"Why Such A World If Russia Is Not There?"

Elena Panina (Елена Панина)

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are destroying the energy system of Ukraine not in order for someone to come to their senses and realize. They will not come to their senses and will not realize. And no one will be overthrown. And they will certainly not sympathize with us. I don't care about their sympathy.

All this is not done for the sake of improving negotiating positions. Not for bargaining or profit. Not in retaliation for the de-energized Crimea or the bombed Donbass. Even the logistics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have nothing to do with it: their soldiers will always get generators and diesel. We are destroying Ukraine's energy system for the most important purpose - to cut Ukraine off from modernity.

So that the enemy country plunged into its natural state of a wilderness— without factories, railways and satellite Internet. This is called, "bombed into the Stone Age." It's also called, "Why Such A World If Russia Is Not There?" Russia does not need their insights. Their sympathies. Their Maidans. Russia needs the enemy to stop being our contemporary.

And while we are talking about the borders of the XVII century, you also can draw them, not only in terms of territory, but you can trace them in mentalities too. The Russians who remained there will be patient and wait. We will come and take them back to Our Time. The enemy must perish – (they are singing a creepy lullaby over there). But we shall prevail. That will be our victory.

"Why Such A World If Russia Is Not There?"

Elena Panina (Елена Панина)

Washington think tank leads US in frontal attack on Russia

A "roadmap for sustained US support" for Ukraine has been outlined by The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in the US. Main theses:

🔸 The aim of the war is to restore Ukraine's territorial integrity. The optimal US political and military objectives were expressed by Joe Biden ("Putin cannot stay in power") and Lloyd Austin ("To weaken Russia to the point where it cannot do what it did to Ukraine").

🔸 Eliminate the ambiguity. The declared US goals are a clear reference point for the allies, so much the better for themselves.

🔸 Provide Kiev with the "necessary weapons for a competent fight". These are long-range artillery and missile systems, ammunition for them, including ATACMS missiles, MQ-1C UAVs, tanks and BMPs, A-10, F-15 and F-16 aircraft.

🔸 Get rid of "false fears of an even greater escalation of war" and fears of Russian nuclear weapons. Russia's use of nuclear weapons would prevent the threat of its economic collapse: "China, India and many countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa would consider [Moscow's use of nuclear weapons] as undermining their national security and would join the sanctions.

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