Demonizing Russia with Diabolical Aims in Mind

Stephen Lendman

Tanya Nedashkivs'ka, 57, mourns the death of her husband, who
was killed in Bucha (Image: AP / PA photowire service)

Last month, dementia Joe’s double disgracefully called preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin a...

💬...“war criminal…a murderous dictator…a butcher…a pure thug (sic).”

On Monday, the White House impostor was at it again. Demonizing Putin gratuitously, he falsely accused him of civilian deaths in Bucha, Ukraine — what Russia had nothing to do with. Disgracefully calling Putin a “war criminal” again, he added:

💬 “We have to get all the detail so this can be…a war crime trial.”

So-called “details” the regime he nominally heads are invented, not real. No evidence connects Russia to deaths of civilians in Bucha or anywhere else in Ukraine — nothing suggesting that war crimes were committed by its military. Indisputable evidence links Nazified Ukrainian forces to crimes of war, against humanity and horrific atrocities. According to international affairs analyst Adriel Kasonta:

💬 “I’m terrified to see horrors” and other inhumane acts “committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups.” They include torture, “lynching people, (beating) them…smashing their identity…tying them to lampposts” to cause pain, suffering and death. “Now we are supposed to glorify (Ukrainian) Nazis only for the mere fact that they are fighting the Western boogeyman, which is Russia.” “So-called human rights watchers are blind to the fact that human rights are being violated in Ukraine by Ukrainians.”

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