Newspeak and Ing (I Mean) AmSoc

Andrei Martyanov

How can one possibly start trying to extricate oneself from own pile of shit such as that created by the US Department of State in 404? Tony Blinken--the strategists' strategist, the geopolitical thinker of the scale of Bismark... nah, I am screwing with you--some mediocrity with "soft degree" in some BS from Ivy League, but well versed in obfuscation, double meaning and gaslighting, in other words newspeak, tries. Here is his PBS interview:

Judy Woodruff: Well, as — what we're hearing from experts, though, at the same time, is, no matter how unfair or repugnant it may seem, that it is now appearing inevitable that Ukraine is going to have to make territorial concessions in the east. Is that what you see, that they are going to have to bow to Vladimir Putin and give him that territory that he says he wants?

💬 Antony Blinken: Judy, Ukraine's future is up to the Ukrainians. It's up to the Ukrainian people. And, ultimately, those decisions will be made by its democratically elected government, including President Zelenskyy. He will have to determine what's in the best interests of his country and his people. And we will support that. We're not going to be less Ukrainian than the Ukrainians. We're not going to be more Ukrainian than the Ukrainians. But it is fundamentally up to them. And that's ultimately what this is about. Vladimir Putin is trying to take away from Ukrainians the right to determine their own future. We strongly support that right. And we will look to the Ukrainians to decide what's in their best interest.

Boy, they really do think that nobody remembers what was this all about? Those who matter in this world know what is this all about--it is all well documented and, as was predicted from the get go, is clearly understood for what it is--a rush to remove oneself from a whopper of geopolitical defeat which is unfolding before our eyes. No, it is not Afghanistan 2.0, not even close--Afghanistan is just a hiccup on the way to a convulsing end to Pax Americana, as was envisioned by the same "experts" in foreign affairs as Tony Blinken, Francis Fukuyama or Zbig. Now is the time to put a lipstick on the pig and try to look stately and smart. Like this, yet another Ph.D in "political science" from Pentagon.

💬 The US is seeking to make the conflict in Ukraine more costly for Moscow than whatever Russian President Vladimir Putin hoped to achieve, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl said on Tuesday. Kahl insisted that Russia was making only “tactical” gains in Ukraine and would be unable to achieve its “grandiose objectives” of taking over the entire country, in part thanks to massive US military aid. “We’ll continue to provide Ukraine what they need for the fight,” Kahl said on Tuesday, opening a conference organized by the Center for New American Security (CNAS), a Democrat-linked think tank where he used to work. The Biden administration alone has provided Ukraine with over $5.3 billion in military assistance, of which $4.6 billion has come since February 24, Kahl pointed out.

They don't teach combined arms operations' planning and attrition rates in real wars in think-tanks in D.C. They simply have no clue what it is and how real wars look like, but, as Larch correctly stated today, they are shell-shocked and try to emulate brain activity in feeble attempts to save the face, which they never had. Looks like Blinken already understood something, this Kahl guy is still in the Bargaining stage of Kubler-Ross, but he will get there where Blinken is today, eventually. He just has to learn some standard "democracy" tropes from the lexicon of amateurs and sociopaths who are not only wrecking havoc with Europe but are killing own (own??) country with ruthless efficiency only madmen are capable of.

In related news today, Vladimir Putin approved in principle the urgent delivery of wheat to Afghanistan if the "necessity arises" per report of inter-agency commission from Russia which returned from Afghanistan recently (in Russian). In my latest duet on PolitWera with Colonel Trukhan we touched upon this remarkable fact of Chechen guys (Kadyrovtsy) fighting heroically shoulder to shoulder with their brothers from LDNR and Russia. The fact that Ramzan Kadyrov has become not only an excellent counter-propaganda force in dispelling Ukie and West's BS, but a focal point of so many in Islamic World who look upon Russia not only in sympathy but with hope--I cannot emphasize enough the importance of that. The implications are enormous. And strategic. Do Blinken or Kahl understand that? Don't hold your breath.

Source: Reminiscence of the Future.... IMG: Weixi Zeng. AWIP:


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