More scary than the plague: Klintsevich reveals major threat from US biolaboratories in Ukraine

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More scary than the plague: Klintsevich reveals major threat from US biolaboratories in Ukraine

Anthrax, plague, coronavirus are child's play compared to what could happen if the Americans spread pathogens that were developed in biolaboratories in Ukraine. Ex-senator and military figure Franz Klintsevich said this in a conversation with iReactor.

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has published documents that confirm close ties between the son of US President Hunter Biden and bio-laboratories in Ukraine.

The publication shared e-mails and documents from Biden Jr.'s laptop showing his role in a multimillion-dollar contract between the medical company Metabiota and the White House. The organisation collaborated with Pentagon contractor Black&Veatch, the same one involved in the study of deadly pathogens that could be used as biological weapons or pandemic agents. The authors of the materials emphasise that it was Hunter who secured multimillion-dollar funding for Metabiota's operations. He was also able to convince the right people to allow the company to conduct dangerous research just a few kilometres from the Russian border.

The Biden Crime Family

Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar

Russian biological samples ‘collected for research’ – US Air Force
How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion
Abp. Viganò: Globalists have fomented war in Ukraine to establish the tyranny of the New World Order

On Thursday, March 24, the Russian government held a press conference in which it presented evidence that Hunter Biden, the disgraced son of American president Joe Biden, helped to finance bioweapons research in Ukraine.

Hunter’s untoward activity took place in 2014. The proof comes from emails and other forms of communication found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he recklessly abandoned in a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019.

When Hunter was facilitating bioweapons research in Ukraine, his father, Joe Biden, served as vice president of the United States. Because of his background in foreign affairs, Joe Biden was tasked by then President Obama with overseeing America’s foreign policy. Joe Biden relished the assignment and took deep personal interest in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and China.

But rather than advancing the interests of the United States, the Bidens used Ukraine – and other countries – to enrich themselves through brazen influence peddling schemes. Hunter Biden was paid, for example, one million dollars a year by a shady gas and oil Ukrainian company called Burisma. Since Hunter Biden does not appear to know much about oil or gas, he was obviously given his appointment and lavish pay because the company’s owners believed he could influence – through his father – American policy in ways that were favorable to the company.

The West has been conquered by a huge parasitic culture that we can defeat if we understand it

American Buddhist Net

This parasite has been growing larger and larger since the end of WW2. It is feeding on the West while also consciously destroying it. Members of this parasitic culture delight in their actions.

Delight is a feature of this culture; delight in the abundance they feed on; and, yes, delight in the ruination they are causing. Parasites destroy their hosts by taking energy and sustenance from them. It is a cultural feature, a psychological feature of parasites to enjoy the harm they cause, to positively delight in it. They literally dance to it.

The parasitic culture that infests the West has many mouths, many subcultures that feed in their own ways on what they can. But all of them agree that it is delightful and profitable for them to feed and destroy.

The destruction happens because feeding without building is easier than building something nourishing and extracting reasonable personal benefit from that. Capitalism itself is not parasitic, though many of the groups that hate or abuse capitalism are. Parasitic groups are all the same in that they have Complaints and want them addressed; they see a Bright Future and want it, vague though it is; they believe they Deserve abundance from the host body, the traditional culture of the West, and that Any Means are Justified for them to take it.

World War II: Europe responsible for killing 27 million Russians

Johann Lerner

Comment by Another World Is Possible: Yes, they're still at it: The US and Europe are arming the Nazis again, in Ukraine this time. They want them to go after Russia, just like they did before and during WW II. -Why? Well, a very small number of filthy rich people from various parts of the world are in this fight just for the money & the power. But in addition to that, there are certain elements that have infiltrated some of the governments of the West since way back. They are, now as ever, consumed by an age-old hatred for Russia and everything Russian. (We have individuals of a certain ethnicity in mind here. They are by no means representative of either their American or European communities, nor even of their communities worldwide. We'll leave it to our readers to ponder who they are.) They are very, very dangerous people. They are trying to start WW III. They want the commoners to fight & die for them. They must be stopped.

The history of mankind is the history of betrayals in general. And the 20th century was no exception in this sense. Rather, it became a standard of mass repetition of the famous act of Judas. The main target of numerous betrayals of European powers was Russia, which cost unprecedented victims.

The history of World War II is also the history of mass mutual betrayals of European countries. But which of the modern politicians, Englishmen, French, Danes and other peoples, will enjoy the "news" that their countries are traitors?

So, let's start with the World of Versailles, which terms were not fulfilled immediately after its signing. But even before that, England and Denmark had betrayed the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family. They were next of kin to the reigning houses of these countries, but they refused to give them asylum. This subsequently led to the martyrdom of the Romanovs in the heat of the Russian Civil War.

