Archbishop Viganò testifies before the Corona Investigative Committee

Corona Investigative Committee
Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Corona Investigative Committee: Your Excellency, many people know and appreciate you very much for having been a sincere man in an often insincere environment even during your service at the Vatican. You have served as a top diplomat, specifically as the Vatican Nuncio in the United States, representing the Pope to the local churches in the United States.

It is our great honor and pleasure to speak with you today. But before we move on to substance and ask you about your assessment of the world political situation, especially with regard to the so-called Corona crisis, please tell us a little bit about your personal history so that viewers who don’t yet know you will realize who you are.

💬 Archbishop Viganò: First of all, I would like to express to you, lawyer Reiner Füllmich, and to all your collaborators and colleagues, my most cordial greetings and my appreciation for having conceived the idea of the Corona Commission. Your research into the management of the Covid-19 emergency and mass experimentation greatly contributes to collecting evidence in order to bring to justice and punish those who are responsible. This constitutes an important contribution in view of the creation of an Anti-Globalist Alliance, because the authors of the pandemic farce are the same people who today would like to push the world towards a total war and a permanent energy crisis.

As far as my “career,” I don’t think there is much to say: I am a Catholic Archbishop who has held various roles of responsibility in the Vatican, both in the Secretariat of State of the Holy See as well as in the Governatorate of Vatican City State, and as Apostolic Nuncio, to Nigeria, and finally to the United States according to the will of Benedict XVI. My notoriety – which is completely unwanted – is a result of my stance regarding sexual scandal of former American cardinal Theodore McCarrick and other no less serious cases involving senior members of the Hierarchy. As a Successor of the Apostles, I could not keep silent in the face of the attempts to cover up those shameful facts by the so-called lavender mafia, which enjoys the support and protection of Bergoglio.

Corona Investigative Committee: You have an impressive resume – but if one searches your name in the old (mainstream) media, one finds defamatory articles that accuse you, among other things, of spreading Kremlin propaganda and making confused statements. On closer inspection, this does not seem to us to be the case at all, quite the contrary; rather, you remain true to your reputation of being a sincere man even in insincere environments, even if it is to your personal disadvantage. Where do you identify the “caesura” or “break” in your resume, where this virtue was reinterpreted by the old media as a flaw? What red line did you cross; on what issue did your candor become a danger to the public narrative?

💬 Archbishop Viganò: False accusations are one of the means used by those who want to eliminate an adversary whom they fear and cannot fight fairly. In this case, I am considered inconvenient both by the exponents of the deep church and the Bergoglian cabal, whose scandals and cover-ups I have denounced since the time of the McCarrick case. And I am equally inconvenient for the deep state, which has been able to count on the complicity of the Holy See as well as almost the entirety of the global Episcopate in the events of the last few years. The dissonant voice of a Bishop, especially when he formulates reasoned complaints based on irrefutable facts, risks putting the official narrative into question, both on the alleged renewal of the Church under this “pontificate” as well as on the pandemic farce and mass “vaccination.” Even the recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis significantly finds the globalist elite, NATO, the American deep state, the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the entire media machine, and the Vatican all aligned on the same side. Putin’s intervention in Ukraine is considered a threat to the New World Order that must be neutralized even at the cost of a global conflict.

Thus if I must identify a “breaking point” on the ecclesial front, it definitely coincided with my denunciation of the network of complicity and the scandals of corrupt clergy and Prelates which Bergoglio has deliberately and obstinately sought to cover-up. On the civil front, it seems to me that the red line was crossed with my Appeal for the Church and the World, launched two years ago [in May 2020] by which I denounced the threat represented by the silent coup carried out by means of the health emergency. The energy and food emergency, in addition to the war emergency, are always part of the disturbing “scenarios” that the World Economic Forum and the United Nations have described in great detail well in advance. When, one day not too far in the future, a tribunal judges these criminals and their accomplices in the institutions of almost all of the Western nations, these documents will constitute the proof of the premeditation of the greatest coup d'état of all time. And the same thing will happen with regard to ecclesial affairs, demonstrating that the doctrinal and moral drift that originated with the Second Vatican Council created the necessary premises for the doctrinal and moral corruption of the clergy and the simultaneous delegitimization of the authority of the Shepherds. Let us not forget that the revolutionary processes have always relied on the vices and weaknesses of its representatives, both to destroy the State and to weaken the Church.

Corona Investigative Committee: Your Excellency, the Corona and Measures crisis is now entering its third year; in the meantime, warfare in the East, and especially massive political and media warmongering, has been added to the mix. How do you assess this development?

