Escaping the Global Digital Prison

Rob Slane

By the time most people work out that the last 18 months was nothing to do with keeping people safe from a virus, and everything to do with a Global Technocratic Elite hyping a virus they themselves created in order to destroy the existing socioeconomic order & usher in a Dystopian Transhumanist Tyranny, the Global Technocratic Elite will have destroyed the existing socioeconomic order & ushered in a Dystopian Transhumanist Tyranny.

To be fair to the Global Technocratic Elite, they have done their best to lay more clues than you can shake a stick at for us to see what this is really about. You know, like forbidding healthy people from leaving their homes because of a virus with an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.15-0.23%; like insisting people wear useless bits of cloth over their respiratory passages on the basis of no scientific evidence; like using a test which cannot diagnose the Covid-19 illness apparently to tell people who aren’t ill that they’re ill with the Covid-19 illness; like injecting people with an entirely experimental toxin-inducing product with no long-term safety data, for an illness that most people have significantly less than 0.05% chance of dying from; like insisting we’ll need evidence of our ‘vaccination’ status on a digital passport, despite the fact that the ‘vaccines’ don’t stop transmission. That sort of thing.

Never before in the course of human history have so many been duped by so few into believing they must submit to measures and restrictions which strip them of their freedom to live like normal human beings, apparently in order to gain the freedom to live like normal human beings. Didn’t they get the memo? The one which says you don’t get freedoms back from tyrants after you just handed them over — not without years of blood, sweat and tears. There is a deep naivety embedded in people throughout the Western world, whereby the constant notion of progress, progress, progress has blinded many to the reality that evil really does still exist, and evil on an industrial scale really wasn’t defeated for good with the fall of Berlin in 1945, or the Soviet Union in 1991.

From Australia to the US, from France to New Zealand, a new ‘Iron Curtain’ is descending across the formerly free world. Behind that Curtain lies once free peoples. All are subject in one form or another, to a very high measure of control from the Globalist Elites, who are conducting a controlled demolition of free, normal life. Although I do not pretend to know all the ins and outs of the ultimate agenda, it is clear by now that everything — the Lockdowns, the Masks, the ‘Vaccines’, and the Vaccine Passports — point in one particular direction: the building of a Global Digital Prison. What do I mean by that?

 I mean a global system which revolves around a database of every human being, including their personal, medical, financial history, mixed with astonishing round the clock surveillance capabilities, and social credit.

 I mean a system which enables the Global Technocratic Elite to monitor and determine what you can do, where you can go, what you can buy, what you can say.

 I mean a system that uses technology to lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities (I recommend this interview with former Investment Banker and US Government official, Catherine Austin Fitts, who spells a lot of this out very clearly.)

Such ghastly, dystopian claims tend to bring out a couple of very odd reactions. The first are the scoffers, who treat it as if it were some loony prophecy with no basis in reality. The second is a sort of blank look, a mental shrugging of the shoulders, and a return to the head being buried either in sand or the latest series on Netflix.

To the first group, would anything convince you this is for real? Would the introduction of VaxxPassports in France, Italy, Canada and certain parts of the US not ring any alarm bells in your head? Would the fact that 3-year-olds in Israel, whose chances of dying from Covid-19 are around 0.0001%, are now being required to show proof of ‘vaccination’ or have a swab jabbed up to their brain before they can enter many indoor spaces not do it for you? How about the jabbing of thousands of students in a stadium in Australia, with a toxin-inducing product still going through its clinical trials? Oh and by the by the way, the conspiracy theory bit above about the fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities — Transhumanism — were not my words, but those of the Chairman of the hugely powerful World Economic Forum, which quietly signed a memorandum of understanding with the UN in 2019, and which has been putting out videos telling us how we will live by 2030, including one telling us that we’ll ‘own nothing but be happy’. But you still think it’s about a virus and public health protection? Sigh.

To the second group, why do you suppose that life in the future Digital Prison will be any more palatable to you than it is to those who are warning about it now? Do you really want to live in a society — if you could even call it that — where your ability to buy and sell are conditional on you not just getting a ‘vaccine’ which doesn’t protect you from a virus that is no danger to you, and which has been linked to tens of thousands of deaths and now millions of adverse reactions, but on you getting regular boosters. Didn’t tell you about them at the time, did they? But it is so. And even if you care more about what’s on Netflix tonight than all this, maybe your children’s future might enter the equation at some point?

We are moving at quite a rapid clip now not just towards a dystopian tyranny, but an insane dystopian tyranny. The sort of thing you might expect if you were to mix Alice in Wonderland, 1984 and Brave New World in a pot together. Western civilisation is falling, and there are no human solutions to this. Simply put, over the last few decades, we have abandoned God and so he has — as promised in Romans 1 — abandoned us.

A stark choice lies before us. Either we acknowledge our individual and collective sins, repent of them, and pray like furies to for God to deliver us from the hands of the wicked perpetrators behind the last 18 months; or he will continue to deliver us into their hand as they construct their hideous Digital Global Prison. And then there will be no way out which doesn’t involve a lot of bloodshed and human suffering. Quite a simple choice, I would have thought.

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