The Truth about Long Covid

Dr Vernon Coleman

A list of the commonest side effects associated with the covid-19 jabs just happens to be the same as the commonest symptoms associated with `long covid’.

In early 2022, the UK Government said that there were officially 1.3 million people in Britain suffering from ‘long covid’ – and that the figure was rising fast. Two thirds of those individuals were reported to have been off work for a year or more.

Almost before the figure had been published it had been amended and the total was said to be approaching two million. A report from the US suggested that around 12 million Americans were alleged to be off work with `long covid’.

Covid believers claim that 12% of those who’ve had covid still have symptoms 12 weeks later.

The media ignored the fact that the biggest and most significant research into long covid, involving 26,000 individuals, concluded that long covid is largely a psychological problem. People who had taken a year off work on full pay didn’t want to go back to their offices. The evidence shows that long covid is a combination of hypochondria and malingering. It’s the beginning of the universal basic income – a critical part of the Great Reset now being trialled in Wales and Ireland.

It has been proved beyond doubt that there was never a covid pandemic . What was called covid-19 was the rebranded flu. And although a few people do suffer from mental and physical tiredness for a while after the flu, we now have a global long covid pandemic. So, why have they created this fake disease – ‘long covid’?

Total War… American Capitalism Is Addicted to War… Not Just Against Russia but Against U.S. Workers as Well

Finian Cunningham

Neo-feudalism is what we are being offered in place of the “American dream”. This is why we are seeing growing efforts of workers to organize unions.

The following interview is a follow-up to an earlier one conducted this month with American writer and veteran labor rights activist Bruce Gagnon. He explains the current U.S.-led NATO conflict against Russia in a historical context. U.S.-dominated Western capitalism is addicted to war as a modus operandi going back to its original genocidal conquest and foundations in slavery through its colonial wars and other wars of aggression over the past century and more. The current conflict playing out in Ukraine is but a continuum of class war against the workers of the United States and other Western states.

American workers, however, are fighting back in the form of a resurgence in unionizing and strike actions. The crisis in capitalism is driving the U.S. ruling class and its European NATO associates to war against Russia, and ultimately a Third World War. The struggle for real democracy in the U.S. (and Europe) is part of the same challenge to defeat American-led Western imperialism. What’s at stake is the very future of the planet.

Bruce Gagnon coordinates the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He began his political career in 1978 organizing Florida fruit pickers for the United Farm Workers Union (UFW). While working for the UFW, he served on the union team negotiating contracts between the Coca-Cola Corporation (Minute Maid orange juice) and the UFW. He writes a daily blog called Organizing Notes.

Has World War III Begun?

Stephen Lendman

If the “world ends” ahead, I’m betting on a bang, not a whimper.

Most wars begin incrementally, rather than with a big bang. One thing leads to another then to full-blown conflict. WW I began before Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination — WW II before Pearl Harbor.

Months of advance planning precedes wars. US-led post-9/11 wars on Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Syria were planned long before the mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time.

Years of US orchestrated and directed proxy war on Russia by Ukraine on Donbass preceded Moscow’s special military operation (SMO). Two months later, has WW III begun? Has hegemon USA-dominated NATO begun pushing things toward East/West confrontation? Is it inevitable ahead?

In cahoots with dominant US hardliners, Britain’s so-called armed forces minister, Heappey, said the BoJo regime considers cross-border strikes by Kiev on Russian territory with UK-supplied weapons a strategy it supports.

The horrors of the Social Credit System

Dr Vernon Coleman

We are moving rapidly into a dystopian, digital dictatorship.

A few years ago, in a book called The Game’s Afoot (published in 2018) I wrote that the Chinese Government was giving people marks according to behaviour. It was I wrote, called social engineering, and citizens were being ranked and rated according to their behaviour.

‘The Government,’ I said, ‘will measure people’s behaviour in order to decide what services they are entitled to. Anyone who incurs black marks for traffic offences, fare dodging or jay walking will find that they are no longer entitled to the full range of public services and rights. Moreover, internet activity will also be used to assess behaviour. Individuals who do bad things on the internet (or whose searches are considered questionable) will find themselves ‘black marked’. Individuals who have ‘responsible’ jobs will be subjected to enhanced scrutiny.’

It was called a social credit score and I wrote then that it was likely that Western Governments would soon follow suit. And they are doing so with great enthusiasm. It might not have obviously reached your town just yet – but it will, oh it will.

