Bosnia-Serbia Crisis

Xoaquin Flores

The granting to Bosnia of EU candidacy seems innocuous as generally this is a decade plus long path, but it instantaneously legitimizes precisely the kind of catalyst I have previously described could kick off the war crisis in Bosnia.

This new phase of the crisis is where we will see Sarajevo attempt to illegally ram through changes to the constitution on the basis of being 'EU compliant', changes meant to strip the autonomous status of the Serbian Republic.

The Serbian entity within Bosnia Herzegovina is a small population of just 1. 3 million Serbians, but geographically makes up half or even more of the entire country of Bosnia Herzegovina. Life for the Serbian population there in the Serbian Republic has been fair, and there are no issues of violence with the Mecca-Vatican Bosnian entity adjacent to them.

The socio-economic life isn't different from rural Serbia, and there isn't a strong case for changing what for now is a workable status quo. This was one arrived at during the war in the 90's, before the US bombing campaign. At that time, Serbia/Yugoslavia held the advantage, and the Dayton Accords which created the modern Bosnian state genuinely reflected a larger degree of Serbian interests than we would observe in any accord afterwards.

While Bosnian Serbs for larger reasons would like to rejoin with the UN member-state 'Republic of Serbia', with its capital in Belgrade, the Serbs control both sides of the border between Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Republic within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Serbian Republic as part of Bosnia has their own security force, their own police, control their own borders, and make their own legislation.

Even better, the Bosnian Serbs have a veto power over many international affairs affecting the whole state, which means that since most changes of late to the status quo have been initiated by globalists and trans-atlanticists such as the puppet Sarajevo government, it has been the Serbs 'controlling' the outcomes versus the desires of the governments representing the Muslims and Croats.

As I have discussed at length previously, this is all a part of the emerging global war, one that can still be contained and stopped. The aim now is to force Serbia to give up its claim on Kosovo in exchange for rejoining the Serbian Republic to the Republic of Serbia.

There are several problems with this proposal, chiefly now is that Serbs are actually checking the actions of the Muslim-Croat federation on a slew of matters, such as how sanctions against Russia can be done.

Back in May, Bosnian Serb leader Dodik you may recall used his veto power to keep all three ethnic constituencies including all of their lands and economies, out of the Russian sanctions. This is what I mean about the status quo being favourable for the Serbs of Bosnia, and that the argument that those Serbs require total independence from Sarajevo would not be a strong one.

It could benefit the collective west at this time to resolve Kosovo favourably and also rinse its hands of the veto that the Bosnian Serbs have on the rest of the Bosnian state. But on the whole, no, that hasn't been the kind of policy we have seen so far. And herein lies the danger. What we have seen to date have been moves meant to increase tension and conflict.

On the balance now, we can see the final hour on the horizon, and it is awe striking.


Source: New Resistance. IMG: Redfish. AWIP:


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