Collaboration or Resistance

Connor Kelly

1. Our brand new shiny fascist state

On 12 July the British Government announced that it will be strongly encouraging vaccine passports for venues and events to exclude the unvaccinated from public life. Although they say this is a voluntary act of discrimination, they have explicitly stated that they retain the option to make this mandatory in the future, as they also retain the option to resume police state measures as and when they please. The French government co-incidentally announced the same measure on the same day, only going much further, barring the unvaccinated from cafes, metro etc, and mandating vaccination of health workers – which is to say, putting the unvaccinated out of work. They follow the Irish and Greek governments which have brought in similar measures, along with other countries and states worldwide.

The long-term effects of these measures will be disastrous. It will normalise the discrimination, exclusion and persecution of a section of the population. It will unleash all of the resentment and rage that has built up over the crisis of the last 18 months onto the unvaccinated. If successfully implemented it may increase support for the new bio-surveillance state and create a permanent ‘buy in’ for the population. It is not enough to permit a return to normality. Others must be forbidden. It will be a disaster for the working class, and if supported by the left (or supported by the left by omission) then it will signal the total abandonment of socialism by self-declared socialists.

The short term intended effect of these measures is to increase vaccine uptake. This is clearly and openly coercion – an act of violence – and completely in breach of all established medical ethics, human rights and likely in breach of the law in many of the countries implementing it.

But we are past all such petty concerns like human rights, bodily autonomy and the rule of law. Who needs such old fashioned ‘muh freedom’ platitudes when you’ve got sexy hypermodern 21st century fascism replete with all the moral brownie points any conformist could want?

Fascism with 21st century characteristics

Yes, fascism. While most of the mainstream left have been obsessing over fringe neo-nazis and denouncing much of postwar culture as white supremacy, they have been cheering on, aligning themselves with, and justifying the new fascism. The main point of contention as we can see so clearly this week with the cries of ‘We demand stricter orders!’ – is that the new fascism isn’t fascist enough for them. But it is understandable. They cannot recognise what is occurring as fascism because they imagine that were fascism to return it would be goose-stepping, Sieg Heiling and murderously racist, or perhaps under the guise of Catholic values and militarism (which ought to be a demonstration of the many fasces of fascism).

But why should a fascist formation in the year 2021 closely resemble the Third Reich or Falangist Spain? Why under 21st century economic and social conditions shouldn’t it be modern, sophisticated, even (officially at least) anti-racist? Would fascism not function just as well on the basis of newly created identities, newly created grievances and newly created victims? But as governments state their intention to openly persecute a minority of the population through a population labelling system on the basis of ‘public health’, the RACIAL HYGIENE klaxon seems still to be silent in the mind of many a left-winger.

The main reason people refuse to see what is happening as the imposition of a new fascism is because they themselves are supporting it and participating in it. And if they have been or are supporting it then it couldn’t possibly be fascism. They are a good and moral person and could never support fascism, or more to the point could never be fooled into supporting it. Never underestimate how powerful the motive to retain one’s self image is. The longer this goes on and the more brutal the measures enforced the more powerful this motivation becomes. The difficulty of admitting you have been fooled is directly proportional to how much and for how long you have been fooled. Perhaps my labelling of the new regime as fascist will make it even more difficult for people to break from it, as the immediate instinct is self defence – ‘I’m not a fascist. This guy’s a lunatic, he’s calling me a fascist!’ But it is important to name what is occurring. It is important to draw out the historical parallels to stir whatever moral intellect has been swamped under a mountain of propaganda.

Our brand new shiny fascist state

The state has declared a (permanent) state of emergency, imposed a police state through the use of mass psychological terror that is totalitarian in traditional sense. There is nothing outside the Covid State. They reserve the right to impose or lift restrictions on everyday life at their whim. They can and do impose massive, bankrupting fines on anyone who transgresses their ever-shifting rules. They have used police violence to break up countless legal demonstrations. Ministers can write laws with a swish of their pen.