💬 Archbishop Viganò: Let’s clarify a fundamental point: the Ukrainian crisis was deliberately provoked by the deep state in order to force the world to carry out the Great Reset reforms, in particular the so-called “technological transition” and the “green shift.” It is the second stage of the globalist technocrat coup, after the pandemic farce.

The psycho-pandemic marked the first level of a true and proper attack initiated to seize control of governments. In reality, today they are only trying to bypass political power, which until now served only as a mere executor of orders. Under the pretext of the pandemic they have imposed systems of detailed population control, including systems for tracing individual citizens who have been inoculated together with the experimental gene serum. Just in the last few days at the Davos Forum the CEO of Pfizer Albert Burla said:

    💬 “Imagine a biological chip that is included in a pill, that when it is swallowed goes into the     stomach and emits a signal. […] Imagine the applications, the possibility of making people     obey. […] What is happening in this field is fascinating.” (here)

And Albert Bourla says “what is happening” because he is talking about existing technologies, not imaginary projects. The presence of graphene and self-assembling nano-circuits is now admitted even by those who a year ago called those who were sounding the alarm “conspiracy theorists.” The populations of the nations adhering to the Agenda 2030 are now mostly “vaccinated,” or rather they have been genetically modified and their immune systems have now been compromised in an irreversible way. And perhaps – as some lawyers are now denouncing – it will be discovered that along with the genetic serum they have injected chips that are capable of controlling even people’s reactions, interfering with their behavior, and making them docile if there are riots or violent if it is necessary to have a pretext for military interventions. We are well beyond a global coup: this is the greatest, most sensational, unprecedented attack on the human person: on man’s freedom conscience, and will.

You can well imagine the risk deriving from giving the WHO sovereign control over the health systems of various nations in the case of an emergency pandemic, when those who must decide about vaccine campaigns and treatments, on containment measures and lockdowns, are all financed by the big pharmaceutical companies and by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which theorizes about the perpetual pandemic and the perpetual booster vaccine. Even the resolution that was planned to be voted at the WHO – and which at least for now has been avoided – went in the direction of total control by the globalist synarchy. We should therefore not be surprised if, in the pitiful attempt to hide the adverse effects of the experimental gene serum, the WHO is now sounding alarms about the alleged monkeypox, whose symptomology is curiously similar to some of the side effects of the mRNA “vaccine” (here). Both the WHO and the European Medicines Agency (75% of which is financed by BigPharma) have shown themselves to be in a clear conflict of interest and totally dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, what should have been an operation of peace to put an end to the ethnic persecution of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine by neo-Nazi extremists, has been deliberately and culpably transformed into a war. The repeated appeals of president Putin to the international community for the Minsk Protocol to be respected have fallen on deaf ears.

Why? For the simple reason that it was an excellent opportunity.

First, it was an opportunity to artificially create a global energy crisis with which to force the transition to alternative energy sources, along with all the business this represents. Without a crisis, how could the increase in the price of gas and petrol be imposed as an instrument to force companies and individuals to make the famous “ecological transition” that no one has ever voted for and that has been imposed by bureaucrats who are enslaved by the elite?

Second, in order to destroy in a controlled and ruthless way all of the companies considered useless or harmful to the global economy of the multinational corporations. Millions of artisan companies, small businesses that make the nations of Europe unique, and Italy in particular, were forced to close because, after the disasters caused by the lockdowns and the rules of the psycho-pandemic, an increase in gas and oil prices was provoked, with criminal speculation by the “market” and without the Russian Federation getting an extra penny. All of this was desired by the European Union, taking orders from NATO, by means of sanctions that have repercussions on those who have imposed them. The cancellation of the traditional economy is not an unfortunate consequence of an unexpected conflict, but rather the premeditated criminal action of a global mafia, compared to which the traditional mafia seems like a beneficial partnership. The advantage of this subversive operation benefits the multinational corporations that can acquire companies and real estate at bankruptcy prices, and also the financial companies that profit from loans to millions of new poor people. Here too, the ideological – and infernal – purposes of the elite make use of the complicity of economic potentates whose aims are merely to make profit. With the war, the military industry and the no less flourishing industry of information technologies and mercenaries now have the opportunity to conclude lucrative deals, with which they generously reward the politicians who have voted to send arms and support to Ukraine.

