Climate Change is a Malicious, Dangerous Myth

Dr Vernon Coleman

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Ecologist said of Vernon Coleman: ‘No thinking person can ignore him.’

The Chief Climate Loonies (all 20,000 of them if COP26 is anything to go by) are meeting in a lovely holiday resort town in Egypt for COP27. My guess is that around 19,900 of them will have got there by aeroplane. I wonder how much electricity they will use for their laptops, iPads and magic telephones. (They never meet in Wolverhampton or Milton Keynes, do they? Maybe next time.)

It is the global warming hoax which is going to destroy us. It’s the mad green, fake environmentalists, sanctimonious and self-important, who are going to kill us by forcing us to cold turkey off fossil fuels and live in a cold, cruel world where the poorest will starve or freeze to death and where the chosen few, the self-appointed elite, will ignore reality, worship electricity (made from the diminishing fossil fuels) and create a pseudoscientific crisis out of thin air in order to oppress, suppress and banish humanity, decency, dignity and respect from our lives.

The Fate of the War and the Fate of Russia Are Decided Near Kherson

Elena Panina (Елена Панина)

The Russian military intercepted two US HARM anti-
radar missiles near Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region,
and 24 HIMARS MLRS shells. This was reported in
the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. (c)

There will be no compromise. The fate of the war and the fate of Russia are decided near Kherson

TASS reports: "The United States and NATO allow peace talks on Ukraine to begin if Kiev recovers Kherson, the battle for which has both strategic and diplomatic significance," citing a publication in the La Repubblica newspaper.

What does this mean when translated from diplomatic into Russian? Wasn't some media hasty in saying that the US attitude to the negotiations had changed because "the hegemon is tired"?

The hegemon is not tired; on the contrary, he believes he can win. What is written in La Repubblica means literally the following: The US and NATO assume that the success of Kiev (i.e. NATO) in the battle for Kherson means defeat for Russia in the war, as it makes its continuation lost and pointless, and victory impossible.

After all, in order to retake Kherson in an offensive military operation, Russia would have to declare martial law and put the economy on a war footing. It will have to mobilize, arm, equip and train more than a million soldiers redeployed to this direction and able to cross one of the largest rivers in Europe under fire of the same millionth grouping. It will be necessary to morally prepare Russia for heavy casualties (there is no offensive without casualties). Is this realistic for Russia?

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