They have operated the biggest propaganda campaign in history, which is complemented by censorship – both covert and overt – across the board. Propaganda is literally everywhere. Almost every organisation in the country has voluntarily become propaganda instruments of the state. Supermarket tannoys announce state propaganda. Every billboard includes state propaganda. You pass people in the street and their conversations consist of state propaganda. Landlords send letters to their tenants telling them to get vaccinated, usually with official state propaganda flyers attached. The public receives regular text messages containing state propaganda. They have (it is documented) employed military intelligence (psyops) divisions to wage psychological warfare on their own populations spreading state propaganda across the digital space. They have the mainstream media by the balls through the massive amounts of public money going to media organisations from the state to fund the propaganda campaign. The entire economic and social activity of the state and all its citizens – as in a state of total war – is directed towards the war effort, in this case the obviously unwinnable and therefore permanent war on death.

Anyone opposing the police state is ostracised socially and denounced by the same politicians, the press and thereafter society at large. The concept of ‘misinformation’ has been normalised and there are calls – from the Labour Party – for harsher penalties on those spreading what is now described as ‘misinformation’ online. These dissidents are considered dangerous and a threat to the health of the nation. This has created an environment of ‘total policing’ where people police themselves and others to stay in line with the diktats of the Covid state. In short, it is an atmosphere of terror. Questions, inquiry and debate are called conspiracy theory – a term that has been rebranded to vastly increase its scope, potency and the ‘threat level’ associated with it. ‘Conspiracy theorists’ must be rooted out, and silenced. Why? Because they might increase doubt in the official state ideology. Any doubt in the state ideology is a threat to the health of the nation.

The state means to make permanent this hygiene obsessed regime with digital health passports that are designed for no other reason than to exclude those who are not fully on board. This has the double effect of wedding the in-group majority ever more to the new state ideology and making dissidents and troublemakers easily identifiable for persecution. It also provides an easy target to direct public anger towards (that isn’t the state) in the absence of other more socially unpalatable scapegoats, geopolitical rivalry and the usual putrid nationalism – though this will likely be revived. Through health passports, the nation (and its ‘health’) is fully under control. The definition of good health – defined by the state alone – can be expanded or contracted as is necessary. You think this health policy goes too far, you dare to question the official state ideology? You are exiled from social life.

Human beings, persons have been reduced to vectors of disease, lumps of meat. Leper until proven clean (and the means of proof reside only with the state). The health of the nation is paramount. Dignity, rights, autonomy, organisation, a free press, parliament, democratic life in general – all these can be and are sacrificed for the health of the nation. Class struggle (from our side) is halted for the health of the nation – the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history, the financial, social and psychological immiseration of the working class passes off with a ‘but you do not go far enough!’ from the loyal opposition (which includes almost every left-right political party, major institution and NGO in the new total Covid state). The new regime has created and functions through a massive public-private bureaucratic machine that is obsessed with the testing and categorisation of human beings and takes as its official and only justifying mission: the health of the nation.

Aside from the obvious, unprecedented narrative weaving and social engineering that have been unleashed on an atomised public, opposition is neutralised and consent manufactured by two base, transparent political tricks that have worked countless times throughout the crisis.

1. Leading up to a (ritualised) date that announces a review of restrictions, the government generates terror on a mass scale – through its new gargantuan propaganda machine. Imaginary variants, case numbers, double mutants (the possibilities are endless). For a short time in the lead up, the government poses as being opposed to its own restrictions that it alone is imposing (‘But Boris is a libertarian, look! He’s opposed to the very thing that he is doing!’). The liberals and the left, wanting only to say the opposite of whatever the government says shout, ‘but we must have more restrictions! He means to kill us all!’ Then the government comes out, having manufactured total political consent for more / different restrictions and says that ‘due to worrying data blah blah, alas, we must continue the fascist project’. I have seen people who oppose policies of the Tory government being accused of ‘lining up with the Tories / Boris’ by those on the left. This particular play has happened so many times now that I am perplexed that the marks have not yet seen the con.

