The Russian army is smashing the Nazi zombie organism, fully integrated with NATO

Reshetnikov, Leonid Petrovich

Analytical note by Reshetnikov, Leonid Petrovich - Lieutenant General of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (retired), Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

I consider it extremely vile to blame our army for the lack of communication systems and not inform ordinary civilians that our troops on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR operate with a three to five-fold enemy superiority in terms of manpower and the enemy has the full support of all reconnaissance and radio engineering power of NATO.

Any android, any iPhone is monitored continuously, any Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messengers continuously transmit information, all this is processed by the full power of artificial intelligence systems and forms a map for target designations in real-time. And even if the Russian army uses all encrypted communication channels - what to do with the population?

Over Romania and Poland, NATO AWACS aircraft with experienced crews are constantly hovering, and US spy satellites are constantly in orbit. Let me remind you that according to the budgets for our Roscosmos, we allocated $2.5 billion a year, the civil budget of NASA $25 billion, the civil budget of only SpaceX is equal to Roskosmos - and this is not counting tens of billions of dollars annually for the entire global control system feverishly deployed by the United States.

In 2-3 years, we will have an order of magnitude higher density of US reconnaissance and target designation. The United States sees not just our troops on the ground, they see our aircraft, and drones, study radar fields, estimate the time of Kalibr cruise missiles flight, and they constantly issue target designations to Ukrainian generals online from the operation control center in Poland. Is it all the merit of the former Ukrainian SSR?

This is where the accuracy of the Ukrainian artillery noted by our troops comes from, this is how the missile brigades of Tochka-U know exactly where and how to advance, exactly what time to launch, and how much time they have to get out of position. This is how the Ukrainian Nazis know where the gaps are in our columns. These are not their eyes and brains. These are the eyes and brains of NATO.

Ukronazis are just controlled zombies. And the Ukrainian army is a remotely controlled zombie organism. Of course, the use of hypersonic "Daggers" and supersonic "Onyxes" drastically reduced the ability to hide the most sensitive elements of this remotely controlled Nazi zombie organism.

I repeat, the owners of this remotely controlled Nazi zombie organism desperately need to find out what new EI and EW (electronic intelligence and electronic warfare) we have.

Therefore, for the future victories of our Russian army, it is vital to hide these new items. The fact that under these conditions our smaller number of troops cleared the sky, nullified the "Great Bayraktar" factor, and smashed the ukrowermacht is an outstanding hard work of our military and country.

This is not Georgia 2008, this is not hunting ISIS pickup trucks in Syria, no. There has never been such a war. Textbooks for the world's military academies are being today written on the tactics and strategy of this war.

Once again, the Russian army is smashing the Nazi zombie organism, fully integrated with the eyes and brain of NATO. On the ground and in the sky, the Russian army is smashing Russian zombies, brainwashed over 30 years of propaganda. Under the conditions of a total machine of military-psychological terror, working for the West and growing Nazi zombies from Russian children.

But the Russians have outstanding resilience in battle. Look to the future and tell me where else the maniacs of the US and the EU can find such infantry. Are there any "best commandos in the world" left to fight after the Yavorovsky base was "Kalibrated"?

Source: Xoaquin FIores. IMG 1: IMG 1-b: Boeing E-3B Sentry Registration LX-N90443 . IMG2-b: Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk. AWIP:


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