Third, one purpose of the war in Ukraine was to allow for the cover-up of the scandal of Hunter Biden, who was involved with the Metabiota society in financing bio-laboratories in which bacteriological weapons of mass destruction are produced. The siege of the Azovstal steel plant was motivated precisely by the need to hide both the members of foreign NATO forces along with the neo-nazis of Azov and Pravij Sektor, as well as the biolabs banned by international conventions which were intended to be used to carry out experiments on the local population.

Fourth, because the psycho-pandemic narrative, despite the complicity of the mainstream media, did not prevent the truth from getting out and gradually spreading to ever-wider sectors of public opinion: the crisis in Ukraine was intended to have been a well-run operation of mass distraction, in order to avoid visibility of the increasingly uncontrollable news about the lethal effects of the experimental serum and the disastrous consequences of the measures taken by nations during the emergency pandemic. The falsification of data is now overt; the deliberate concealment of the results of the first phase of the experiment is admitted by the pharmaceutical companies themselves; awareness of the uselessness of masks and lockdowns has been certified by multiple studies; the damage done to the psycho-physical balance of the population and in particular to children and the elderly is incalculable, just as there has also been incalculable damage to students as a result of distance learning. Keeping people glued to their televisions or to social media with anti-Russian propaganda in order to prevent them from beginning to understand what has been done to them is the least these crazy criminals can do, criminals who are just as responsible for the pandemic as they are for the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

If we take the script of this screenplay planned out by the globalist elite, we find that beyond the scenario of the pandemic there are other planned scenes that are no less disturbing, which we have already seen anticipated by the media since last year: the energy crisis, which is not an unfortunate consequence of an unforeseeable crisis in Ukraine, but rather a means by which on the one hand to impose the “green economy” motivated by a non-existent climate emergency, and on the other hand to destroy national economies, making companies fail for the advantage of multinational corporations, causing unemployment and thus creating underpaid labor, forcing nations to go into debt because they have been deprived of their fiscal sovereignty, or in any case to go into perpetual debt because of seigniorage.

The food emergency is also in Klaus Schwab’s script: it has begun for certain products in the United States and Europe, and more generally for grain and cereal products in many nations of Africa and Asia. Then we discover that Bill Gates is the largest landowner in the United States just when there is a shortage of grain and agricultural products; and that Gates is the head of a start-up that produces “artificial human milk” just when there is a shortage in the United States of powdered milk for babies. And let’s not forget that the multinational agricultural companies are succeeding in imposing the use of their sterile seeds – which must be re-purchased every year – and banning the use of traditional seeds, which would allow poor countries not to depend on them.

Whoever designed the series of present crises, whose roots were laid down at the beginning of the 1990s with the privatization of state-owned companies, also made sure to place people trained by the World Economic Forum for this purpose in governments, institutions, and international agencies, at the head of central banks and large strategic assets, in the media, and in the main world religions. Look at the Prime Ministers of the principal European countries, of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: they were all recruited from the “Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow” group, and the fact that they are at the highest levels of leadership of these nations, of the UN, and of the World Bank ought to be more than sufficient to put them on trial for subversion and high treason. Those who have sworn to apply the laws in the interests of their own nations commit perjury at the moment in which they have to answer for their own actions not to the citizens of their nations but to faceless technocrats whom no one has elected.

It is easy to make the accusation that all this is a “conspiracy theory,” but such a dismissal no longer holds water, just like the accusation of “collaborationism” no longer works against anyone who expresses perplexity about the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and its management at the international level.

Those who do not want to understand the plot because they are afraid of what they might discover persist in denying that there is a script and a director, that there are actors and extras, sets and costumes. But can we really believe that the richest and most powerful people in the world would have agreed to launch such an attack on humanity in order to realize their delusional globalist dream, deploying an enormous amount of energy and resources, without having first planned everything in great detail and just leaving it all to chance? If people who intend to purchase a house or start a business carefully plan it all out, why should it be a “conspiracy theory” to recognize that in order to obtain unconfessable and criminal results, the elite must resort to lies and deception?

