World War II: Europe responsible for killing 27 million Russians

Johann Lerner

Comment by Another World Is Possible: Yes, they're still at it: The US and Europe are arming the Nazis again, in Ukraine this time. They want them to go after Russia, just like they did before and during WW II. -Why? Well, a very small number of filthy rich people from various parts of the world are in this fight just for the money & the power. But in addition to that, there are certain elements that have infiltrated some of the governments of the West since way back. They are, now as ever, consumed by an age-old hatred for Russia and everything Russian. (We have individuals of a certain ethnicity in mind here. They are by no means representative of either their American or European communities, nor even of their communities worldwide. We'll leave it to our readers to ponder who they are.) They are very, very dangerous people. They are trying to start WW III. They want the commoners to fight & die for them. They must be stopped.

The history of mankind is the history of betrayals in general. And the 20th century was no exception in this sense. Rather, it became a standard of mass repetition of the famous act of Judas. The main target of numerous betrayals of European powers was Russia, which cost unprecedented victims.

The history of World War II is also the history of mass mutual betrayals of European countries. But which of the modern politicians, Englishmen, French, Danes and other peoples, will enjoy the "news" that their countries are traitors?

So, let's start with the World of Versailles, which terms were not fulfilled immediately after its signing. But even before that, England and Denmark had betrayed the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family. They were next of kin to the reigning houses of these countries, but they refused to give them asylum. This subsequently led to the martyrdom of the Romanovs in the heat of the Russian Civil War.

Under the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, part of the territory on the left and right banks of the Rhine was declared a demilitarized zone to prevent a possible German attack on France.

At the same time, Europe de facto approved the aggression of the newly created Poland against Soviet Russia, helped it with weapons in every possible way, and closed its eyes to the Polish annexation of not only part of Ukraine and Belarus, but also the capture of Lithuanian.

Already in the 20s, England and France began to abandon the policy of complete demilitarization of Germany, made unprecedented concessions with regard to the payment of reparations and actually contributed to the revival of the militarized German economy. Then the matter moved on to a direct indulgence of Nazism.

On January 30th [1933], Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany

A spicy detail: already on July 15 of the same year in Rome the Treaty on political cooperation between England, France, Italy and Germany was signed in the League of Nations with the purpose ... to eliminate the threat of war in Europe. How these countries "eliminated" such a threat is now well known.

And almost all European countries have rushed to make pacts with Hitler, and Poland was one of the first to do so. In 1935, England allowed the Führer to have a navy the size of a French Navy and betrayed France.

And already in March 1936 the Wehrmacht occupied the previously demilitarized Rhine region. France, whose troops were on the border, did not resist and objected, and [complained] to the League of Nations. Thus, the French government, led by Pierre Laval, betrayed its people:

💬 "If you French had intervened in the Rhine region in 1936, we would have lost everything, and the fall of Hitler would have been inevitable," said Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, Chief of General Staff of the Land Forces of the Third Reich, during an interrogation after the Second World War. England was silent. English Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin said: "Entry of German troops into the Rhine region does not contain a threat of military conflict. And King Edward VIII of England called Prime Minister Baldwin and threatened with retaliation "if he wants to start a war over the Rhine region".

Thus, the Führer took over the industrial potential of the Third Reich.

At the same time, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who attacked Ethiopia, which Europe and the League of Nations also betrayed, was "having fun" in Africa. [And] under the yoke of the brutal, inhumane and punitive treatment of the Japanese executioners, China suffered. China also was betrayed by the League of Nations and Europe. The only country in the world that supported the Chinese people's struggle against the Japanese aggressor was Soviet Russia.

In 1936, the People's Front legitimately won the Spanish elections in April. A government headed by Santiago Casares Quiroga was formed. European countries immediately betrayed him and the people of Spain, turning a blind eye to the anti-government anti-constitutional fascist coup that took place in July 1936. The League of Nations flourished, Germany and Italy gave the putschists all possible military assistance, while the rest of Europe looked favorably at the Spanish bloodshed, declaring their "non-interference".