2. Leading up to a (ritualised) date that announces a review of restrictions, the government releases a barrage of mixed messages. One minister will go on TV and say one thing, another on the radio and say the opposite. This tactic is reserved for controversial policies like vaccine passports. The hail of mixed messages makes it impossible to know what the government’s actual position is. This immunises it against real opposition because ¼ of the public thinks the government is in principle against vaccine passports and only considering them as a last resort, ¼ thinks they are shelved, definitely not happening. ¼ thinks they are definitely happening (hello), and ¼ has given up trying to make heads or tails of it. Who can organise an effective campaign against a policy that no one is sure really exists? Then all of a sudden, in the confusion, the policy is suddenly enacted.

In this way, the government tricks those who believe they are opposed to it into supporting its policies, into becoming the militant mouthpieces for those policies. The regime has tricked the opposition into being its most vociferous enforcers. But in reality, from established political organisations there is no opposition to the regime. Their quarrels (which are easily neutralised by the above tricks) are with the flavour of restrictions, not restrictions themselves – ‘Oh, but nobody is questioning the need for restrictions, we simply must have restrictions’. Thus you have phoney debates about tier systems, half-lockdowns, more or less freedom. But you never see someone say ‘lockdowns are immoral and don’t work anyway’ even though this is the most solid, grounded position which can be defended by asking people to take a cursory glance at reality. Thousands of mini-Quislings out-Pétaining one another in performative submission. For the good out the country of course. Because it’s the right thing to do.

The psychological tricks

I sent letters around last Autumn encouraging people, particularly those on the left, to break with the new order and stand against it. In them, I predicted the passport regime that is now unfolding. In the second I wrote how I went from supporting lockdown to opposing it, precisely because I wanted to show people that it was OK to change their minds. I wrote out how I was convinced that lockdown doesn’t work. The evidence mainly consisted of Sweden, Florida and other places that actually exist in the real world, and also the fact that the lockdowns haven’t worked. The evidence for lockdown failure is 100 times clearer now than it was then. No one in this country can show how lockdowns have worked, no one – they have failed miserably, disastrously and repeatedly on their own terms ­– and yet a majority supports them and are convinced that they work.

What we are dealing with here is not reason – at least not as it is usually understood – but an inversion of reason, the intellect put to work to defend the statement: ‘The sky is green’. What we are dealing with is a psychological defence mechanism, both personal and social, operating on a massive scale, and being expertly weaponised by the state. Again, it is ridiculously difficult to recognise this in oneself (it’s a self defence mechanism!). It becomes even more difficult when it is socially widespread. No one wants to think of themselves as being caught up in a mass hysteria. No one wants to think of themselves as having been fooled. No one wants to deviate so dramatically from approved opinion and be branded as a lunatic. No one wants to think of themselves as being devoted to their self image (which is itself devotion to one’s self image).

(On the last point about self image – it is not a coincidence that all this occurred in a historically new (social) media environment where everyone and their granny is perpetually curating a self image that is open to attack from orders of magnitude more threats than in pre-social media life. The automatic, ‘normal’ response to a crisis entering this new (head) space is imitation, and a herd-mentality. The primary drive becomes ‘being seen to be’ one thing or another by society at large, or its opposite – not being seen at all. This is particularly acute as the threat of total social humiliation is open for anyone who transgresses – something that was once reserved only for the famous.

The quest to stand out from the ever-enlarging crowd results, paradoxically, in mass flattening, mass imitation, maximum conformism within a proliferation of ideological tribes. The same process then plays out between the tribes and they come to resemble one another more and more. (It becomes increasingly difficult, for instance to distinguish liberals from socialists.) Moreover, since real world social life was abolished for much of the crisis the digital became more real than the real, and so bled through into the real world in a much greater way than has ever happened before – this increases the sense of mass delusion and detachment from ‘reality’ as people become unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not. It is questionable whether ‘bled through’ is even an adequate term here as occurrences in the digital sphere and the ‘real world’ are merging fully. It is another interesting parallel that 20th century fascism flourished in a new, disruptive media environment that enlarged people’s sense of the world and their place within it and shattered the epistemologies of previous eras.)