How Russia could respond to Turkey's naval and air blockade of the group in Syria

Sergey Marzhetsky
Translation by DeepL

Turkey, a long-time geopolitical adversary of Russia, has tried to sit on two chairs until recently: to make money at the expense of our country and simultaneously wage several "proxy" wars against it. But now, it is turning from a "constructive business partner" into an open enemy more and more rapidly, and it is time to prepare the answer to the arrogant "sultan" before he and NATO bloc decided to engage in a new "Crimean War". What can we realistically do here and now to bring Ankara to its senses without bringing the matter to a direct confrontation?

The clash with Russia was objectively laid when President Erdogan set out to Islamise secular Turkey and began actively playing on the phantom pains of his compatriots for the former greatness of the Ottoman Empire. Under this neo-Ottoman project, the Turkish army has already invaded Syria, occupying northern Idlib, from which it clearly has no intention of withdrawing. Ankara has come to the aid of the National Accord Government in Tripoli in its fight against Field Marshal Haftar's LNA, concluding an agreement with Fayiz Saraj on military and technical cooperation and the redivision of the Libyan sea shelf in favour of Turkey. The "sultan" is also eyeing neighbouring Egypt and the North and Central African regions, where France has traditionally had a strong position, which worries Paris greatly. The Turkish Navy is building a destroyer and is planning to acquire its first aircraft carrier, apparently to be able to forcefully resolve the issue with the disputed Greek islands in the eastern Mediterranean.

Daddies in Mommie-land

James Howard Kunstler

Welcome to the season of everything losing ground, at least for Western Civ. Sore-beset with idiots and scoundrels running things, the West stumbles backwards into neo-medieval darkness and superstition, hurling garlic bombs of objurgation against the supposedly wicked Putin along the way.

Your “trusted news sources” in our corner of the world will not tell you this, but the mythologized golem of the West’s collective sick mind, The Putin, mounted Operation Z in Ukraine at our country’s foolish behest. It was a twisted variation of the old head-trip Let’s You and Him Fight — described so well in psychologist Eric Berne’s classic book Games People Play. It’s a game instigated generally by women. The West detests the actual Mr. Putin for systemically and doggedly having to correct the mischief that the USA set in motion there in 2014 — putting out a dumpster fire we kept feeding for eight years.

Mainly we hate the Russian president for doing what he said he would do, acting like a man, literally having to set boundaries for the unruly children, like Daddy used to do. America hates daddies. To America, all daddies are monsters (rapists!).

That’s why America wants to turn all daddies into mommies. Anyway, we barely remember what daddies used to do. The context for daddies — the family — has been obliterated in America by every agency and institution in the land. The only role available these days is the chimerical creature known as a “baby daddy,” which is as much a baby as a daddy, developmentally speaking. Real daddies are men, which is to say: not babies. Mr. Putin acts like a man, especially having to do a dirty job that needs doing, without complaint. America can’t stand that.

The Enemy of My Enemies

Good Citizen

If we have learned anything from western governments in their quest to enflame a new cold war with Russia, and now a new world war with both Russia and China it’s that they can’t be trusted about anything.

We are forbidden to speak of Vladimir Putin at all these days without wrapping both sides of his name with sufficient admonishments of venomous slander. Anyone who does not pledge their immediate allegiance to the fashionable and misguided present hysteria against the man or 150 million Russians will be considered prima facie an apologist at best and a traitor at worst.

They say he’s a demon, a scoundrel, a war criminal, a cosmic accident sent to destroy democracy and all that is good and noble, which of course only derives from good and noble nations of the west claiming to still be democratic. Sixty years ago they also said that by now cars would fly, there would be no more wars, liberal democracy would shepherd us from evil, and not morph into the evil it proclaimed to dispel. Thirty years ago was supposed to be the end of history.

They say Putin is our enemy and the reason they keep repeating it ad nauseam is that they know millions will believe it. Those who incessantly level these charges without irony, apparently lack any self-awareness or a mirror. Perhaps all they have are mirrors and can only make dark accusations based on their own reflections.

Assange’s Extradition Is Another Building Block of The Controlled Explanation

Paul Craig Roberts

The Corrupt US & British governments, greatly aided and abetted by Western presstitutes, have destroyed the First Amendment protection of journalism. Julian Assange’s extradition to the US to stand trial for espionage signals the termination of a free press as a method of holding government accountable. Henceforth, any journalist who publishes a leaked story unfavorable to the government can be prosecuted as a spy.

