The ‘Constructive Destruction’ of Russia’s Model of Relations with the West

Alastair Crooke

Putin means what he says: Russia’s back is to the wall, and there is nowhere to which Russia can now retreat – for them it is existential.

The collective West was already angry. And it is apoplectic after President Putin shocked western leaders by ordering a special military operation in Ukraine, which is being widely described (and perceived in the West) as a declaration of war: ‘a shock and awe assault affecting cities widely across Ukraine’. So angry in fact is the West that the information space has literally bifurcated into two: It is all black and white, with no greys. For the West, Putin has comprehensively defied Biden; he has unilaterally and illegally ‘changed the borders’ of Europe and acted as a ‘revisionist power’, attempting to change not just the borders of Ukraine, but the current world order. “Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, we are facing a determined effort to redefine the multilateral order,” the EU High Representative, Josep Borell, warned. “It’s an act of defiance. It’s a revisionist manifesto, the manifesto to review the world order”.

Putin is characterised as a new Hitler, and his acts asserted to be ‘illegal’. It is claimed that it was he who tore up the Minsk II Accord (yet the Republics declared their independence in 2014, signed Minsk in 2015, and it was Russia who never signed the accord – and therefore cannot be in breach of it). Indeed, it is the US effectively that has vetoed the Minsk process since 2014, and Russia’s publication of diplomatic correspondence in November 2021 exposed that France and Germany too, had little intention of pressurising Kiev on any meaningful implementation. And so, having concluded that a negotiated settlement – as stipulated in the Minsk Accords – would simply not happen, Putin determined that there was no point in waiting any longer before implementing Russia’s red line.

Address by the President of the Russian Federation (February 21, 2022)

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

My address concerns the events in Ukraine and why this is so important for us, for Russia. Of course, my message is also addressed to our compatriots in Ukraine. The matter is very serious and needs to be discussed in depth.

Update: A second speech on February 24, 2022 (below)

The situation in Donbass has reached a critical, acute stage. I am speaking to you directly today not only to explain what is happening but also to inform you of the decisions being made as well as potential further steps.

I would like to emphasise again that Ukraine is not just a neighbouring country for us. It is an inalienable part of our own history, culture and spiritual space. These are our comrades, those dearest to us – not only colleagues, friends and people who once served together, but also relatives, people bound by blood, by family ties.

Since time immemorial, the people living in the south-west of what has historically been Russian land have called themselves Russians and Orthodox Christians. This was the case before the 17th century, when a portion of this territory rejoined the Russian state, and after.

It seems to us that, generally speaking, we all know these facts, that this is common knowledge. Still, it is necessary to say at least a few words about the history of this issue in order to understand what is happening today, to explain the motives behind Russia’s actions and what we aim to achieve.

The Great Reset: Depopulation (Part Two)

Video Rebel's Blog

The World Economic Forum at Davos has accepted the Georgia Guidestones goal to reduce world population to 500 million as part of their Great Reset which is their plan to make what was ours into theirs.

The current world population is 7.9 billion which means they want 7.4 billion people to say good-bye permanently. Even if they made it illegal to live beyond your 65th birthday, the Globalists would only reduce the world’s population by 632 million. In fact there are 2.291 billion people under 18. So even if they killed everyone 18 and over, the Davis Woke crowd would have 1.791 billion more people than they would allow to live.

To better visualize their genocidal plans, a reduction of world population to 500 million means that the Globalists want to kill 93.7% of the people alive today. Suppose you are under 65. Do you think the Davos crowd has you and your family on their list of survivors? There remains the question of how they plan to kill all those people.



The Trucker Convoy Leaders said they heard one thing over and over from the hundreds of thousands of supporters. That was that the Truckers Convoy gave them hope – hope they haven’t had for over Two Years.

Families, children, the elderly…all those most affected by the Globalist anti-human Satanic measures said the Truckers gave them hope for a better future. With the news that two of the Trucker Convoy leaders were arrested in Ottawa earlier this evening, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich, the tenuous, flickering candle of hope the movement for freedom lit in Ottawa has been virtually extinguished.

The candle of hope is on life support now. At least among those who understand what freedom was and what it should be. Is it normal to freeze the bank account of someone who has just been arrested? What about “innocent until proven guilty?” It appears that under the the Emergency Act…which has not even been passed by parliament yet…they can bankrupt anyone who disagrees with government policy.

