Insanity Rules

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. There is much to look forward to – none of it accidental, all of it deliberate. Energy shortages may mean a three day week. Factories and shops will shut. Homes will be cold and dark. Food prices will soar and shelves will be empty within hours of being stocked. Fuel and food rationing is a real possibility. The drought will mean that water will be rationed. Maybe there will be stand-pipes at the end of your road. There is effectively no health care in Britain today – with GPs surgeries and hospitals unfit for purpose. There will be delays on the railways and at airports because of endless strikes. New 20 mph limits in towns will mean massive congestion and delays. (The only council I know of which had the electoral decency to ask local people what they thought, found that the majority was opposed to the limits. Only a few brain-dead nutters who never leave home thought 20 mph a good idea. It seems, however, that the council will ignore what the electors want. What a shock.) Inflation is going to push up way above 10% so interest rates are going to go higher. Property values are bound to take a dive. Rents will soar as landlords give up their properties in the face of oppressive legislation. The fake pandemic is returning so masks will be compulsory and schools will be closed. There may be lockdowns by October. Monkeypox is just the first of a smorgasbord of new diseases they’ll frighten us with. Social credit schemes are being introduced everywhere.

Antoinette and I are putting up the Christmas tree, drawing the curtains, turning off the phones, fishing out all our favourite films and moving to never-never land. Meanwhile, take another look at the video I made on 9th April 2022 entitled ‘We have eight months’. I’m beginning to think that, if anything, I was being unduly optimistic.

2. Doctors in England are to be given mandatory extra training in the treatment of female medical conditions. But they will NOT be given extra training in the treatment of male medical conditions despite the fact that women already live on average four years longer than men. Another example of pure sexism. And everyone in the media claps and says how nice because that is what they are supposed to do.

3. Much fuss is made of sexism and racism in the world today, though the word ‘ageism’ is hardly ever mentioned. Which of the three do you think kills most people? My educated estimate would be that in the last 12 months ageism has killed around 100,000 times as many people as sexism and racism combined. All those complaining of trivial incidents which they describe as racism or sexism should shut up and think about all those old people who have been murdered in hospitals and care homes – just because of their age. Being called a nasty name may be unpleasant but it doesn’t compare with being murdered, alone and terrified, by your own Government.

4. Micro-aggression is the new fashion – with people taking offence at the slightest of perceived insults. I’m going to join in. I think I was omitted from the current England test cricket team because they think I’m too old. That’s ageism. And why wasn’t I considered for the England women’s football team? Maybe they left me out because I’m male. I think that could be sexist. And was it my skin colour that kept me out of the team? That, of course, would be racist. Three out of three isn’t bad. I’m clearly due some apologies and a big chunk of compensation. I will accept a cheque.

5. Two years ago, before the mass jabbing programme for covid-19 began, I suggested that the authorities (for which read the drug companies – because they control everything) should compare 20,000 people who were jabbed with 20,000 people who were not jabbed. And that they should follow both groups for a few years to see what health problems developed. Simple, cheap and devastatingly, unarguably effective. It would have provided us with the truth about the covid jab. So that is presumably why they didn’t do it.


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