Under the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, part of the territory on the left and right banks of the Rhine was declared a demilitarized zone to prevent a possible German attack on France.

At the same time, Europe de facto approved the aggression of the newly created Poland against Soviet Russia, helped it with weapons in every possible way, and closed its eyes to the Polish annexation of not only part of Ukraine and Belarus, but also the capture of Lithuanian.

Already in the 20s, England and France began to abandon the policy of complete demilitarization of Germany, made unprecedented concessions with regard to the payment of reparations and actually contributed to the revival of the militarized German economy. Then the matter moved on to a direct indulgence of Nazism.

NATO Is Propagandizing Itself Into War

Paul Craig Roberts

Those who rely on Western media have the impression of a stalled Russian campaign in Ukraine with demoralized Russian soldiers deserting and surrendering to Ukrainians in order to get something to eat. Russian soldiers are even allegedly shooting holes in the gasoline tanks of their motorized equipment so that they cannot advance, out of sympathy for the innocent Ukrainians.

This propaganda has been so effective on NATO that NATO is considering deploying troops in Western Ukraine where Russian troops are not operating. This would be a fatal mistake, but propagandists usually end up believing their own propaganda.

To prove our solidarity with the official narrative, we in the West are supposed to believe only the narrative and not anything knowledgable commentators or the Russian Ministry of Defense say. Only Russian agents and dupes believe the truth.

As I watch NATO blunder into war, I again dissent from the official narrative and present below the facts as announced today, March 25, by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The results of the 1st month of the SVO from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

1. The offensive of the Russian troops disrupted the plans of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the DPR [Donetsk Republic] and LPR [Luhansk Republic] using artillery, missile systems and aviation.

Slow, Steady Progress by Russia v. the Empire of Lies

Stephen Lendman

Here’s interventionist Blinken’s recitation of rubbish last week, vomiting one debunked Big Lie after another, saying: “(W)e worked very hard to try to keep (things) on a diplomatic track (and) dialogue (sic).” “Russia…reject(ed) diplomacy and dialogue and pursue(d) aggression (sic).”

Fact: For nearly 8 years, Russia went all-out diplomatically to halt US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Nazified Ukraine against Donbass — to no avail. It begs the question. Why didn’t Russia conclude sooner that pursuing diplomacy with US-dominated NATO and Kiev was a colossal waste of time? It achieved nothing positive since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, replacing democratic rule in Ukraine with Nazified tyranny.

Fact: Russia intervened against Ukraine in response to pleas for help from the leadership of Donestk and Lugansk for military help against Kiev’s aggression.

Fact: Article 51 of the UN Charter affirms the right of self-defense for all nations under attack.

Fact: Russia responded militarily because years of its good faith diplomatic efforts were consistently rebuffed by hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and colonized Ukraine.

What is the meaning of Russia's switch to selling gas for rubles?

Original in Russian. Translated by deepL

On 23 March, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to sell gas from Russia to the US and the EU not for dollars and euros, but for rubles, after which the Russian currency appreciated sharply on exchanges.

Moscow's decision came as an unpleasant surprise for the West, as now not only the Russian Central Bank alone will have to take care of maintaining the ruble exchange rate, but also the governments of unfriendly countries if they need Russian "blue fuel".

The West itself is to blame for this situation, since it banned the supply of cash and wire transfers of non-cash euros and dollars to Russia. Now Western companies will have to buy huge amounts of rubles on the Russian stock market at a free exchange rate in order to pay for raw materials. In this way they will support the Russian financial system and the economy as a whole.

In fact, the West through its unfriendly actions forced Russia to make a huge step towards "dedollarization and de-euroisation" of foreign trade, which Moscow has never dared to do before. That is the main point of Russia's transition to selling gas for rubles. You want Russian feedstock? Pay for it in rubles!

The root causes of the war in Ukraine

Guy Mettan
Translated from French by Patrick Le Bretton

"Once Ukraine fell into Western military orbit, NATO would have installed its nuclear weapons there as in Poland and Romania, placing Moscow five minutes away from total destruction and preventing it from retaliating with equivalent nuclear fire and likely to annihilate Europe and the United States in return. This scenario would have ruined Russia’s independence and sovereignty."

Pro-Russian rebels stand near a seized checkpoint near Debaltseve in the
Donetsk area of eastern Ukraine (Feb. 4, 2015). Yes, the war has been going
on since 2014, but hardly any Western media cared to report what Kiev has
done to Donbass & Luhansk. 8 years of Hell on Earth! - Remember Maidan?

In troubled times, when no one knows what is going on and packs of indignants and pseudo-experts overwhelm the public space with pathos and idle theories, it is necessary to return to the fundamentals. In this case, in Montesquieu. Who said two important things. The first is that in matters of war one should not confuse the apparent causes with the root causes, and the second that one should not confuse those who triggered it with those who made it inevitable.