No one in this country even bothers to assert any reasons for why lockdown worked. It is taken as an article of faith. It is a moral argument. Saying they don’t work is immoral. The only argument anyone has in favour of lockdowns is ‘lockdowns work because we are doing it / did it’. That is the long and short of it. The psychological (and consequently social and political) consequences of them not working are too much to bear. It would mean that governments lied, continually, knowingly and maliciously. It would mean that people’s lives were wrecked for nothing. It would mean that people were fooled, on a massive scale. It would mean all the social media preening and ‘look at me, I’m a super lockdown hero’ would be revealed for the farce that it was. People would lose confidence in almost every large institution. The mainstream media would be kaput. The reputation of the NHS, academy, state bodies would be in tatters. No one would ever listen to a lockdown zealot, or Zero Covidian’s opinion on anything ever again. Psychologically, we cannot afford for lockdowns to not work thus ensuring that they will definitely happen again. It is a mass ‘noble lie’ with the most ignoble of origins and the most destructive of consequences – a deal with the devil.

2. The pandemic as media event

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 did not take place. That is to say that the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 was a media event. People died of a respiratory illness, of course. But were it not for mass mediation, mass massaging, it is likely that most people would have been totally unaware that there was a pandemic. In the days before mass televisual media, people knew there was a plague because people were dropping dead on the streets. Since this particular disease does not lead to masses of people dropping dead on the streets, images of people dropping dead on the streets (in China) were crafted. Whether these were stupid hoaxes or by design is unknown. What is known is that these images – distributed in a rapid fashion through social media channels – were the initial impetus for panic in much of the western world.

Since everything that has happened in between, few people even remember these images or the dread they produced. Similarly, you will remember (or perhaps not) the images of massive disinfection trucks going round Chinese cities spraying buildings with disinfectant. It seems laughable now. Then, the Wuhan lockdown which was for us a completely mediated event. This was followed by the (non?) event of the national health system of Italy collapsing – which in the mediated form that we received it, felt like a Hollywood disaster movie – an event which wasn’t replicated anywhere else and served as the first justification for lockdown. We are so far gone now it is actually difficult to remember back to the halcyon days of initial panic, our Reichstag Fire so to speak. After the Italian fiasco, the mainstream media in the west flipped (under government influence) from ‘it’s just the flu’ and turned coronavirus into a truly global media spectacular, which has matured into the never-ending coronavirus pandemic we know and love today, and invented a new media-model in the process: cultivated hysteria.

Ever since, the pandemic has remained a media event and cultivated hysteria has become a roaring success. The lockdowns reinforce this process. Since people are atomised (truly atomised, in a literal sense cut-off, separated from society) their means of experiencing society is necessarily mediated. Instead of understanding what is happening in the real world by looking and seeing what is going on around them, or discussing things down the pub, or in meetings, or going to mass or the mosque, or any of the other thousands of ordinary dirty social technologies cultivated for hundreds and thousands of years, all information about what was happening in society was filtered through media organisations, then social media or television (same medium), through our screens and into the sterilised atomised household.

The ‘pandemic’ existed as a dashboard of figures and graphs, as press briefings, as carefully crafted scare stories, dancing nurses, as catastrophe ever looming on the horizon and even when it (allegedly) comes, no breakdown, nothing but a strange, quiet and dull terror. This is because none of it is real – not in the sense that we think it is. In the same way Captain Tom Moore did not exist. He was a media event. Invented. I’m sure a man called Tom Moore existed somewhere in the country (whether he wrote two books in a few months is debatable) but that is not the man that we encountered. The man that we encountered was a media chimera – a crafted, cultivated, cartoonish signifier conjured up out of spare parts of the 20th century for the needs of the fascist moment. But even as a symbol, there was no depth – it was just references for the sake of references to distract from the total spiritual emptiness of the moment whilst the ongoing parade of references itself hypnotises us into forgetting that there ever were real things that the references referred to. There is nothing there. Just a spectacular momentary carnival of nihilistic idol worship without content before he was discarded and we move on to the next event:

