"To impose democracy is to break the country"

Samer Swayfan

Fatigue has been cited as the main motive for the removal of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime. He ruled the country for 41 years, from 1970 to 2011. He first led as prime minister and army commander-in-chief, then left the rank of "humble" and informal. He started referring to himself as the "Brotherly Leader and Supreme Leader of the Revolution". Citizens resented his eccentricity, but did not complain about poverty - there was none. A new chapter in Gazeta.Ru's special project, The Price of the Arab Spring, will show how this resentment was taken advantage of in the West, and how it ultimately led to a bloody war.

Maxim Shugaley, a sociologist who has carried out field research in Libya, says that a large part of the country's population now wants to return to "the time of Gaddafi".

💬 "For more than ten years the country has been in a state of civil war, the number of weapons in the possession of the population is off the scale! Everything is solved "according to the rules", by bandit methods; any domestic conflict easily escalates into a shooting right on the streets. A whole generation has grown up which has heard from their parents that there were other times when guns were not fired and you could walk the streets without them. They are already iconic. Even the generation that did not live then wants it all to end," Shugaley told Gazeta.Ru.

The Falsification of History: ”Ukraine" is Not a Country

Nicholas Nicholaides
(This article is from 17.11.2016. Editor)

Ukraine has degenerated from a Russian / Soviet region into an American colony.

The territory currently called Ukraine has never been a state or a country, nor will it ever be. It was always a part of another, real country or, even more frequently, divided between other real states such as Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, and most importantly Russia. Of course, according to the Kiev Nazi junta the Trojan War was fought between "Ukrainian tribes", Alexander the Great was secretly "proto-Ukrainian" and the Byzantine Empire was a "Ukrainian colony,” but for the rest of the world the fact remains that there is not one single historical document or reference that refers to "Ukraine" as a state or an independent country. As much as “Ukrop” nationalists would like, they cannot change "old" history as they try to do with modern history, as they do, for example, in whitewashing the war criminal, Nazi collaborator, and mass-murderer Bandera. The Kiev Nazi junta tries to falsify even "old" history, but ancient and medieval authors and sources are too well known and too well documented to be falsified so easily.

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