For the vast majority of the public and media intoxicated by decades of anti-Russian propaganda and for tv-set experts who have forgotten any strategic culture, the case of this war is heard: Putin is crazy. He is insane, paranoid, isolated in his Kremlin, a war criminal, a satrap sold to the oligarchs, a cynical megalomaniac who dreams of restoring the empire of the tsars, a reincarnation of Ivan the Terrible, an unbalanced and capricious dictator who attacked for no reason an innocent nation led by a democratic and courageous president supported by virtuous Europeans. The framework thus set – the Great Bad Guys on one side, the Good Guys on the other – the narrative of the war can unfold: the Russians bombed Babi Yar and a nuclear power plant, they massacre civilians, genocide is underway while the Ukrainians resist heroically.

Putin Acknowledges that Washington Has Launched a War of Annihilation Against Russia

Paul Craig Roberts

In his speech to the assembly of national, regional, and district leaders on Russia’s response to the sanctions, Putin first factually describes the situation in Ukraine, how it developed, and Russia’s objective. It stands in striking contrast to Western propaganda.

Putin’s speech is also notable because he acknowledges that Russia has a fifth column that operates against her for the West:

“Yes, of course, they will try to rely on the so-called fifth column, on national traitors, on those who earn money here, but live there, and “live” not in the geographical sense of the word, but according to their slave consciousness.”

Putin then speaks of those Russians who have a villa in Miami or on the French Riviera, who cannot do without foie gras, oysters or so-called gender freedoms. These people are inherently mentally located there, and not in Russia, not with our people, not with Russia. Such people are ready to sell their mother, if only they were allowed to sit in the hallway of the West’s highest caste. They want to be to be part of the West. But they forget or do not understand that the West needs them only as expendable material to use to inflict maximum damage on our people.

“The collective West is trying to split our society, speculating on combat losses, on the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, to provoke a civil confrontation in Russia and, using its “fifth column,” seeks to achieve its goal. And the only goal, as I have already said, is the destruction of Russia.”

This is how the world ends

Gilbert Doctorow

Will the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine lead to a World War that quickly escalates to an end of the world scenario in nuclear exchanges? That remains unlikely, but we are clearly well on our way. It is long past debate whether the conflict is merely between two neighboring countries at the eastern fringe of the European Union. It is a full-blown proxy war between the United States of America and the Russian Federation, and it is about ending or perpetuating American global hegemony.

The latest approval in Washington of $800 million in further urgent military assistance to Ukraine, including the Pentagon’s most advanced attack drones and powerful Soviet era S300 ground to air missile systems makes it perfectly clear that U.S. is sabotaging the ongoing peace talks between Moscow and Kiev for the sake of prolonging a war that can only result on the Ukrainian side in the utter shattering of civil as well as military infrastructure, mass emigration and ubiquitous, calamitous poverty for those remaining; and on the Russian side in wholesale and painful reorganization of the economy away from the West as well as civil discord amid deep disagreements over the war and crackdown on dissent.

The centuries-long debates and hair-pulling in Russia between “Westernizers” and “Slavophiles” is breaking out into the open yet again, as we saw in Vladimir Putin’s remarks yesterday during a speech otherwise devoted to increasing social benefits at home. I will direct attention to that speech in a moment.

Russian forces double down to complete operation


Turning point: Russian special forces have entered the strategic industrial port city of Mariupol on the Black Sea coast

After substantially degrading Ukraine’s military capabilities, Russia is poised to escalate the special operation leading to the victory lap. Moscow has given signals in this direction.

The most significant signal came from the Kremlin spokesmen Dmitry Medvedev, who said on Monday, “Russia has a sufficient potential for conducting the special military operation in Ukraine. The operation is proceeding in accordance with the original plan and will be completed on time and in full.”

As I had written more than once previously, Russian military strategy is on course, contrary to what the hyped up western disinformation has conveyed, namely, that the special operation has “failed”. Peskov hinted that there is no question of stopping the operation prematurely. He spoke amidst western calls for “ceasefire.”

Peskov disclosed that President Vladimir Putin had specifically ordered the armed forces to refrain from an immediate assault on the cities, including Kiev, so as to prevent heavy civilian casualty. The operation, therefore, took into account the ground reality that the extremist Neo-Nazi groups had deployed weapons in densely-populated residential areas. This meant that the tactic narrowed down to...

“...working with modern high-precision weapons, hitting only military and information infrastructure facilities.”

Clearly, this also explained the slow pace and low intensity of the operations interspersed with lulls in the fighting and the tactic of encircling large settlements instead of attacking them frontally.

Western Silence on NATO-Backed Provocations Leading to War in Ukraine

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

The silence of Western media on the causes of confrontation and the criminal involvement of their own governments is complicity in creating conditions for war.