VE Day. Cummings shocker. British BLM and the absolute immediate importance of the destruction of Statues of Power. ‘You’re not still watching lockdown TV are you – switch the channel! It’s tear down the statues hour! Keep up!’ Tear down the statues hour was cancelled after one series – but the second series of Pandemic: Granny Murderer had even higher ratings than the first. Sarah Everard protests which transformed overnight (literally) into Kill The Bill, a momentary flash in the media pan which didn’t evolve into a proper campaign (the bill was not killed) because it was not intended to, as the majority of those involved were fully wedded to and supported the Covid police state which was the actual reason the original Everard protest was shut down. Being unable to protest against the Covid legislation (which they supported) they instead protested against a bill that was not yet law, and had nothing to do with the stopping of the protest, but pretended that it did.

Women gather to express disgust over the murder of a woman by a policeman. Under Covid fascism the police shut down the gathering, out of this new protests are called protesting a proposed bill which had nothing to do with either the murder, the expression of feeling, or the shutting down of the protest. But Kill the Bill was an approved media event so it flourished, briefly, before people got bored with it. And of course TrumpVision, a miracle of televisual art that was unfortunately cancelled after the death of its star. No one remembers TrumpVision now. Meanwhile one of the largest and most politically radical demonstrations in British history happened in London where hundreds of thousands of people marched against lockdowns, vaccine passports and the police state. I jest, that didn’t actually happen. It was not a media event. If there are half a million people marching in London but no TV crew around to report it, does it really happen?

‘Activism’ in our new fascist state consists of either signalling your moral outrage online, or gathering for a photo op and calling it a protest (so you can put the photos online to signal your moral outrage). This is ostensibly because it is morally very wrong to gather in large numbers to protest (like lockdown protests), except when it isn’t (approved media events). Since all of this relies completely on social media, and since social media is malleable, we have the remarkable phenomenon of people believing that if they (or their social media tribe) do not comment on something, or do not see it then it isn’t happening. This annihilation by omission has been quite something over the last 18 months, and is likely to become a feature. In their atomised states, activists and political theorists, when they get a whiff of something happening that threatens their mental order, just pretend that it is not happening. The abuses of the Covid state – dead air. The beating of lockdown protestors – dead air. Asylum seekers from red list countries being banned – dead air. Vaccine passports – dead air. It is as if they believe that if they can’t see these things -that are the consequences of the things they have been calling for – then they do not exist. And in a real sense they don’t. For mediated people – and political activists are surely the most advanced cases – now exist in an environment where they curate their own reality. They like to think it is only the whacky Trumpland Qanon conspiracy quacks that curate their own reality, but the Qanoners think the same of them. They are both correct. But whereas both see it as a moral failing of the other tribe, it is what media is doing to us. Nobody knows what to do, or even what they ought to do, but nevertheless, as Nietzsche said, they are being done at every moment. Things that are unwelcome in our media environment, which is more and more our reality, are simply banished. As if we can just change the channel on reality.

People like to say that we have no ‘attention spans’ anymore. But what is really happening is that people become bored more easily, because they feel like they have seen it all before, on TV. It has recently been discovered that Pandemic 2020 is merely a bad and infinitely more boring rewrite of a 2011 movie starring Jude Law. In a very real sense ‘Contagion’ primed us for coronavirus. It is doubtful that if that film was not released that Pandemic 2020 would have played out in the same way. And Pandemic 2020 would have been completely impossible without the total media saturation of our new digital world.

Reality itself becomes reviewable. Reality reviewed through the lens of television. Anything can reference anything, everything references everything. As a result of treating the real world as if it was a television show (and vice versa), political activism simultaneously becomes more and more concerned with image and cultivating ironic detachment (we are drowning in irony and snark) whilst treating each cause / media event as a moral emergency that demands total (earnest) commitment and is briefly absolutely the most important thing in the world ever. Until the next thing. And the next.