During the Vietnam War the US government tried this on Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times, but could not get away with it. But times have changed. Today’s Ellsberg–Julian Assange–and today’s New York Times–Wikileaks–are demonized as spies serving foreign intelligence.

The New York Times and The Guardian, both of which published some of the Wikileaks’ material leaked allegedly by Chelsea Manning, escaped prosecution in the case by turning on Assange and helping Washington to demonize him. The rest of the presstitute media joined in, including Wikipedia, which falsely reports the situation as it does most issues that have been turned into controversies. Today hardly anyone knows the true story.

The Legality Of War

Christopher Black

The First Geneva Convention governing the sick and wounded
members of armed forces was signed in 1864. (Wikipedia)

(This article was first published by New Eastern Outlook, March 9, 2022)

The western mass media and governments have fallen into a frenzy of anti-Russian propaganda over Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. One element of their propaganda war is the claim that Russia’s action is illegal under international law. But is this the case and what does it mean for these countries to make that claim when they have themselves invaded and attacked too many nations to enumerate, every one of which was not only illegal, but without any moral, ethical justification whatsoever?

The law on the use of force in international relations has two aspects, codified international law as set out in the Charter of the United Nations, and the commonly understood right to self-defence.

The UN Charter is the primary document governing the use of force. Nation states do not have a right to use force in relations with other sovereign states except in very limited circumstances. It used to be, before the twentieth century, that there was an understanding that all nations had the right to use force, to go to war to ensure their interests. But the cataclysms of World War I and World War II led in each case to an attempt to prevent wars of aggression.

After WWI the League of Nations was created, supported by the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928, which I have referred to in previous articles, a Treaty still in effect, in which the USA and Soviet Union and all other nations promised never to use war to solve political disputes. The League of Nations fell apart in the 1930’s with the rise of fascism and the aggressions of Italy and Germany. But the Kellogg-Briand Pact still exists.

The Russian army is smashing the Nazi zombie organism, fully integrated with NATO

Reshetnikov, Leonid Petrovich

Analytical note by Reshetnikov, Leonid Petrovich - Lieutenant General of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (retired), Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

I consider it extremely vile to blame our army for the lack of communication systems and not inform ordinary civilians that our troops on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR operate with a three to five-fold enemy superiority in terms of manpower and the enemy has the full support of all reconnaissance and radio engineering power of NATO.

Any android, any iPhone is monitored continuously, any Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messengers continuously transmit information, all this is processed by the full power of artificial intelligence systems and forms a map for target designations in real-time. And even if the Russian army uses all encrypted communication channels - what to do with the population?

Over Romania and Poland, NATO AWACS aircraft with experienced crews are constantly hovering, and US spy satellites are constantly in orbit. Let me remind you that according to the budgets for our Roscosmos, we allocated $2.5 billion a year, the civil budget of NASA $25 billion, the civil budget of only SpaceX is equal to Roskosmos - and this is not counting tens of billions of dollars annually for the entire global control system feverishly deployed by the United States.

In 2-3 years, we will have an order of magnitude higher density of US reconnaissance and target designation. The United States sees not just our troops on the ground, they see our aircraft, and drones, study radar fields, estimate the time of Kalibr cruise missiles flight, and they constantly issue target designations to Ukrainian generals online from the operation control center in Poland. Is it all the merit of the former Ukrainian SSR?

Do the Conspirators Now Want World War III?

Dr Vernon Coleman

I am increasingly concerned that what is happening in Ukraine is being used as an excuse to build up enthusiasm for World War III. The conspirators are working hard to push the collaborating public (brains softened by too many months of mask wearing and too many toxic injections) into demanding a war against Russia.

In the same way that Germany’s invasion of Poland led to World War II, so it is looking more and more possible that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be used as an excuse for the conspirators to start World War III.

There is no longer any doubt that NATO deliberately pushed Russia into invading Ukraine. Nor is there any doubt that this is not, by far, the most egregious military activity occurring at the moment. The wars in Yemen and Syria have killed far more people but have aroused little or no interest among Western politicians or journalists.

I don’t think anyone who has studied the evidence would disagree with the conclusion that Russia was inspired to invade Ukraine in order to help further the plans of those behind the Great Reset.

Don’t be Fooled by the War. The COVID Crime Continues: “Watch the Water

Peter Koenig

Did you know – or even suspect – that we are being poisoned under the guise of the fake Covid?

