The White Whale

Alexander Wolfheze

Recently, somebody from the East asked: how is it for Westerners to live in the West in the fall of 2022, under a power-cabal and a hate-ideology now openly at war with the entire world?

For decades, a hidden cabal, disguised in the cloak of ‘democratic institutions’ and ‘progressive values’, waged a proxy-war on the Western peoples through culture distortion (‘secular’ education, ‘soteriological’ science), social deconstruction (women’s ‘liberation’, sexual ‘revolution’) and ethnic displacement (‘open borders’, ‘multicultural enrichment’), but only recently, facing the massive indigenous risings of the Trump-Brexit era, did it throw off its mask.

Early in 2020, it decided to go for an all-out ‘Great Reset’ totalitarian power-grab by combining the new capacities of Big Pharma (bio-hacking, nano-medicine), Big Tech (surveillance, censorship) and Big Government (‘pandemic’ legislation, ‘misinformation’ persecution) - all to the benefit of Big Business and High Finance (breaking of small and medium private enterprise, take-over of family-held real-estate, imposition of generational debt slavery, no-risk state-funding of politized pharmacological and military business models). The ‘Covid’ swindle (economic shut-down, social liminality, psychological mass-trauma), the ‘BLM’ swindle (street terror impunity, openly politized judiciary, cultural dispossession) and the ‘Biden’ swindle (legalized fraud, all-out censorship, show-trials) were major mile-stones on this totalitarian trajectory.

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