The Special Military Operation: Drive neo-Nazism into the ground

Dmitry Medvedev
(Дмитрий Медведев)
(A translation)

A special operation has been going on for a year now. A year, as our servicemen restore order, peace and justice on our land, protect our people and destroy the roots of neo-Nazism. They are heroes. The whole country helps them, supplying the front with everything necessary.

Victory will be achieved. We all want it to be as soon as possible. And that day will come. We will return our territories and reliably protect our people who suffered during the years of genocide and shelling.

And what's next? Further negotiations will take place, which, I am sure, will become difficult and nervous. First of all, because the formal participants in the negotiations on the part of our opponent are one, and the actual leaders are completely different. And decisions for the Kiev regime will be made, of course, not by some Zelensky, if he is still alive, or his clique. The decision will be made overseas by those in whose hands arms supplies to Kiev and the allocation of money to maintain the remains of the Ukrainian economy. The motives of our country's main enemies are obvious: to weaken Russia as much as possible, to bleed us for a long time. Therefore, they are not interested in ending the conflict. But sooner or later, according to historical laws, they will do it. And then there will be some kind of agreement. Naturally, without fundamental agreements on real borders or on a new Helsinki Pact ensuring security in Europe. Just some kind of agreement.

Then, most likely, an equally difficult time will begins. Exhausting months and years of confrontation, tantrums and rudeness on the part of those who will manage the stub that will remain of Ukraine. Their fate is unenviable. They will not be able to recognize the results of their own, without risking being executed on the same day. The nationalists will continue to control the imperial camarilla (cabal), because none of them has any ideology other than Bandera neo-Nazism. Admitting defeat is like death for them. Therefore, the ideology of "maybutno peremogi" (victorious future) may remain for a long time.

And at some point, the new bloody boys, who call themselves the legal Ukrainian authorities, who are pinned to the wall by Bandera's once again unbridled, will again provoke a world conflict. It doesn't matter – on the eve of the elections or just on the next Maidan.

This cannot be allowed. That is why it is so important to achieve all the goals of a special military operation. To push the borders of threats to our country as far as possible, even if it will be the borders of Poland. [We will] drive neo-Nazism into the ground. In order not to waste time later on catching the remnants of Bandera gangs in the Little Russian forests. So that the world finds the long-awaited peace.


Source: Дмитрий Медведев. IMG: © AWIP:


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