Make no mistake about it folks, if, as it seems tonight, hope has been dashed in Canada, there will be a lot more suicides. Suicides were already at epidemic proportions. Now they will skyrocket. Probably 25% of people will want to end their lives–rather than live forever as slaves. But they want us to depopulate. That’s one of their stated goals. Especially the elderly, isolated, developmentally disabled–all the useless eaters. They want to save and pocket our tax dollars earmarked for housing, medical care and care for the elderly. Most of all…the greedy Globalists want to pilfer and ransack our possessions…you know the drill. “You will own nothing…”.

What kind of "left" attacks the working class as "fascist," and pushes FOR the "vaccination" of the poor worldwide?

Mark Crispin Miller

University of Nevada 2022: Left-wing students demand the reimposi-
tion of the university's micromanagement of their personal behaviour.

While all eyes have been on Canada, there also have been massive Freedom Convoys, and joyous multitudes applauding them, and turning out to help them, all around the world. We’re seeing it (despite the usual blackout by the quisling media) in Australia, where 1.4 million vehicles, and between one and two million protestors, have taken over Canberra, Australia’s capital, the people calling for an end to all restrictions, and the ouster of that once-free country’s quisling politicians. There, too, the biggest protest in that nation’s history has been just as peaceful as it is diverse—a wondrous mass display of solidarity, to re-assert our fundamental human rights, spontaneously led by many thousands of real workers.

So where’s “the left”? Australia’s “left” is on the other side—just like “the left” in the United States and Canada, there being no diversity among them, as they’re all one in their boiling hatred of that mass resistance, and in fanatical support of the state/corporate juggernaut coercing universal “vaccination.” So, on this unprecedented global confrontation, there is no disagreement whatsoever between US “leftists” like Noam Chomsky (the first public figure to propose detention of the “unvaccinated), Amy Goodman, Michael Moore (“Get off my fucking bridge!”), Chris Hedges, Thom Hartmann, the Trotskyites at WSWS (World Socialist Web Site), Sen. Bernie Sanders and Stalinist noisemaker Bob Avakian, the liberals at MoveOn, and many of the “woke” contributors to Truthout, Nation of Change, Truthdig, Counterpunch, Portside, the Progressive and The Nation. Nor, on this working-class resistance to the bio-fascist order, is the fearfully like-minded US “left” in any disagreement with its counterpart in Canada, typified by Naomi Klein (who deems the Great Reset a “boring” topic), Henry A. Giroux (who says the truckers are attempting to destroy democracy), “woke” neo-Nazi Justin Trudeau (whose government trained Ukraine’s feral National Guard), and the sanctimonious rabble of Canada’s “left” parties (and let’s throw Neil Young in there, too); so that “the left” throughout all North America is absolutely unified against the workers.

Abp. Viganò endorses Canadian truck drivers, calls for prayers to defeat ‘infernal’ Great Reset

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Help Canadian truckers at the border:

‘Your protest, dear Canadian truck driver friends, joins a worldwide chorus that wants to oppose the establishment of the New World Order on the rubble of nation states.’

Dear Brothers and Sisters Canadian truck drivers,

The global coup that in these two years of psycho-pandemic farce has been carried out by the globalist elite appears most clearly if we do not limit ourselves to considering what happened in individual Nations, but broaden our gaze to what has happened everywhere.

Your protest, dear Canadian truck driver friends, joins a worldwide chorus that wants to oppose the establishment of the New World Order on the rubble of nation states, through the Great Reset desired by the World Economic Forum and by the United Nations under the name of Agenda 2030. And we know that many heads of government have participated in Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Leaders – the so-called Global Leaders for Tomorrow – beginning with Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern and Boris Johnson, and before that Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Tony Blair.

It would seem that Canada is – along with Australia, Italy, Austria and France – one of the nations most infiltrated by the globalists. And in this infernal project we must not only consider the psycho-pandemic farce, but also the attack on traditions and Christian identity – indeed, more precisely the Catholic identity – of these countries.

The Great Reset: Part One

Video Rebel's Blog

The Woke Crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos tell us that in 2030 we will own nothing. How will they accomplish their goal of taking all of our possessions away from us?