The science is overwhelming. Just watch this 47-min scientific video — well understandable for the common non-scientists — on what is really and still going on with Covid, while the media focus is on the western-instigated war with Ukraine.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that there is now “freedom” out there, no more masks…. this is just a smoke screen. And for that matter may soon be over… or replaced by another inhuman and degrading imposed measure – like the already EU-approved vaxx-pass without which presumably starting in 2024 or earlier, you may not move anywhere.

This is a sophisticated eugenist agenda. What they are doing in the back is Machiavellian or much worse. This is not only a worldwide plan of population reduction; if we the people allow it, but also transferring assets from the lower and the middle of the economic echelons to the top. In other words, it fits exactly Klaus Schwab’s dictum of the Great Reset — by 2030, “you will own nothing but will be happy.”

And when you see and hear that among the funders of key components of this diabolical program is the United Nations, then you know that not just the UN, but all our UN member governments — the very governments which have supposedly been “elected” to protect you, us, the people. The UN is complicit AGAINST the people.

This is not all. The EU is in the process of adopting under the radar devastating law of an universal vaxx-pass – applicable for the entire European Union, o be eventually integrated into a world vaxx- pass, or whatever other name they deem fir giving our human slavehood. If we don’t stop it, it may become effective in 2023 or earlier.

Jesus has not left the building

John Waters

The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Sepulchre on the
Morning of the Resurrection
’ — by Eugène Burnand (1898)

In this unbelievable existence, we find it ‘rational’ to believe that no other reality could exist, that there is no hope that, in the future we might find ourselves in an even more astonishing place.

I don’t believe in ‘life after death’; I believe in life transcending death, a rather different thing. Eternity has already begun. Death, no more than birth, is not, I don’t believe, to be taken as a definitive moment of existence — merely another line on the cosmic, eternal path.

There are few things we can name with absolute certainty as irrefutable truths. But one thing I can say is this: I did not make myself. Another is: I do not make myself now, at this moment, writing these words. This understanding changes everything I have been led by the manmade world to believe about myself and my life. Something else defines me, and my life is a walking towards this Something Else, seeking all the while to put words on every step, so that others can see the path no matter how dark it becomes. Thinking like this, thinking these things, enables me to feel loved metaphysically, as nothing else does.

Russia’s Ukraine operation has no deadline


Fall is imminent of Azovstal iron and steel works, Mariupol, where
thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and NATO officers are trapped.

In his first extended remarks in nearly a month about the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that peace talks had reached a “dead end” and pledged that Russia’s “military operation will continue until its full completion.”

Putin defined a more limited aim for the war, focusing on control of the Donbass — and not all of Ukraine. [He] reiterated that Russia’s actions so far in several regions of Ukraine were intended only to tie down enemy forces and carry out missile strikes with the purpose of destroying the Ukrainian military’s infrastructure, so as to “create conditions for more active operations on the territory of Donbass.” In his words,

💬 “Our goal is to provide aid to the people of Donbass, who feel an unbreakable bond with Russia and have been the subjects of genocide for eight years.”

Asked why the operation cannot be speeded up, Putin told reporters:

💬 “I often get these questions, ‘can’t we hurry it up?’ We can. But it depends on the intensity of hostilities and, any way you put it, the intensity of hostilities is directly related to casualties.”

He made it clear that...

💬...“our task is to achieve the set goals while minimising these losses. We will act rhythmically, calmly, and according to the plan that was initially proposed by the General Staff.” He added, “The operation is going according to plan.”

Children Are Being Destroyed

Dr Vernon Coleman

Children today are being systematically and deliberately destroyed – both mentally and physically.

We are horrified at the way children were pushed up chimneys in the 19th century. Making children work long, arduous hours was considered normal at the time but the children abused in this way were scarred physically and mentally for life.

Today, we like to think that that sort of cruelty is today confined to those parts of the world where children are employed as slave labour in order to dig out the rare minerals needed to make batteries for electric cars.

And, of course, to the factories where slave labourers make overpriced plimsolls or manufacture mobile phones – all at such a low prices that billionaires can progress up the ladder and become even richer. We like to think that most countries in the so-called developed world have moved on. We close our eyes to the billionaires growing ever richer on the backs of slave labour children.

Those pulling down statues of 19th century slave traders still buy the electric cars, the mobile phones and the absurd shoes and ignore the uncomfortable truths about how they were made. In the 19th century, child labour was seen as normal and acceptable. In both physical and psychological terms what we are doing now is even worse.

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