Political Scientist: NATO troops predicted to enter Ukraine


"NATO is in fact already fighting on the side of Ukraine and may send its troops to the territory of this country" ~ Oleksiy Zhivov.

It is well known that NATO and EU leaders have repeatedly stated that Russia must not achieve its goals in any way during a special operation. According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, a Russian victory would be a defeat not only for Ukraine, but also for the entire alliance. He also noted that NATO should not allow such an outcome.

Political scientist Oleksiy Zhivov wrote in his Telegram channel that rumours were circulating in the Internet that NATO troops would enter Ukraine by winter. Such information, according to him, "comes from the very enemy camp". Zhivov himself believes that coalition forces of Western countries will sooner or later fight in Ukraine, but, the expert believes, "it will not be NATO" but another "proxy: a Polish-Romanian coalition or something similar". According to the political scientist, the alliance will try to preserve "a window of security from a Russian nuclear strike". Despite this, the war correspondent suggests that nuclear strikes will still be used "with a high probability". "Whether they will be tactical or strategic is an open question."

Are the Anglo-Saxons Leading Things to a Limited Nuclear War in Europe?

RUSSTRAT Institute
(This article was originally published on 05 Jul 2022. Editor)

The NATO Summit adopted a new strategic concept of the alliance until 2030. According to this concept, "the Russian Federation represents the most significant and direct threat to the security of allies, as well as peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region."

During the two weeks of June, four significant events of the international agenda were held:

  June 15, 2022 – meeting of the Contact     Group on the Defence of Ukraine at NATO     headquarters in Brussels,
  June 23-24 - the EU summit in Brussels,
  June 26-28, 2022 – the summit of the "Big     Seven" in the castle of Elmau in Germany and
  June 28-30 - the NATO summit in Madrid.

The command and staff structures of the so-called rules-based global world held all four meetings with a clear anti-Russian bias.

The meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group was already the third in a row. It was attended by more than 50 countries of the world that provide military and financial assistance to Ukraine.

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