Chris Hedges, Victoria Nuland and the Khazars

Linh Dinh

Israelis gathered on a hilltop outside the town of Sderot to watch the
bombardment of Gaza. (Credit: The New York Times, Burton/Getty)

My last piece only got five likes after 41 hours. Perhaps because it was a bit disjointed, or maybe Armando’s preoccupation with dick size turned people off. I did rush to get it out. Though impatience is usually a flaw, it’s also a spur to get things done. In any case, I’ll definitely ramble in this article. I have a few odds and ends to address before I get on that plane for Saigon, with layovers in Joburg and Dubai.

Speaking of “likes,” YouTube disabled its “dislikes” during Covid, since way too many people disliked the official narrative, whenever it showed up. Though we no longer know the ratio of “likes” to “dislikes” with each video, the “dislike” button is still there. YouTube has long been a joke.

Like FaceBook and Twitter, YouTube openly censors. Its CEO, Susan Wojcicki, is Jewish, as is Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook, of course. Twitter’s CEO, Parag Agrawal, is an Indian who only arrived in the US in 2005. That’s one heck of a rise.

Yesterday, I found out all episodes of On Contact, a Russia Today show hosted by Chris Hedges, have been scrubbed from YouTube. Speaking about the American underclass, I was featured on March 12th, 2017. Hedges:

💬 “I received no inquiry or notice from YouTube. I vanished. In totalitarian systems you exist, then you don’t. I suppose this was done in the name of censoring Russian propaganda, although I have a hard time seeing how a detailed discussion of “Ulysses” or the biographies of Susan Sontag and J. Robert Oppenheimer had any connection in the eyes of the most obtuse censors in Silicon Valley with Vladimir Putin. Indeed, there is not one show that dealt with Russia.”

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