If you will allow me to make an analogy, I would say that our attitude towards the present facts is similar to someone who finds himself having to put together a puzzle composed of thousands of pieces but without having the final completed picture in front of him. Those who have constructed the globalist “puzzle” have done so with the intent of making the final picture of what they wish to obtain unrecognizable. However, anyone who sees the entire picture, or even only one significant part, starts to recognize how the pieces fit together. And anyone who has seen the final picture also knows how to interpret the silences and connivances of government officials and even of the opposition parties, how to explain the complicity of doctors and paramedics in crimes committed in hospitals that went against all of the scientific evidence, and the complicity of bishops and priests who even reached the point of denying the Sacraments to those who are not vaccinated. Once large areas of the puzzle become visible – and this is exactly what is happening now – it will be much easier to put the remaining pieces into place. And by that point Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, the other conspirators, and those who, remaining hidden, preside over this criminal, global conspiracy and the other conspirators will be on the run to avoid being lynched.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

Corona Investigative Committee: In a letter you sent to then U.S. President Donald Trump, you allude not only to a “deep state” – a term that is widely used – but also to a “deep church”. What do you mean by that, and how might these structures be related?

💬 Archbishop Viganò: The deep church is to the Catholic Church just as the deep state is to the State: they are both the corrupted and perverted version of the institution that they hold hostage and which they have infiltrated.

The members of the deep church are all the more unknown, the greater their power: the most public personalities are almost always marionettes who are docile to those who pull their strings. Biden and Bergoglio are the front men of the ideology that unites them: a mixture of Maoist collectivism, Masonic liberalism, and conciliar ecumenism, with nods to the politically correct issues of gender and the LGBTQ agenda.

It should however be reiterated that deep state and deep church are only two declinations of the same subversive dome that has appropriated power by subverting authority and perverting its ends. In the natural order, the State has as its end good governance and the common good of its citizens: the traitors of the deep state have made it an enemy of honest persons and the accomplice of criminals. In the supernatural order, the Church has as its end the government of the faithful and the sanctification of souls: the traitors of the deep church condemn those who preserve Faith and Morals and instead publicly praise heretics, sodomites, abortionists, usurers, assassins, and criminals. But let it be clear: if the delusional plans of these traitors include the destruction of the State and the Church by means of the demolition or corruption of those who hold authority, in both the one and the other, we know well that while a Nation, culture, language and civilization can even disappear, in the case of the Holy Church Our Lord’s promise remains valid forever: portæ inferi non prævalebunt adversus eam, [the gates of hell shall not prevail over the Church]. We must not think that the earthly fortunes of the Church should be judged according to merely human parameters, but rather we ought to have the certainty that the Lord will protect Her ut pupillam oculi [like the pupil of the eye].

Corona Investigative Committee: An objection from those who reject the idea of such a thing as a conspiracy theory would be this: How is it possible that in almost all countries of the world almost all politicians are participating in this charade? Who could have so much power and influence that they could send half the world into seclusion?

💬 Archbishop Viganò: The objection against those who support the theory of a global conspiracy is legitimate and understandable, because each of us has been rightly educated to a shared system of values and principles that we still take for granted: that the son should trust his father; that the student can place trust in the teacher; that the patient can rely on the doctor to be treated; that those who see a right violated can obtain justice from an impartial tribunal; that the needy can hope in the compassion and charity of others, that the citizen has rulers who are his guardians and protectors; that the faithful can listen with confidence to the voice of the Shepherds of the Church as if it were the voice of Christ Himself; that the reader is not deceived by the gatekeepers of information; that the customer should not fear being cheated by the shopkeeper, that people who dine at restaurants should not fear being poisoned by the owners. In this system the authority of the father, the teacher, the doctor, the judge, and the ruler, refers to the authority of God, who is Father, Master, Judge and King. It is evident that the work of dissolution of Christian society – which still is Christian in its roots, even if it now retains only scant traces of its Christianity – is motivated by Satan’s unquenchable hatred against Christ.

But what happens if, through a constant effort lasting more than two hundred years, the enemy infiltrates schools, courts, institutions, seminaries, companies and trade unions, and gradually conquers the highest levels of leadership, taking orders from the same group of power that commands everyone either by blackmail or reward? In the face of the evidence of such a subversion, we must not close our eyes because it seems too incredible not to have noticed it before. Instead, we must have the courage to recognize that many, too many of our silences have allowed the corrupt city councilor, the depraved parish priest, the dishonest soldier, the ignorant assistant, the unscrupulous doctor, and the lazy employee to be promoted to a parliamentarian, bishop, general, professor, or government official and thus to have made himself blackmailable. In the end, the ones who are in charge are quite few, and the many who obey them do so mostly out of conformism or to hide small pettiness. But these few – and we know this from the data they themselves disseminate – really do have an exorbitant power, which increases with each new adept individual whom they appoint to the highest leadership of the institutions. This is not an unbelievable situation, on the contrary: it is extremely simple to comprehend, if we consider who owns the media, who finances political parties, who sponsors international institutions, and who gives the balance sheet reliability reports of nations. They are always the same people who are heads of a very small number of investment funds, and an even smaller number of representatives of usurious high finance. The names are always the same, and they know who they are.

