The Green Pass for workers: why Italy is under the attack of the New World Order

Cesare Sacchetti

When Italian PM Mario Draghi and the members of his cabinet showed up in the briefing room to announce an unprecedented restriction of the fundamental rights, such as the right to work, he looked quite nervous and unsure.

For the first time in world history, a government has established that a worker has no right to work unless he gets an experimental vaccine, or he accepts to performing swab tests every 48 hours. No government in the world has gone so far in the execution of the Great Reset, which is the Davos plan to usher in a new global authoritarian society.

In this dystopic political model, there are basically two classes of citizens: on one hand, there are those who surrender to the regime and accept being used as guinea pigs to get the experimental serum; on the other, there are those who do not comply, and who are banned from civil society because they refused to become slaves of this new totalitarian world.

However, what we are seeing is not something that is the result of a totalitarian regime of the past century. What we are seeing is the direct result of the so-called liberal democracies. Before proceeding with our analysis, we should consider the failure of this political system; democracy, which has been mistakenly regarded as the best possible government model for many decades. The COVID terrorist operation has led many people to a rude awakening. Democracy is not the promised land that we have been taught. Democracy is the mirage of a false Eden that at a distance seems beautiful and flawless, but when you reach it, you discover a whole different reality.

The Illuminist philosophy in the XVII century told us that the passage from monarchies to democracies would greatly benefit the people.

Philosophers like Voltaire and Rousseau advocated this transition under the promise that by delivering the power to the people the world would become a better place.

In the history books, we don’t find any mention of the fact that these thinkers all belonged to freemasonry; an important fact that had it been mentioned to us before, and it would have probably entirely changed our perspective about democracy.

Freemasonry has been the main advocate of democracy but not because freemasonry is particularly fond of the people. Freemasonry and Illuminism have sold an illusion to the world by making believe that democracy empowers people, while instead, it weakens it.

In a democracy, the real power is not what we see on the political stage. Instead, the real power lies behind the stage, where the puppeteers of finance play with their political puppets. What really matters in this political system is the power of money. Those who have it can buy every politician and every media they want. Therefore, democracy is the dictatorship of a financial oligarchy. What we are seeing now is just the final manifestation of something that was already present in the Western world many decades ago.

Now everyone can see it because it is too big to be denied. This is the same reason why abstention is growing so steadily. People have realized that no matter what party they choose in the poll, the real winner is always the financial and masonic power that controls those parties. The illusion now has been revealed, and we could say that abstention is probably the last phase of democracy. At this stage, we could expect people demanding the end of this political system because they can no longer bear its moral decay and the dictatorship of a tiny oligarchy.

The final goal of Freemasonry: a one-world government

We can now understand better than ever why Freemasonry endorsed so much this model and, at the same time, we can now understand what the final goal of this subversive sect is.

Its final purpose is to rule the entire world. Once the hypocrite mask of the philanthropic universal plan is removed, we can now see the fierce face of an authoritarian one-world government that doesn’t tolerate any thought but its own.

Politicians now are clearly pronouncing the words “New World Order”. Luca Zaia, a politician of Matteo Salvini party, Lega, and governor of Veneto Region said that vaccinations would lead us towards the “New World Order”.

New South Wales Australian Minister of Health Brad Hazzard used the same words. At this point, speaking of a conspiracy theory implied that one is either blind or in bad faith. Ancient Romans would call this “tertium non datur”. There is no third option in this case.

The phrase “New World Order” is meant to convey an ancient idea that dates back to the Illuminist century, where Freemasons dreamt of a society where the entire old traditional order based upon the Greek-Roman roots and Christianity is subverted by a radical antichristian society. This is why everything is upside down in our present world. Good is evil and white is black. This is a consequence of the moral subversion that this philosophy brings about. This is the masonic society of the New World Order.

Albert Pike, probably the most influential freemason in history, clearly outlined this strategy in his books. The ultimate mission of this plan is to completely eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth in order to replace it with the cult of the NWO god, who Pike himself reveals to be Lucifer.

Therefore, the present situation of the Western world is not the result of an economic conflict as Marxism mistakenly pretends. The present situation is a direct consequence of a spiritual battle over the fate of mankind. If we adhere to an economic interpretation of history, we will not be able to understand anything of what is going on now. On the contrary, if we adhere to a spiritual interpretation of history, we begin to understand that everything makes sense. Christianity was the bulwark that contained the decay of Western society and this is the reason why globalism has been attacking it so much.

In this regard, Vatican II has played a fundamental role. Vatican II is the council that was held by the Catholic Church in the early 60s. At the end of it, the old church as we knew it ceased to exist. It was replaced by another church that adopted the principles of Freemasonry and advocated the fusion of world religions into a one-world religion.

Therefore, Bergoglio is just the latest natural consequence of a subversive infiltration process that took place within the Church decades ago. The Church was supposed to contain and prevent the advancement of the New World Order, but it has instead turned itself into the mouthpiece of the one-world totalitarian government plan.

This is the reason why we are witnessing an acceleration of this vicious project. Every government institution was infiltrated and subverted to execute the plans of globalism.

However, in order to pave the way to the final step needed to usher in a global government, a major artificial crisis was necessary. A crisis so big that could have the power to establish an authoritarian society where governments rule with an iron fist. The elites chose a pandemic scenario to favor this destabilizing scenario and they even told us about this in a paper published by the Rockefeller Foundation more than ten years ago.

The idea that drives globalization is based upon the neo-liberal philosophy promoted by the Club of Rome, the think-tank that advocates for the de-industrialization of the Western world. [Specifically,] the logic that drives [this] globalism is a Hegelian one. First, you create a problem, then you cause a reaction and finally, you propose a “solution.” The solution is none other than the scenario that those who created the problem in the first place wanted to achieve. This scheme has been used for decades and every time a problem has presented itself, mankind unknowingly made a step forward towards the NWO.

