those who weren’t billionaires or well-connected) were always regarded as a disposable nuisance. The abuse which became an official, integral part of institutional care in 2020 continues today. Remember: nothing happens by accident or coincidence anymore. The elderly are being eradicated from our world as though they are nothing more than an annoying infection.

Polls show that by far the most significant –ism in the world today is ageism. Discrimination against the elderly causes far more real misery than racism or sexism but the law is surprisingly weak on those who attack the elderly, and the mainstream media constantly gets away with deriding and marginalising the elderly in a way that they would never consider acceptable if the targets were chosen because of their sex or race. The media is obsessed with trivial complaints about alleged racism (‘he had difficulty in pronouncing my name’) and small examples of what is considered sexual misbehaviour (‘he complimented me on my new hairstyle’) but the elderly are murdered without anyone in the media wielding a sentence in protest.

The elderly in care homes are routinely euthanized with a recommended, approved and deadly mixture of midazolam and morphine.

Staff in care homes and hospitals refuse to feed those who cannot feed themselves (qualified nurses feel that feeding patients is beneath them and untrained staff are not allowed any contact with patients). The law allows non-medical staff to give the elderly sedatives and tranquillisers without their knowledge let alone their permission.

In a deliberate (and successful) attempt to hasten the deaths of elderly residents, care home staff open windows even on cold days (presumably in the rather quaint and rather mediaeval belief that fresh, cold air will blow away germs).

Younger citizens have been taught to regard the elderly as a useless drag on society, an expensive luxury that can no longer be afforded. Money spent on pensions is regarded as a waste (‘it should have been given to the young’) rather than the right it is. The elderly are regarded as a nuisance and are the subject of constant abuse in a way that would not be allowed if directed at, say, illegal immigrants.

The elderly can be slaughtered in huge numbers without anyone seeming to care.

A recent article in Investors’ Chronicle magazine complained that the elderly place a ‘disproportionate demand on health services’ and added: `They also enjoy the winter fuel allowance, free bus passes and free television licences for the over 75s - freebies worth about £1,000 that are funded by the younger working population.’

This comment ignored the fact that most pensioners have worked hard all their lives and paid for the benefits they receive. And it was not simply spiteful but it was also inaccurate. The BBC reneged on its promise to provide free television licences for all the over 75s sometime previously.

As always there is a purpose to the propaganda.

Creating envy or dislike of the elderly makes it easier to kill them. And, I warned that they would do so in March 2020. It is exactly what governments everywhere have been doing , through lockdowns, mask wearing mandates and compulsory vaccination programmes.

Tragically, things are only to get worse for the older citizens.

What the young don’t realise is that if they are lucky (or maybe that should be ‘unlucky’) they too will become old. And then they too will be abused as nuisances. And if they manage to stay alive, they will almost certainly be forced to live in abject poverty.

People currently in their 50s will be in their late 60s before they will be eligible for a State pension. Those in their 30s will probably be 75 before they can retire and those under 30 (even those working for the Government) might as well face the fact that unless they start saving hard now, they will never be able to retire and will either be deliberately euthanized or will need to work until they drop dead.

Meanwhile, those who want advice on how to survive should read Kick Ass A-Z for the Over 60s by Vernon Coleman. It’s available on Amazon.


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