Betrayed by the Bank of England

Dr Vernon Coleman

The Bank of England and HM Treasury in the UK are now preparing a UK digital currency to replace cash – and to enable them to know what you are buying, and where and when you are buying it.

The new system is being designed to enable the tax authorities to take money out of your account so that all your taxes and fines are all paid automatically.

All this is being done under the auspices of, and with the encouragement of the Bank of International Settlements, which is very keen on central banks creating digital currencies. It was the Bank of International Settlements which helped fund the Nazis in World War II. If you want the proof just take a look at my book on the subject – The Shocking History of the EU – in which I pointed out that without the BIS there would have been no Second World War and there would be no European Union. The BIS is mega powerful and it is clearly a big player in the Great Reset and the plans for the new normal.

It’s pretty clear that this is part of the social credit program, whereby the authorities will be able to punish or reward you according to your behaviour. If you buy sugary food or meat you will be punished by not being able to travel. If you access the wrong websites, or mix with the wrong people, you will be punished by being denied access to certain shops selling luxuries such as food and clothing.

It’s already happening in China and it’s coming here. It’s an extension of the vax passport scheme. Without a digital passport you won’t exist. You’ll be like a citizen in the USSR or the Eastern Bloc, trying to exist without papers.

Am I exaggerating?

Not a bit of it. And here’s the killer.

The Bank of England and UK Government say that their new digital money will be programmable.

And what do they mean by that?

Well, in their words, (and this how they are planning to sell the new currency to the millions who have accepted social distancing, masks, lockdowns and the experimental jab) parents who give their children pocket money will be able to ‘program the money so that it couldn’t be used for sweets’.

That’s not me talking. That’s the Bank of England talking.

Parents will be able to program the new digital currency so that it can’t be used to buy sweets.

The digital currency parents will give to children will be the same digital currency that you will receive as part of your universal basic income. It’s what your employer will pay you in. It’s what your pension or your dividends will be paid in. All automatically put into your bank account and registered in your digital passport.

Those who think that cash is old-fashioned and that digital currencies are wonderful might like to think about all this.

The UK Government is also setting up a Single Customer Account for us all that will ‘remove some of their administrative burden by enabling third parties, such as banks and pension providers, to pass on information regarding tax automatically to HMRC.’ (HMRC is the tax office in the UK.) Once that is done HMRC will take what it thinks it is owed from your digital account. ‘To make life simpler,’ they say.

A few years ago Britons rejected Tony Blair’s ID cards. This is ID cards on steroids.

And the BIS says that central banks which control their own digital currencies will have absolute control over all rules and regulations.

The Bank of England’s new digital currency is part of the social credit system; part of the digital currency world and the digital ID they’re forcing on us.

They’re going to fix the fake currency so that you can’t use it to buy booze if you are an alcoholic and you can’t buy chocolate if you’re overweight. There will be no fast cars or racing bikes for anyone.

The digital currency will make it very easy for you to pay all your taxes and utility debts because they’ll just help themselves to whatever they want.

And the new government-controlled digital money will mean that you can’t buy anything if you’re considered a bad person.

And just who is a bad person?

I’m afraid that’s easy to answer. A bad person is anyone who doesn’t have their jab or wear their mask.

Anyone who reads a banned book, visits a proscribed website or watches a video prohibited by the mainstream media is a ‘bad’ person.

Finally, I feel I should point out that in May 2022, it was announced that Bank of England staff had to go to work one day a week. Earlier, it had been announced that the Bank of England’s former employees would receive over an 11% rise in their pension payments. (‘Ordinary’ old aged pensioners received a 3% rise.)

Taken from Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street by Vernon Coleman (Available as a paperback and a hard cover.)

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