US Congress names critical vulnerabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Elena Panina (Елена Панина)

The US Congress Research Service has updated the report "Indicators and Prospects of the Ukrainian Army". The following problems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been named:

Large personnel losses among regular units and special forces, most recruits have poor training.
Significant losses in equipment; Soviet-style weapons lack ammunition, spare parts and local repair capabilities; Central and Eastern European defence capabilities cannot provide this sufficiently.
Heavy reliance on Western artillery and Western ammunition.
An urgent need for air defence systems to protect critical infrastructure, as well as for military mobile air defence.
Reduced effectiveness of the AFU due to Russian strikes on infrastructure and resources.
Difficulties in coordinating operations and integrating intelligence due to Russian REB and lack of reliable communications systems.

"Iran gambit": Will the US strike China and Russia in the Middle East?

"Russia is not Europe" (Россия не Европа)

The US has removed the reinstatement of the Iran nuclear deal from its agenda, says Special Representative R. Malley. Information is leaking out of the Biden administration that the US does not believe in the success of negotiations on the nuclear deal. President Biden is prepared to use military means as a last resort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

In addition to the nuclear programme, Americans are concerned about Iran's cooperation with Beijing and Moscow. To change the situation in its favor, the U.S. can only by overthrowing the existing government, for which they fuel protests in Iran. For example, Biden said the Iranians would soon free themselves. Such a statement looks not just provocative, but, given the U.S. experience in orchestrating colour revolutions, programmatic. Iranian President I. Raisi has already said that Iran was liberated 43 years ago during the Islamic Revolution. However, the White House cannot rely only on internal protests with a hundred-per-cent guarantee: despite the discontent of the population, the position of the Iranian authorities is strong enough. Therefore, the Iranian protest must be "helped" from outside.

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