It is as if after being catapulted into the moral void of total media saturation, the human response – being social creatures in need of recognition of our virtues – is to cast one’s entire moral being into each momentary phenomenon, even if the values of one contradict the other. Like a form of moral promiscuousness. An accelerating procession of political fandoms. And in the same way as binge watching TV series results in amnesia and a blurring of events and characters, so binge watching Reality TV results in amnesia, blurring of events and people and a general feeling of listlessness and meaninglessness. Boredom.

We are told now that the ‘pandemic is not over’. This is quite true in that it never really began. A media event will not be over until the ratings crash, until a bigger, better, more vivid event comes along to take its place. The pandemic is special however, it is a spectacular – the first of its kind (9/11 was just a trailer). From the perspective of the mainstream media, the pandemic still has quite a lot of mileage left in it though it hasn’t been without its hiccups. At times, people got bored and started switching the channels to shows like ‘friends’ and ‘family’. But thankfully the introduction of the new characters, Delta, Indian, Lambda and Long were a hit with the viewers. But eventually the mainstream media will cancel Pandemic, and move onto something else – perhaps even running a spin off series called ‘Unvaxed: Mortal Danger’. Not to worry, we will still have the pandemic extended universe to play with for years to come, and there will be plenty of fun to be had and money to be made with Bio-surveillance TV, the new pandemic themed global order.

3. Scapegoats

The British, French and Irish states with many others have identified an ideal scapegoat: the unvaccinated minority. They have been manufacturing hatred and fear of the unvaccinated and all those who question the restrictions or demand their freedom for some time now.

The purpose is not mysterious, it is plain, grubby, banal. Since being unvaccinated now carries a grave risk (the actual risk being insufficiently grave, they needed to invent one), this drives more people onto the vaccine green list, thereby getting them “on the system,” which can and will be expanded. The reimposition of restrictions can be blamed on the unvaccinated. The ‘rising case numbers’ can be blamed on the unvaccinated. The necessity of booster shots, and further forms of ID can be blamed on the unvaccinated. The general feeling of fear – created and driven by the state propaganda machine – can be blamed on the unvaccinated. Death can and will be blamed on the unvaccinated. Governments are instituting this apartheid because they rightly see that there is a chance (as is often the case in the ‘normal’ progression of politics) that they themselves will end up the scapegoat for all that has happened.

But there is more to it than that. The unvaccinated are the ‘natural’ scapegoat for this crisis for both the state, and for large sections of the public. Not because they represent physical danger, nor because they are ‘variant factories’ but because they didn’t get with the programme. (The dehumanisation has already begun with such terminology as variant factories!) The truth is that there are millions of unvaccinated people who are healthy, normal people – shock horror. I’m one of them.

The existence of healthy unvaccinated people is an affront to the new regime – an impermissible transgression. Their existence, and their defiant posture seems to make a mockery of all that people have suffered through. They remind us that the madness of the last year and a half was based on so many lies, on manufactured fear, on psychological abuse. If society is populated with healthy, normal unvaccinated people then the public might begin to question what the last year and a half was all for. And that would mean deeply questioning themselves, their narratives, their own desires and the nature of the society they inhabit – a traumatic event.

Like the puritan full of hatred and vengeance but nonetheless gazing enviously at the freewheeling libertine, the fantasies that are conjured are fantasies of expulsion. Remove the (imagined) source of disorder. The presence of the unvaccinated threatens the coherence of the new moral code, the new piety, the new order in general. And they threaten the psychological coherence of those who have faith in project lockdown.

Understand that this reaction is extremely common, normal even, and in a lot of cases people will defend it for what it is. The more intellectually minded, particularly those with social standing – that is to say those with social standing to lose – will paint more elaborate justifications and rationalisations for their need to expel the unvaccinated.