This artificial crisis started from Communist China, which has been considered for years as the “model” of the future authoritarian world by the Western elite. However, some fractures have recently emerged between China and the globalist world. The financial power of Wall Street and London backed China because they chose this country as the engine of economic globalization. Globalization can be defined as the economic branch of globalism.

Industries had to be moved in China to favor this process, which accomplished two goals at the same time. On one hand, the Western world was deprived of its major industrial power. On the other hand, China’s economic power exploded, and salaries in Europe and America were dramatically cut because they had both to compete with a country where labor is more like slavery.

It was the fulfillment of the neo-liberal “dream.” However, China accepted the help of the Western elites but not to usher in a world government ruled by the latter. China accepted their help because it wants to sit on the throne of an economic world empire.

On the other hand, London, New York, and Davos conceived this Chinese monster to better fulfill their goals, not to protect China’s best interests. Actually, this conflict seems to be irreconcilable, so the cabal has another major problem because China is not doing what it was supposed to do.

Why the New World Order hates Italy so much

However, if we speak about the Great Reset plan, we must mention a country that was the object of the most brutal attack of the globalist cabal: Italy.

After China began the COVID terrorist operation, Italy was used as the Western country to enact the most brutal and tough restrictions ever seen in the world. Italy was the first country in March 2020 to enforce total lockdowns. Conte’s government militarized the country by deploying police at every corner of the street that stopped and questioned innocent bystanders who were going to the grocery store. Neighbors reported and harassed people on the street while the media criminally fomented this Stalinian witch-hunting climate.

Italy became a sort of “privileged” laboratory experiment used by the globalist powers to perform every kind of social engineering experiment on.

Italy was not casually but deliberately chosen by the cabal. Italy was chosen because it represents everything that the New World Order wants to destroy. Italy is the cradle of world Christianity because it has hosted the Church of Christ since two thousand years ago. Italy’s capital is Rome, the city where the most powerful and great empire in history was born: the Roman Empire. Rome is the house of the Greek-Roman philosophy that is despised by the modern Illuminist and nihilist thinking.

Because of this, Italy is a unique nation in the world. You cannot find anywhere else in this world another country with these unique traits. Hence the reason why Freemasonry infiltrated the Catholic Church and the reason why the Club of Rome in the 70s ordered the economic destruction of Italy. The economic devastation was a way to achieve the spiritual decline of the Western world and not the other way around.

Everything that has happened in Italy in the last five decades was a consequence of the decisions taken by the globalist powers.

First, the country was sacked through the privatization of major public industries in the 80s and in the 90s, It was enacted by the present Italian PM Mario Draghi, who at that time worked in the Italian Ministry of Economics. Most of the Italian industries were sold off to the international banks and Wall Street corporations. Draghi was rewarded later for his “success” with a plum assignment by Goldman Sachs.

Then Italy was deprived of the power to issue its own currency by adopting the euro, a currency conceived to lower salaries and inflate the profits of big German industries. A State that doesn’t control its own currency can’t be considered an independent and sovereign State. A State in this condition is forced to borrow money from banks and capital markets. We could say that a country without a currency is a privatized country owned by international finance. Therefore, we should not be surprised if Italy once again enforced an unprecedented restriction such as the green pass for workers.

Draghi is carrying the same agenda begun by Conte. It is the Davos agenda that aims to pave the way to a global Great Reset. The Great Reset is the final step to usher in a global authoritarian world.

However, the plan hasn’t developed as planned. At this point, the world should have already been deep in this dystopic society, but we are witnessing the opposite phenomenon.

More and more States are lifting COVID restrictions. In Western Europe, nobody did what Italy did with the Green Pass. Spain didn’t restrain the right to work if one rejects the jab and neither Germany did. The UK was supposed to enforce vaccine passports by the end of this month but it backtracked.

Not even France has enacted the Green Pass for workers as Italy did. Outside of Western Europe, the Great Reset is far [from being] accomplished.

The United States as of yet has not authorized any vaccine passport. This is despite the fact that Joe Biden was chosen by the deep state as the President who would accelerate the Davos plan in America. This hasn’t happened because most likely Joe Biden has never been in charge since January 20. The power in the US seems to be still in the hands of that part of the military loyal to Trump.

Likewise, Russia didn’t enforce any vaccine passport and has lifted every restriction. The mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, praised by The Economist, tried to revitalize the COVID terrorist operation but he failed.

Globalism still hasn’t arrived at the necessary minimal conditions needed to advance its wicked agenda. Therefore, globalism chose to launch the attack against the country which it despises the most: Italy.

In this regard, the installment in Rome of the sculpture “The Gates to Hell” made by the French artist, Auguste Rodin, seems to play a symbolic role. It looks like the forces of evil are summoning their power against this nation. However, this time the situation is quite different in Italy compared to March 2020.

Nowadays, the Italian people are much more aware. They are currently suffering due to the huge economic devastation caused by the lockdowns that pulverized 1 million jobs. They are suffering because of the side effects of the vaccines.

The Italian media is no longer able to completely manipulate the Italian people as they did one year ago. The rift between the real world and the imaginary world of the media is simply too deep.

By enforcing this extortion against the workers, Draghi could have united the Italians against his regime. This is an unprecedented, most difficult, and decisive phase of Italian history.

However, history has taught us that these phases of decadence often bring about phases of great renaissance. Italy must face this harsh trial to finally be freed from the bondage of the globalist powers. The [season] which has just begun could really be one of the most important [times] in Italian and world history.

Source: The Eye of the Needle. AWIP:


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