The Trucker Convoy Leaders said they heard one thing over and over from the hundreds of thousands of supporters. That was that the Truckers Convoy gave them hope – hope they haven’t had for over Two Years.

Families, children, the elderly…all those most affected by the Globalist anti-human Satanic measures said the Truckers gave them hope for a better future. With the news that two of the Trucker Convoy leaders were arrested in Ottawa earlier this evening, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich, the tenuous, flickering candle of hope the movement for freedom lit in Ottawa has been virtually extinguished.

The candle of hope is on life support now. At least among those who understand what freedom was and what it should be. Is it normal to freeze the bank account of someone who has just been arrested? What about “innocent until proven guilty?” It appears that under the the Emergency Act…which has not even been passed by parliament yet…they can bankrupt anyone who disagrees with government policy.

Make no mistake about it folks, if, as it seems tonight, hope has been dashed in Canada, there will be a lot more suicides. Suicides were already at epidemic proportions. Now they will skyrocket. Probably 25% of people will want to end their lives–rather than live forever as slaves. But they want us to depopulate. That’s one of their stated goals. Especially the elderly, isolated, developmentally disabled–all the useless eaters. They want to save and pocket our tax dollars earmarked for housing, medical care and care for the elderly. Most of all…the greedy Globalists want to pilfer and ransack our possessions…you know the drill. “You will own nothing…”.

We are now living in a Police State. Here is a comment from Twitter:

“…I fear where we’re headed: 1) For two years, they told us to stay home, shut up, wear masks and obey. Many of us said, “OK.” 2) Now they tell us that the removal of our rights and freedoms is necessary. Many of us? “OK.” If this continues, there will be nothing left.”

Hope is a very fragile thing…but It is absolutely necessary, along with love, for our survival as a species. Having an intellect forces our minds to evaluate our chances of living a worthwhile life and to consider other options. Perhaps our survival as the same human species that evolved over million years–is not on their agenda. Perhaps they only want the new, vaxxxZinated, mRNA genetically modified Transhumans to survive.

Perhaps the new mRNA genetically modified transhumans won’t need hope…they’ll be able to thrive without intellectualizing their lot in life. Perhaps they won’t need love. Perhaps the urge to mate and procreate will be erased from their hormones. Perhaps it is currently being genetically modified out of them with each subsequent vaxxxZination–as spike proteins multiply in every cell of their body.

Perhaps, most Satanic of all, the mRNA vaxxxZines have been designed to make humans not value and seek freedom anymore. From looking at the polls that the MZM is coming out with tonight. It sure looks like it. Perhaps we’ll end up just like our domestic cattle and sheep…who as we know have been bred through the millennia to be quite different species from their ancient wild ancestors.

Perhaps “trans”humans…a few generations from now will walk like Zombies, 6 feet apart, wear permanently affixed face coverings to silence and self-isolate–and need to be injected with synthetic genes every couple weeks–kind of like one of those old wind up dolls with the key in its back.

On a somewhat hopeful note…I was finally able to upload a video from Twitter tonight. Perhaps they have lifted the censorship. Here’s stalwart warrior TransSplendor speaking [click on the image]:

The most well known quote about Hope is that “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. I am thinking about that tonight. As long as there are real huMAN beings–like the man in the video above…I will try to maintain a tiny glimmer of hope. Stay tuned and HOLD THE LINE.

Source: GREENCROW AS THE CROW FLIES. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aI4h


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