Closer and closer to a new front: "Ukrainians are preparing an attack on Transnistria", say Russians - Pro-Russian protests in Moldova

The Kiev regime is preparing an armed provocation against Transnistria, the Russian Defense Ministry said on its Telegram channel, which Ria Novosti reported, and is expected to set the autonomous region of Moldova where Russian troops are deployed on fire!

"According to available information, in the near future, the Kiev regime is preparing an armed challenge against the Moldovan Republic of Transnistria, which will be carried out by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including with the participation of the Azov Nazi formation," the report says.

Obviously, such a plan gives Russia an excuse to intervene!

This information comes in conjunction with the provocations of the Moldovan leadership, which has actually called for Russian troops to be expelled from the region!

For its part, the Tass news agency is reporting statements by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin, according to which the West has instructed the Moldovan government in Chisinau to stop all dealings with the Moscow-backed Transnistrian government.

That region, most of whose population is Russian, seceded in 1990 from mostly Romanian-speaking Moldova, and during the break-up of the USSR the following year Russian separatists fought government forces and after a brief civil war Transnistria became de facto self-governing.

In response to the Russian defence ministry's accusations, Moldova claimed that it was spreading false news. "State authorities do not confirm the information spread this morning by the Russian Defense Ministry," a message from the Chisinau government on its official Telegram account said.

NATO plans to "demilitarize" Transnistria to occupy the huge Cobasna military depot. There are 1,500 Russian soldiers (Operational Group of Russian Forces in Transnistria/former 14th Army) stationed there, having been deployed there to guard some 22,000 tons of equipment and ammunition.

This is the largest weapons and ammunition depot in Europe, capable of fuelling a war for years.

The stage is set

The situation in Moldova has been volatile, with Western eyes on the anti-government protests that have been taking place in the country for months, with the latest major rally in the capital Chisinau being organized by the pro-Russian party and attended by many Russian-speakers.

Thousands of residents, many of whom had arrived in the city on Sunday on buses from different parts of the country, flocked outside parliament, the BBC reports, each with their own personal story. All were stories of their poverty, and their narratives betrayed their desperation and frustration.

″We are the laughingstock - the government is laughing at us,″ says Ala. Covered in a blue woolen hat, she says:

″There are people with four or five children who literally have nothing to eat."

Energy bills account for 70% of income

Energy bills now account for more than 70% of household income, according to Moldova's president.

Ala says her pension is no longer worth anything. "When we elected this government, they promised to increase salaries and pensions, but so far we haven't seen a penny."

Sunday's protests, organized by Moldova's pro-Russian Sor party, are being closely monitored by governments across Europe and beyond.

Most protesters travelled to the capital Chisinau by bus, with their expenses reportedly covered by the party.

″Yes, we want the Russians to come, we want to be part of Russia."

Orhei - an hour's drive north of the capital Chisinau - is a stronghold of Sor where the BBC met party adviser Yuri Berenci.

″We are not afraid,″ he said, ″because if Russia wanted to take Moldova, it would do it in half a day."

When asked if such a development would be welcome, he was unequivocal. "In my personal opinion, yes." With Russia we would be much better off than we are now."

Many people in Chisinau see closer ties with the West as a way of securing Moldova's independence and democracy at a critical time.

President Sandu's party has a solid majority in parliament. But the voices of the crowds outside parliament on Sunday suggest that the reality among citizens may differ, and there is a risk that the pressure could widen the divisions in Moldova's diverse society.

The danger is clear when Alla and her friends were asked if they believe Russia wants to infiltrate Moldova, as their president fears.

"Yes, let them come!" they shout. "We want them to come here. We want to be part of Russia!"


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