They will let our current inflation rate of just under 15% (according to Shadow Stats) grow to 25% which will launch Hyperinflation making food unaffordable. If you remember the rule of 72, 25% annual food price increases would double your food budget every 3 years or so. People who had investments, homes, cars, jewelry and personal possessions will sell them to buy food.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said that food inflation is up 23.7% over last year. China has stopped exporting fertilizers which will be bad news for commercial farmers who rely on chemical inputs and for consumers who eat GMO food and have carcinogenic glyphosates with every meal.

Commercial feed lot operators rely on grains and corn to feed their animals. Rising feed prices have forced ranchers to thin out their herds which has dampened the price increase for beef temporarily to a mere 20%. Next year when the supply of meat has been reduced, beef prices will soar along with other food prices.

US Navy F-35 crash: Was it vaccine related?

Steve Kirsch

Here's what we know. And what we don't know. Maybe a few of my readers can help fill in the gaps in this mystery.

Summary – The COVID vaccines are basically being forcibly thrust upon our military and nobody is allowed to ask questions, challenge the safety of the vaccine, look at what’s inside the vaccine, or challenge the wisdom of discharging soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated. It is troubling that standard military procedures for vaccines are being bypassed for the COVID vaccines.

When a top Navy pilot crashes a $100M stealth fighter jet (allegedly 72 hours after his booster), everyone is put under a gag order. That is standard. But crashes like that are not.

What I know for sure is that my military sources tell me that the US military will take all necessary steps to ensure that nobody finds out that the COVID vaccines are killing people, jeopardizing the safety of our armed forces, jeopardizing our readiness, and causing untold amounts of damage. Just like there was a cover-up when the DoD DMED data leaked out, I expect a cover-up here. So we may never find out what really happened here. This isn’t an honest level playing field.

Sources – My sources for the information in this article are members of the military and news sources available on the Internet. I believe the story at Real Raw News is almost certainly false, but the crash is real.

A COVID Letter from Aotearoa

Dr. Emanuel E. Garcia

It has been approximately two years since the virus that changed our world so suddenly and completely made its appearance in a far-away place in China. We were told that it jumped from a bat — cooked or uncooked, I couldn’t say – and we were soon thereafter shown pictures of soldiers hosing down the streets of Wuhan with disinfectant chemicals, and locking people up in their apartments.

We have been made to believe that this pathogen was so deadly that billions of people needed to be locked away for long periods of time around the world, prevented from travel, pleasure and association. We were and have been daily assailed by numbers – the numbers of those ‘testing positive’ for COVID, the number of those dying from – or with? – COVID, day after day, over and over and over. Numbers, numbers, numbers, however dubious, numbers that kept marching on thanks to the mouthpieces of our ‘trusted’ Media.

The Propaganda & the Damage Done

John Waters

‘Rockers’ Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have not merely defected from rock ‘n’ roll non-conformism to establishmentarianism, but betrayed their unawareness of the truth and also their duty to uphold it.

There are those who believe that the behaviour of Neil Young in threatening to withdraw his music from Spotify unless it cancelled Joe Rogan for ‘spreading misinformation,’ and Joni Mitchell who issued the same ultimatum ‘in solidarity,’ can only be explained by wickedness. By this reading, the two are knowing collaborators with the evil machinators seeking to enslave the world and possibly wipe out significant chunks of its population. In short, they have sold their souls to the New World Order. I doubt it.

My sense of Mitchell’s involvement in the controversy is that she did it out of genuine friendship for Young who had put himself out on a slippery limb. There is nothing in her past record that suggests she might have any truck with the would-be architects of world domination and human subjugation.

In the case of Young, there is some evidence of such an outlook in his recent assertions that he would be prepared to give up all his freedoms to save the planet for his grandchildren.

Just before Christmas 2021, he said in an interview with Apple Music 1 that he ‘wouldn’t hold on to anything’ if it would save his grandchildren and other younger people from the environmental problems allegedly facing the world. He also praised US President Joe Biden for ‘addressing the world's most pressing issues, such as the climate emergency.’

‘There's nothing more important,’ he claimed, ‘than making sure that the earth is as good as it can be for our grandchildren. That's got to be the first thing, that's got to be the most important thing for everybody, for the human race.’ People all over the world, he said, must accept we have ‘got to do things’ even if they ‘may be unpopular.’

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