But there was no "non-interference" this time, not even close. Their military equipment, weapons and ammunition went to the [fascists] in huge quantities, and units of the armed forces of Germany and Italy fought openly on their side, and volunteers - supporters of the legitimate Spanish government from other European countries, France and Portugal in every way prevented from entering Spain.

The only country in the world that did not hesitate to declare its support for the legitimate Spanish government was Soviet Russia. And not just declared, but sent there ships with tanks, planes and their volunteers.

The closer was the date of Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union, the more and more European capitals were falling into disgrace.

It would seem that European politicians fell asleep and woke up at the time with one single thought: "Who else would I betray before I was betrayed?"

In the spring of 1938, Hitler brazenly produced the Anschluss of Austria. European politicians could not help but understand that this was a real carte blanche for the Nazi aggressor, but with great pleasure betrayed their countries and peoples, accepting the German seizure of Austria.

The Munich Agreement followed immediately, where Czechoslovakia was betrayed by its own government, England, France and other European countries. The country was simply divided among all interested parties in Germany, Poland and Hungary. It is true that Czechs and Slovaks themselves betrayed the world in Europe with their complete absence of indignation over this issue. Slovakia has joined the Triple Pact of Germany, Italy and Japan in the hope of [getting a share of the spoils from] the pillage in future occupied territories. And the Czechs were very excited [about] starting [to] produce weapons for the Wehrmacht, which they [continued doing] until 5 May 1945.

The only country that offered its armed assistance to Prague was Soviet Russia. But Poland, with the full support of England and France, immediately betrayed the Czechs, who, however, wanted to "self-defeat themselves", denying the Red Army the right to pass through its territory to the Czechoslovak lands.

If this is not a betrayal, then what is???

In Europe a big war was looming. But the betrayals were going on one by one. Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia betrayed the European world with the full approval of England and France and sincerely wanted to participate in the Drang nach Osten.

The only country that literally shouted everywhere about the need for urgent measures to curb the fascist aggressor and create a system of European collective security was the Soviet Union. But no one wanted to hear it.

Moscow, wanting to secure its borders, on very favorable terms for Helsinki, tried to negotiate an exchange of territory with the Finns in order to distance the border from Leningrad, which was then a border city. England and France in words supported Helsinki in every way, even promising their armed help, and when the Russian-Finnish war began, bravely betrayed the Finns, pretending to send their troops to their aid, but those never reached the Finnish borders.

After such a series of betrayals and concessions to the Nazis, is it any wonder that the USSR was the last in Europe to conclude a non-aggression pact with Germany in the last decade of August 1939?

On September 1, 1939, the victim of his own betrayal was Poland, which before that was quite sincerely squealing with the Führer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler. Of course, England and France immediately betrayed her, declared war on September 3 to Germany.

Instead, London and Paris began to prepare a joint air raid to the Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus to bomb them, betraying such a Soviet Union as the only force in Europe that could become their ally in the fight against Hitler, if they really wanted to fight him ...

In 1940, France collapsed, which was betrayed by her sister, England. In the same year, a whole series of betrayals took place in the face of Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and others, who began to offer almost no resistance to the Wehrmacht when it captured them.

The USA at that time bravely sat across the ocean, watching with interest the fire of World War II gaining momentum.

And Europe almost completely betrayed its own pan-European world. And joined the German army. And moved to the East against the Soviet people.

Do you think that after that, Europeans realized their sin of betraying each other and began to fight against Hitler? I don't think so! They moved along with the German dictator to rob and kill the Russians, and in their atrocities in the occupied territories, many of the Führer's allies, such as Hungarians, Romanians, Italians, Spaniards or Slovaks, far surpassed the Germans themselves. And then to the deck of European traitors added the United States, along with England, who promised Stalin to open a second front in Europe in 1942, but did so only in June 1944.

The result of this endless series of betrayals from Europe and the United States were 27 million Soviet people killed, tortured and starved.

Gentlemen, you have read the real, not the long history of World War II. It's time to stop lying endlessly. It is time to admit that we, Europe, were the ones who started the fire of the worst war mankind has ever fought. Without acknowledging that obvious fact, we risk being the stage for a new world war again.

Source: The World and We. AWIP:


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