Covid-19: How the Greatest Crime in History Unfolded

Dr Vernon Coleman

Police arrest an anti-lockdown protesters near Regent St.
in central London. (Image © London News Pictures)

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Ecologist said of Vernon Coleman: ‘No thinking person can ignore him.’

The deliberately designed fake pandemic began in earnest in the middle of February 2020. A mathematical modeller called Ferguson, working at Imperial College in London, scared the living daylights out of millions by predicting that 600,000 people might die in the UK alone. There was talk of millions being taken ill in Britain and of hospitals all over the world being overwhelmed by sick patients.

The media led the panic, as they usually do, and within days people were cancelling holidays and panic buying loo rolls, soap and loaves of bread. The British always buy loo rolls, soap and loaves of bread at times of crisis. Curiously, the people who were buying the most loo rolls didn’t seem to be buying any food though you would have thought that without any of the latter there wouldn’t have been much need for the former.

"Radiation disaster in the name of strangling Russia?"

Anatoly Antonov
Ambassador of Russia to the United States

For more than eight years has the Kiev regime been consistently massacring the people of Donbass.

Neo-Nazism, Russophobia, mass violations of human rights have become the backbone of the Ukrainian authorities’ policy. Those who think and speak Russian are stigmatized as "non-humans" and urged to "get out." Those who disagree with Kiev's course are simply eliminated. Genocide is being carried out against the Russian-speaking population in all its terrible forms. We will never forget the atrocities in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa - when the Nazis burned innocent people alive.

Ask yourself a question: Would you leave your sisters and brothers to be torn apart by the ones whose ideology is Nazism? Could you sleep peacefully knowing that the lives of the loved ones might be cut short at any minute?

On February 24, 2022, the Russian leadership made the only right decision - to launch a special military operation. Its purpose is demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. Liberating people from repressions of the Kiev regime.

The West perceived this as an infringement on its imaginary "rules-based order." It set the goal of preserving its staggering hegemony at any cost. Washington and its allies have turned Ukraine into a major anti-Russian bridgehead. At the same time, they did not conceal their readiness to fight Russia "to the last Ukrainian."

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