Canberra truck convoy is about lost freedoms and the totalitarian state

Cairns News
Letter to the Editor

Convoy to Canberra 2022: Truckies on the road to freedom

FOR those who actually think this Canberra convoy is an anti-vaxx protest...

It’s the cancelled surgeries.

It’s the family and friends we haven’t been allowed to see. The elderly parents passing away alone.

It’s the funerals of loved ones we haven’t been allowed to attend, and the limit to how many can celebrate their death or even attend at all.

It’s the kids cancelled birthday parties. The 2+ year olds that have never had a birthday party yet, nor attended one.

It’s the sharp decline in mental health. Because the worst thing for depression is being lonely. It’s the cancelled vacations, work trips, festivals, concerts, parties, reunions, and weddings.

It’s telling us how many people are allowed to attend our weddings.

It’s masking our children while they sit in class, run during gym, and play outside.

It’s having to choose between a vaccine that’s given your neighbour heart problems, or your mother Bell’s Palsy or losing your job.

It’s our health care workers, our hero’s, losing their jobs. Our public servants losing their jobs. Our health care workers exhausted from trying to keep it together day after day!It’s the parents that have been forced to leave work to homeschooling their kids.

It’s missing work and defaulting on mortgages and bills.

It’s creating it to be so easy to choose to stay home instead of work and being rewarded with “free” money.

It’s that money, that “free” money that we’re all going to have to pay back through taxes eventually.

It’s the isolation, the separation. It’s telling us how many can come over for Christmas.

It’s the hours spent listening to our government officials dictate every inch of our lives.

It’s the fear mongering that’s been instilled upon us by our leaders and every single news outlet.

It’s the vacationers that have been stranded on cruise ships, resorts and in airports.

This pair of drongos [*] are supposed to be
the leaders of the LNP/ALP duopoly. [Prime
Minister Scott Morrison (left) and Anthony
Albanese, Leader of the Labor Party] They
started the Covid totalitarian regime. We,
the people, will finish it.

It’s been the excuse for nearly every single business to jack it’s prices up, “because Covid”.

It’s the reason many were no longer able to build their dream homes, or move provinces away to their newly bought homes.

It’s the dads not being able to be present for their unborn babies ultrasound.

It’s the mothers giving birth and being told both our husbands and mother can’t be there unless both vaccinated.

It’s the hugs we’ve missed out on.

It’s the pro sports cancelled. Kids sports cancelled. Gym classes cancelled. Rec classes cancelled. Competitions cancelled. Hair appointment cancelled. Photography sessions cancelled. Everything. Cancelled.

It’s not being able to take your kid to their hockey game.

It’s the 10 year old that’s choosing a needled in her arm just so she can attend her dance competition. It’s trying to explain to our 2 year olds who are now 4 year olds why they have to wear a mask.

It’s the burnt out teachers. Burnt out doctors. Burnt out nurses. Burnt out fast food workers. Burnt out moms. Burnt out grocery workers. Burnt out gas station attendants.

It’s the constant contradiction and changing of rules. Our leaders, now dictators. Dividing us. Separating us even more. I could go on, and on, and on.

BUT it’s really been our freedom that’s been impacted the most. The freedom of choice. So whether you agree with this Convoy or not, I think the majority of us are ready to have that back now please. This is why I stand with the truckers.

[*] drongo: Austral and NZ slang: a slow-witted person (The Free Dictionary)

Source: Cairns News. AWIP:


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