The Propaganda & the Damage Done

John Waters

‘Rockers’ Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have not merely defected from rock ‘n’ roll non-conformism to establishmentarianism, but betrayed their unawareness of the truth and also their duty to uphold it.

There are those who believe that the behaviour of Neil Young in threatening to withdraw his music from Spotify unless it cancelled Joe Rogan for ‘spreading misinformation,’ and Joni Mitchell who issued the same ultimatum ‘in solidarity,’ can only be explained by wickedness. By this reading, the two are knowing collaborators with the evil machinators seeking to enslave the world and possibly wipe out significant chunks of its population. In short, they have sold their souls to the New World Order. I doubt it.

My sense of Mitchell’s involvement in the controversy is that she did it out of genuine friendship for Young who had put himself out on a slippery limb. There is nothing in her past record that suggests she might have any truck with the would-be architects of world domination and human subjugation.

In the case of Young, there is some evidence of such an outlook in his recent assertions that he would be prepared to give up all his freedoms to save the planet for his grandchildren.

Just before Christmas 2021, he said in an interview with Apple Music 1 that he ‘wouldn’t hold on to anything’ if it would save his grandchildren and other younger people from the environmental problems allegedly facing the world. He also praised US President Joe Biden for ‘addressing the world's most pressing issues, such as the climate emergency.’

‘There's nothing more important,’ he claimed, ‘than making sure that the earth is as good as it can be for our grandchildren. That's got to be the first thing, that's got to be the most important thing for everybody, for the human race.’ People all over the world, he said, must accept we have ‘got to do things’ even if they ‘may be unpopular.’

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