Tornado battalion" Criminals Are Still Being Released

Daniil Bezsonov

[This was written three months ago. Presumably they're still on the loose. – Did they go to Bucha? -Editor]

The criminals from the “Tornado battalion" are being released despite their crimes.

It was not often during these seven years that Ukrainian militants were jailed in Ukraine. More often, the war crimes of Ukrainian soldiers were hidden from the public, in order to not shock a society besotted with Russophobic propaganda. However, the crimes of some “volunteer battalions” were so shocking and resonant that it was simply impossible to hide them. It is precisely for this reason that the story about the “Tornado” battalion has spread not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

To refresh one’s memory of the “Tornado battalion" members’ crimes, I will give an excerpt from an interview with a Ukrainian volunteer Lydia Bolbat, who for some time helped the Ukrainian punishers in every possible way, brought them food and things to the front line, but then she could not stand it and spoke out against the nationalist soldiers:

💬 “Several times I have found myself in a situation where you give help to the military and start praying to God in order to be able to leave their place alive and well. It turns out ‌I was not touched only because, according to some ‘thieves laws’, the hand of the giver is not cut off. Shall I tell you how a dozen soldiers kidnapped a young girl and raped her during 10 days before the child died? Shall I tell how armed people came to the establishments of Mariupol and put a gun to the head of the owner, forcing them to feed them? And then for a month they every day had their parties there. How they slowed down every passing car on the roads and took a tribute from people. How did they participate in raiding operations? How did they keep people in basements and beat them, demanding money? The ugly truth? Nasty, isn’t it? But it was like that!”

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