Corona Investigative Committee: It has been a few years since you strongly criticized Pope Francis for lifting penalties against the former Archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick, who is one of the main figures accused in the abuse scandal of the Catholic Church in the USA, an outrageous act. As a vehement critic of a conciliatory approach to this seemingly recurring problem of child abuse, what can you say about the prevalence and significance of this cruel phenomenon in the Catholic Church and Western politics?

💬 Archbishop Viganò: After my denunciation of the McCarrick case, I tried to show the link between moral and doctrinal corruption, highlighting that the crisis of Faith and Liturgy that followed the Second Vatican Council could not fail to also entail a subversion of Morality in the faithful and in the Clergy. Because a deviated faith leads to a deviated morality; a heretic will never be an honest, chaste, sincere person: if he embraces lies and error in matters that directly concern the Truth of God, that is, the Truth about God himself, with all the more reason he will be able to create his own morality – what the modernists call the morality of the situation – which adapts itself to the circumstances.

The error of the Second Vatican Council, initially disguised in order to hide its subversive nature – was precisely that of thinking that it could preserve the faith intact in a hyperuranium [a "place beyond heaven"], considering it out of date and too difficult to ask the faithful to embrace it in its totality; and in the moral sphere, to preserve Morality as an abstract model, letting Catholics choose according to convenience which principles to follow and which to disregard. For the conciliar church the doctrine of the divinity of Our Lord remains theoretically valid, but it can be accepted that there are those who do not believe in it, hypothesizing a path – which is usually never undertaken – of slow conversion that supposedly will lead to embracing the entire Catholic teaching. Similarly, abortion or sodomy are sins that cry out for revenge before God, but remain abstract notions that pastors do not ask the faithful to follow as the first step of conversion. So the thief continues to steal in view of his future conversion, reassured by the fact that he does not kill or commit adultery. Those who commit adultery feel reassured by the fact that they do not beat their children or exploit employees. But this is not what Our Lord asked: You are my friends if you do what I command you (Jn 15:9), he said; and not: you are my friends if you choose in which thing you obey me. To be Catholic means to make a heroic choice, by which we do not adhere to a philanthropic association, but are incorporated through Baptism into the Mystical Body of Christ, and by Grace we are constituted as children of God the Father in Christ Jesus. Mediocrity is not possible for a Catholic, much less for a priest or a bishop.

This attitude of renunciation is revealing of a human vision of the Church, which according to them should adapt herself in pastoral care to the mentality of the world, maintaining the teaching of Christ only in the magisterium, as in a sort of archive that no one will ever consult because it is considered utopian and unrealistic. A way to silence the conscience by preserving the depositum fidei [deposit of faith] in theory but at the same time indulging lusts and sin by legitimizing doctrinal and moral deviations.

It is evident that in order to convince the Bishops to renounce the integrity of the Catholic Magisterium, they had to be corrupted in soul, because a Prelate who lives an immoral life – and who thus is often blackmailable – does not dare to ask others to respect the Commandments that he himself breaks. That is why the infiltrators of the deep church have eliminated or marginalized within a few decades the healthy part of the clergy and episcopate, replacing them with those who are immoral, lustful, corrupt and heretical. Their mere presence at the highest levels of the Hierarchy is the most effective tool to destroy the Church from within, just as the deep state has done in the civil sphere: a corrupt or blackmailable politician will vote for laws that legitimize corruption and vice, and if he does not want to do so because he has some moral scruples, he will do so because otherwise his personal scandals are brought to light.

The only way out of this infernal labyrinth is a moralizing action undertaken by Authority, whether religious or civil. The one who commands must know that his power belongs to God, and that in exercising it he must avail himself of all the virtues required for good governance and to achieve the end for which authority is constituted. The concept of “vicarious authority” was very clear until the French Revolution, because it was inextricably linked to the Faith: it was the cancellation of God from society that ipso facto ["by the fact itself"] made rulers into potential tyrants, because it relieved them of their moral responsibility before God – the one Lord and King – limiting the question of power to the satisfaction of the majority. The same thing happened in the Church, which preferred to come to terms with the world and assume its profane mentality, convinced that She could survive – She who is a divine institution with a supernatural end – by presenting herself as a human institution with humanitarian purposes.

