Why we shouldn't just 'forgive and forget' the Covid authoritarians

Meghan Murphy

These people are in fact dangerous, because they’ve revealed themselves to be the kind of people who will turn in their neighbour should the Nazis come a-knocking.

Yesterday in The Atlantic, Emily Oster called for a “pandemic amnesty,” saying, “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” I swear I’m not being petty when I say, “HELL NO.”

People’s behaviour during Covid revealed something important that would be dangerous to simply forgive and forget.

Oster argues that the hysterical, nonsensical behaviour of the Covid nutjobs was defensible because “We didn’t know.” And indeed, at first, we all didn’t know. And then we did know. And once we did know, one group of people fought for reality, rights, sanity, and humanity, and another fought for authoritarianism, ostracization, and vilification.

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