Russia provided more evidence this week that NATO and the Kiev regime were planning a deadly offensive on Donbass, which Russia pre-empted with its military intervention beginning on February 24. Russia has called its intervention a special military operation, while Western states have condemned it as “an unprovoked invasion” of Ukraine.

One senses that it is absolutely imperative for Western media to deny all Russian claims for why it took military action. To do so might lead to some acknowledgement that Russia has just cause, as well as attribute onerous responsibility to Western governments.

It should also be noted, although this is denied too in Western media, that Moscow assiduously tried to address its security concerns through dialogue with the United States and its NATO partners. But those efforts were continually rebuffed. Moscow was treated like it was a non-entity whose long-held security concerns were non-existent or a figment of its imagination.

Russia’s latest information this week substantiating its claims involves a grave multidimensional national security threat. The gravity of the threats makes them impossible to ignore, which makes Western media silence all the more damnable. Moscow says its security analysts are still processing the full extent of information and it will provide more details at a future date. Suffice to say that so far, Russia has identified three major areas where its national security was being threatened by the U.S. and NATO-backed regime in Ukraine. Those threats were greater and more pressing than previously understood, which then presaged the military conflict that is underway in Ukraine.

We’re in the final stages of the move towards ‘The Great Reset’; We must win now or lose forever

Dr Vernon Coleman

Sir Klaus Schwab (knighted by the queen for services to conspiracy) is eager to move on with the Great Reset. And so are his co-conspirators. They know that they’re now very close to victory.

The Covid fraud terrified, demoralised and trained the naïve and the ignorant and initiated a mass of jab induced illnesses and deaths. The climate change fraud has created a population filled with false anxiety. And now the deliberately manufactured hysteria over the Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered massive shortages of fuel and food that will result in hundreds of millions of deaths.

The hysteria was composed, orchestrated and conducted by the usual media suspects, with the BBC and The Guardian in the vanguard. The BBC long ago stopped being a provider of news and became a propaganda unit – denying, suppressing or twisting the truth with pride rather than regret or embarrassment. (When the BBC proudly announced that it didn’t interview doctors questioning vaccination it abandoned all claims to be a news organisation.)

The story told by the media is that Putin is a threat to democracy. If someone can find evidence of any democracy in the West I’d be delighted if they pointed it out. Where is the democracy in Canada? In Australia? In New Zealand? In the UK? In the USA? Anywhere? Free speech died in February 2020 and hasn’t been seen since.

Ukraine and the Global American Empire


Preliminary plans for Operation Barbarossa, with
the southern arm of the German attack proceeding
through the open plains of Ukraine.

Some have asked for my thoughts on Ukraine.

Since 2014, the Ukraine has been experiencing a quiet civil war, between the Ukrainian majority in the west, and a Russian minority concentrated in the east. The Ukrainian side in this conflicted has been co-opted by the supranational global imperial monolith. This is the cadre of western elites that determines political, medical and cultural orthodoxy across the whole world. They control not only all major political parties in most western countries, but also global international consortia from the United Nations to the World Economic Forum to the European Union to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Their goal is to further squeeze Russia by turning Ukraine – including the Russian-speaking eastern regions – into another political constituent of American globalism.

To the Russians – many Russians – this is unacceptable. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the globalists descended upon Russia to rape and pillage.

In the years after 2000, NATO expansion was used to hem in Russia along the Baltic. These were hard years, but Russia finally reasserted its sovereignty. Since then, the western globalists have considered unaligned Russia to be their enemy, and they have adopted Ukraine as a convenient proxy against her. Ukraine is useful for this purpose, because it has considerable strategic significance, whether as a gateway to Russia through the open Ukrainian plains, or as a staging ground for American missiles.

The Ukrainian biolabs: the globalist plan to exterminate the Russian people

Cesare Sacchetti

There is a secret dark hidden story of Ukraine of which the Western public opinion knows nothing about.

The image that the people of the Western countries have of Ukraine is one filtered by the MSM. According to this propagandistic and fairy-tale image, there was a successful “democratic transition” in Ukraine that removed “authoritarian figures” in order to finally walk towards liberal democracy.

Of course, we know that this process is called a “color revolution”, and it is far from being democratic. Actually, its features are quite violent and authoritarian as we explained and analyzed in the previous article. A color revolution is nothing other than an engineered political process whose only purpose is to overthrow those governments that represent a “threat” for the globalist powers that rule the NATO and the EU.

Ukraine was no exception to this subversive process. Puppet governments were installed in power over the past few years but this country has been far to reach any “democratic” stability.

The governments that were remotely controlled by Washington have turned Ukraine into a hotbed of international crime. There was certainly a geopolitical reason to oust the pro-Russia Presidents who governed Ukraine but, at the same time, there was also a criminal reason.

It is the dark side of Ukraine that the Western MSM is not mentioning in any of its hysterical pro-Nazi propaganda.

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