The Trucker Convoy Leaders said they heard one thing over and over from the hundreds of thousands of supporters. That was that the Truckers Convoy gave them hope – hope they haven’t had for over Two Years.

Families, children, the elderly…all those most affected by the Globalist anti-human Satanic measures said the Truckers gave them hope for a better future. With the news that two of the Trucker Convoy leaders were arrested in Ottawa earlier this evening, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich, the tenuous, flickering candle of hope the movement for freedom lit in Ottawa has been virtually extinguished.

The candle of hope is on life support now. At least among those who understand what freedom was and what it should be. Is it normal to freeze the bank account of someone who has just been arrested? What about “innocent until proven guilty?” It appears that under the the Emergency Act…which has not even been passed by parliament yet…they can bankrupt anyone who disagrees with government policy.

Make no mistake about it folks, if, as it seems tonight, hope has been dashed in Canada, there will be a lot more suicides. Suicides were already at epidemic proportions. Now they will skyrocket. Probably 25% of people will want to end their lives–rather than live forever as slaves. But they want us to depopulate. That’s one of their stated goals. Especially the elderly, isolated, developmentally disabled–all the useless eaters. They want to save and pocket our tax dollars earmarked for housing, medical care and care for the elderly. Most of all…the greedy Globalists want to pilfer and ransack our possessions…you know the drill. “You will own nothing…”.

What kind of "left" attacks the working class as "fascist," and pushes FOR the "vaccination" of the poor worldwide?

Mark Crispin Miller

University of Nevada 2022: Left-wing students demand the reimposi-
tion of the university's micromanagement of their personal behaviour.

While all eyes have been on Canada, there also have been massive Freedom Convoys, and joyous multitudes applauding them, and turning out to help them, all around the world. We’re seeing it (despite the usual blackout by the quisling media) in Australia, where 1.4 million vehicles, and between one and two million protestors, have taken over Canberra, Australia’s capital, the people calling for an end to all restrictions, and the ouster of that once-free country’s quisling politicians. There, too, the biggest protest in that nation’s history has been just as peaceful as it is diverse—a wondrous mass display of solidarity, to re-assert our fundamental human rights, spontaneously led by many thousands of real workers.

So where’s “the left”? Australia’s “left” is on the other side—just like “the left” in the United States and Canada, there being no diversity among them, as they’re all one in their boiling hatred of that mass resistance, and in fanatical support of the state/corporate juggernaut coercing universal “vaccination.” So, on this unprecedented global confrontation, there is no disagreement whatsoever between US “leftists” like Noam Chomsky (the first public figure to propose detention of the “unvaccinated), Amy Goodman, Michael Moore (“Get off my fucking bridge!”), Chris Hedges, Thom Hartmann, the Trotskyites at WSWS (World Socialist Web Site), Sen. Bernie Sanders and Stalinist noisemaker Bob Avakian, the liberals at MoveOn, and many of the “woke” contributors to Truthout, Nation of Change, Truthdig, Counterpunch, Portside, the Progressive and The Nation. Nor, on this working-class resistance to the bio-fascist order, is the fearfully like-minded US “left” in any disagreement with its counterpart in Canada, typified by Naomi Klein (who deems the Great Reset a “boring” topic), Henry A. Giroux (who says the truckers are attempting to destroy democracy), “woke” neo-Nazi Justin Trudeau (whose government trained Ukraine’s feral National Guard), and the sanctimonious rabble of Canada’s “left” parties (and let’s throw Neil Young in there, too); so that “the left” throughout all North America is absolutely unified against the workers.

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