I have read some arguments that unvaccinated should be excluded on the grounds that this will protect other unvaccinated people – those who cannot for medical reasons get vaccinated. But this is neither the motive of the government – nor do most of the people spouting it actually believe it. It, like so many arguments in the last 18 months is an ad hoc justification that slithers in after the fact. Its purpose is itself. The people using this argument know themselves there is no possible justification for state enforced discrimination on this scale but realise their moral standing would be diminished if they just came out and said ‘keep the unclean away from me’. So, like the conscience-plagued German anti-Semite of the 1930s in two minds, who imagines ‘good Jews’ and ‘bad Jews’ they imagine the ‘good unvaccinated’ and ‘bad unvaccinated’ to justify their support for the persecution of the bad ones.

And the comparisons to the persecution of Jews in Germany are not unfounded even if many are keen to screech moral outrage at the mere hint of such a comparison. On the contrary, the comparison is valid. The people wearing yellow stars to compare the yellow star to the coronavirus passport are entirely correct to do so. The discrimination, persecution and ultimately the murder of the Jews was justified on the grounds of the health of the nation. And it didn’t happen all at once. It happened bit by bit.

‘Did you hear the rumours about what is happening to the Jews in the East?’

‘Urgh, what are you a conspiracy theorist now?’

When people scream louder about an anti-lockdown protestor wearing a yellow star than the overt systematic discrimination of a section of the population in the here and now (there is a good chance those who wore the stars are among them), it doesn’t tell me that the protestor was wrong. It tells me their detractors are screaming so loudly to drown out the truth. That they know on some level – not far from the surface – that the comparison isn’t so farfetched and the psychic terror that this produces in them – ‘are we the baddies?’ – returns their minds to ‘Expel! Expel!’ It cannot and will not be heard. Drown it out. Shut them up. Expel them.

The unvaxed cannot be allowed to exist as normal, healthy unvaccinated people. The passport system solves this. It is not covert – it isn’t that maybe it is, maybe it isn’t discrimination– it is overt, ritualised scapegoating in the form of internal exile for those who don’t get with the programme. And it will accelerate and escalate. You could say, it will mutate.

Possible escalations, in sequential order:

–  Unvaccinated people are barred from all public places.

–  Unvaccinated people are barred from work.

–  Unvaccinated people have their benefits withdrawn.

–  Unvaccinated people are forcibly vaccinated (likely under the mental health act).

–  Unvaccinated people are sent to quarantine camps.

–  Unvaccinated people are murdered.

Some of these are likely, some of these are less likely. All are possible. And for those who bristle, chuckling with indignation at the thought of the last few items on the list, I would ask, why on earth not? Do you think we have in 80 years somehow completely transcended the possibility of barbarism on that scale? Why? The state has all the power. All of it. We’ve given it to them without a fight. We demanded biopolitics and biopolitics is what we got. They are running a police state. They have manufactured a visceral and unhinged hatred against those opposed to taking the vaccine and those opposed to the police state. They have identified their scapegoat. The health secretary yesterday announced that ‘vulnerable’ (the word that covers a thousand modern sins) people should ‘avoid’ the unvaccinated. They want to expel them from social life and are instituting a system to do just that – the idea seems to have widespread support. Where exactly do you think such politics ends?

Being unvaccinated, it is I who they mean to exclude from society, my family members, friends and loved ones. It is your friends, and family members. It’s people on your street, in your town, people you have known for years. It is a tremendous injustice.

If you have any sort of moral conscience at all you must oppose these passports. Do not use them. Do not frequent places that do use them. Loudly, proudly state your objection. If you are in a political party, do your best to get them to oppose. If not, resign – and make it known why you are resigning. Petition local politicians. Organise protests, boycotts, pickets. The passports present a choice (the ‘buy in’ I mentioned earlier) – collaboration or resistance.

And to anyone who supports these or is content to put their fingers in their ears and hum loudly enjoying all the ‘benefits’ that having a Full Blooded-Aryan certificate give while a violation of human decency on this scale is going on, know that you are seen. The unvaccinated see you and history will see you.


Source: Left Lockdown Sceptics: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. IMG 1 & 3: Left Lockdown Sceptics. IMG 2: International Journal of Research. AWIP:


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