When the Bishops – and the Pope – return to believing, when they return to loving God for how He revealed Himself to us and in what He taught us; when they realize that their every failure, every error taught to the simple, every tolerated deviation has disfigured the face of Christ, has torn His flesh in the scourging, has pierced His hands and feet in the crucifixion, and that because of this Our Lord died to redeem us, they will be willing to die in witness to their faithfulness to the One who placed them in authority. As long as they try to navigate with human logic, their ministry will be empty, just as their churches, their seminaries, and their convents are empty. They will disappear by extinction, while good priests will continue to do what has always been done for the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful.

Corona Investigative Committee: Of course, since you are not a medical expert, you cannot give an assessment in this regard. However, since you interpret the current crisis not only as a medical or political crisis, but recognize an eschatological relevance of the current events, we would be interested to know how you would classify the mRNA injections, which play a crucial role in the whole orchestration, from your theological perspective.

💬 Archbishop Viganò: The modification of the individual’s DNA caused by the experimental serum with new mRNA technology is perhaps the most alarming aspect of this epochal battle. If there are economic powers that have no qualms about targeting the world’s population in order to weaken their immune systems, cause sudden deaths and make us all chronically ill in order to sell their concoctions or their health care services, on the other hand there are people who are devoted to evil and who are well aware that they work in the service of a hellish plan, for the advent of the Antichrist through the synarchy of the NWO.

In the attempt to genetically modify man, we see Satan’s aversion against Creation taken to extreme consequences, and in particular against man himself, who in the economy of salvation was chosen to be the temple of the Most Holy Trinity.

Corona Investigative Committee: In your letter to then-President Donald Trump, you spoke of a confrontation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Where do we now stand in this confrontation? What are the conceivable outcomes of this struggle? What can we, who want to strengthen the light, do?

💬 Archbishop Viganò: Spiritual events intersect with earthly events, history intersects with the eternity of God, human events are the battlefield in which the children of darkness fight the children of Light: a battle that for humanity began with the fall of Adam, deceived by Satan and deluded that he could be like God. That temptation is repeated over the centuries to every man, whenever the Enemy tries to persuade him that he can decide for himself what is good and what is evil, attributing to himself the sovereign rights of the Lord over creatures. It is the battle that is being fought even today, after centuries of rebellion against the Law of God and refusal to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In the end, everything comes back to this discrimen ["critical distinction"], to the Lord’s statement, “Whoever is not with Me is against Me,” (Lk 11:14) and to our free response to the love of God the Creator and Redeemer.

To judge these epochal events as a simple human conspiracy aimed at seizing power would be an understatement; to think that all the proponents of the Great Reset are convinced worshippers of Satan is also an exaggeration. But precisely because of our weakness, which is entirely human, not only in doing good but also in doing evil, we can move the Lord to have mercy, causing him to confound the designs of the wicked and not allow them to achieve their intents. The good are disorganized, divided, and quarrelsome; while the wicked are organized, united and always united adversus Dominum, et adversus Christum eius. But the good, if they understand the spiritual dimension of this epochal clash and decide to take sides under the banners of Christ the King, will be able to achieve victory with Him and see their common enemies defeated.

Allow me to conclude this interview by thanking you, Lawyer Füllmich, for having given me the opportunity to express my thoughts on these important issues. I wish all of you in the Corona Commission and all those in every nation who fight the globalist Leviathan to be able to achieve the desired results. And may God bless you.


Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was born on January 16, 1941 in Varese, Italy. He was ordained a priest on March 24, 1968 and incardinated in the Diocese of Pavia (Italy). He has a Doctorate in both Canon and Civil Law (Utroque Iure). He speaks Italian, French, Spanish and English.

::  His Excellency started his service in the Diplomatic Corps of the Holy See as Attaché in 1973 in Iraq and Kuwait. In 1976 he was transferred to the Apostolic Nunciature in Great Britain. From 1978 until 1989 he worked at the Secretariat of State of Vatican City. On April 4, 1989 he was nominated Special Envoy with the functions of Permanent Observer to the European Council in Strasbourg.

::  He was elected Archbishop on April 3, 1992. On April 26, 1992 he was consecrated and made Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana.

::  He was nominated Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Nigeria, on April 3, 1992. On April 4, 1998 he was nominated Delegate for the Pontifical Representations.

::  Archbishop Viganò served as Secretary General of the Governorate of the Vatican City State from July 16, 2009 until September 3, 2011.

::  On October 19, 2011 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. (FFHL)


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Grand Jury Trial Begins Into Crimes Against Humanity (Videos 1-6) (02/15/22)


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