Watching the Western World dissolve into Nazism

Paul Craig Roberts

President Trump’s Free Speech Depends on Who Owns Twitter

How is it that in the exceptional and indispensable USA, a former American president can be denied his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech by a private communications company?

How can a mere private company cancel the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? How is it possible that the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the lowest American can depend for a former US president on who owns Twitter? And Facebook? And Google? And the New York Times?

How can Americans, especially conservatives, think they live in a free country when a former president of the United States can have his Constitutional Rights cancelled or granted by a private company CEO? Isn’t this a case of the “private sector” controlling the government? How can any people be free when they are denied access to facts, open debate, and truth?

The head of Homeland Security, a Nazi-era institution now assuming a governing role in the USA, has established a US Ministry of Truth with the power to shut down all who challenge the official narrative. How is it possible that a presidential administration dares establish in the USA a Nazi-era Gestapo institution with the power to cancel truth? And still be supported by 45% of the population? How can a country with 45% of its population completely stupid beyond all belief survive?

What is the matter with “Biden Democrats”? Are they unable to comprehend that freedom, liberty, the rights for which the founders of the country fought for, are at stake? How can anything be more valuable than truth?

Why are minority rights, racial rights, transgender rights, lesbian rights, homosexual rights, and whatever new rights will be discovered tomorrow, more important, more valuable than TRUTH?

Where are the American people? Where are their elected representatives in the House and Senate? Where are the media, the watchdogs of democracy? Where are the courts, the law schools, law associations, the protesters standing in defense of liberty, which is based in free speech, a constitutionally protected right? Why does no influential group defend the rights granted by the US Constitution? No university or bar association in America is protesting the replacement of truth with elite-serving fiction.

Why do Americans just sit there while an American Nazi, the head of “Homeland Security,” creates an Orwellian state in the USA? We just witnessed in the USA, allegedly a free country, the Biden appointed head of Homeland Security say that his Gestapo agency has the right to determine truth in the United States of America.

In America the respect for truth is so weak that the Nazi is still head of America’s “Homeland Security.” The American Nazi was not fired. He was not even reprimanded for elevating censorship above the United States Constitution.

It is a massive joke than any Western country is a “free country.” As the entirety of the Western World is now thoroughly Nazified, little wonder the Nazified Western governments support, at the peril of their own existence from incoming hypersonic ICBMs, the Nazi regime in Ukraine. Putin is a Russian liberal, and therefore weak, but Putin is not weak enough to allow Russia to succumb to Western Nazism.

End times approach while dumbshit Americans worry about transgender rights and the boundaries of Nazi Ukraine. Americans have entirely forgotten their own rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and do nothing to protect them. Freedom in the West has been thrown into the trash bin of History, not by conquerors but by the West itself.

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Source: Institute for Political Economy. IMG: KGW News. AWIP:


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