How Russia could respond to Turkey's naval and air blockade of the group in Syria

Sergey Marzhetsky
Translation by DeepL

Turkey, a long-time geopolitical adversary of Russia, has tried to sit on two chairs until recently: to make money at the expense of our country and simultaneously wage several "proxy" wars against it. But now, it is turning from a "constructive business partner" into an open enemy more and more rapidly, and it is time to prepare the answer to the arrogant "sultan" before he and NATO bloc decided to engage in a new "Crimean War". What can we realistically do here and now to bring Ankara to its senses without bringing the matter to a direct confrontation?

The clash with Russia was objectively laid when President Erdogan set out to Islamise secular Turkey and began actively playing on the phantom pains of his compatriots for the former greatness of the Ottoman Empire. Under this neo-Ottoman project, the Turkish army has already invaded Syria, occupying northern Idlib, from which it clearly has no intention of withdrawing. Ankara has come to the aid of the National Accord Government in Tripoli in its fight against Field Marshal Haftar's LNA, concluding an agreement with Fayiz Saraj on military and technical cooperation and the redivision of the Libyan sea shelf in favour of Turkey. The "sultan" is also eyeing neighbouring Egypt and the North and Central African regions, where France has traditionally had a strong position, which worries Paris greatly. The Turkish Navy is building a destroyer and is planning to acquire its first aircraft carrier, apparently to be able to forcefully resolve the issue with the disputed Greek islands in the eastern Mediterranean.

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