George Soros and his Kind are Evil, Mass Murdering Monsters

Les Visible

You got all kinds of evil running loose in these times. By definition, these are evil times, being as it is the Kali Yuga. The very worst of us profit without reserve and the best of us are hammered into the pavement. There's supposed to be some kind of justice in this but... those of us who are within the constraints of single lifetimes and lacking the panorama view of the realized, are hard pressed to see it. It's there somewhere. Of course, I'm speaking only for those of us that believe in something. For those of us that believe in nothing, except ones own blind, naked ignorance, the appearance of justice is nowhere to be seen. There's one thing we can certainly presume is true and that is that we will find out at some point, even if... in the cases of those who believe nothing, they find nothing. It might be that that is how it works; to each according to what they do or do not believe.

When one studies the case histories of after death experiences, there is a recurrent theme that is somewhat telling; unless one believes, as do no small number that all belief is an hallucination. This recurrent theme is that when people pass on, what they encounter is always specific to whatever faith they were followers of in life. They saw the icons specific to what they had believed. I don't know what that means or maybe I do but... that this is the case, well... one can go and look it up for themselves. Anyway... this is not what the posting is about. This is just one of those digressed intros in a pre-crime kind of a way. Let's take a look at some of the things that are happening today.

The unctious and odious psychopathic hypocrite, George Soros is at it again. As we know, this man has been a venomous liar and a 24 carat sonofabitch for as long as he has been here. He is a mass murderer who has performed murder in various countries around the world. At present he is accusing Vladmir Putin of precisely what his kindred in Israel are guilty of 24/7. Soros is the guy behind the color revolutions. As you probably know, people die in his color revolutions and all of his revolutions take place in those locations where the Zionist run American government wants them to take place. It's past arguing about that he's tied in with Robert Kagan and Kagan's wife, Victoria Neuland, in their vicious banker motivated assault upon a segment of the Ukrainian populace where white phosphorous is being used and mass graves are being discovered and where people have been locked in buildings and then buried alive. This is all true. This is past doubt AND people like Soros and Kagan and Neuland and a supporting cast of too many are behind these horrors. They are behind the majority of the world's ills. Their marching orders come out of the Devil's throne room, the country established for that very purpose.

This is real. This is obvious but... for some reason it is near impossible for the toxic mass mind to comprehend it. I see it with no difficulty at all and I know others who do too but we are in a sad minority; sad in the knowledge that we are surrounded by blind automatons, on all sides, in the pursuit of material satisfaction and material gain. This is more important to them than every honorable thing, than the urgings of their conscience, or any good and decent thing.

As far as I understand the workings of Mr. Apocalypse, he comes on soft and suave and those so touched early are given the benefit of seeing, which, translates into stations of security of some kind, or so I am given to understand. Once he has gone as far as he can with the soft and suave methodology, he ups the intensity and gradually takes off the gloves and continues to up the intensity until, no matter how stupid or encased in the frozen amber of denial you may be, you get reached. I say this to hopefully inspire hope in all of the hearts like mine that are daily hammered by the demon vibes from ugly town. It is EASY to see WHY they took control of the mass media because ANY journalist with a conscience, ANY conscientious owner of print or electronic media would by decree of their humanity expose these creatures. These creatures are mass murderers. They are guilty of crimes of such a magnitude that it beggars the imagination to come up with a fitting punishment. All that seems fitting is the deepest circles of Hell. I don't know what's down there but that would at least do for starters.

These fiends have mightily profited from their lifetimes of crime. Observe the case of Kissinger and, of course, those already named and so many others whose names we are familiar with. Yes, let me keep referring back to those already mentioned. Let us keep them front and center in this posting. There can be no doubt that Soros is a major cheerleader for the pending Third World War. All he lacks for authenticity is a cheerleader outfit; an outfit designed to scare even the older children on Halloween. Soros reminds me of the clown in Stephen King's “IT”. He's worse than that of course and many, many times worse than that other clown, John Wayne Gacy. Gacy only killed about 40 young boys AFTER having his way with them sexually. Soros has done far worse but there he waves like a blood soaked flag of immeasurable shame, high above the world he torments. He is named a philanthropist. If he is a philanthropist then Joseph Stalin was the Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

Of interest and probably connected, since all the plots of these world shakers interconnect, is the continually increasing profile of Fast Eddie Snowden. Now... of course, I can not know definitively that Snowden is a tool but what I do know is that Israel did 9/11 and I know that Israel has done all kinds of abominable things and who would know more about that than Snowden's former employers? We are led to believe that Snowden had access to all kinds of top secret things and ONE WOULD THINK he would know who did 9/11. ONE WOULD THINK that would be one of the things anyone would want to know who had access to direct links... yet... yet? We hear not a word about this and strangely... we hear not a word from those other celebrated whistleblowers. We hear pretty much nothing about Israel from any of them. Why is that? What does it suggest that this does not happen, that mention is not made? Certainly it is puzzling. Why do we not hear about intelligence information having to do with Soros?

Yes... there is a blanket of suppression operative pretty much everywhere except in those places where people like us stick our heads up out of the gopher hole and make a little unamplified noise that might be enough to make the nearest neighbors call the cops but not much else. Still... the internet is a kind of coconut telegraph and sooner or later everybody is going to hear it and why? Because Mr. Apocalypse says so.

It's no big surprise who is behind all the economic turmoil as well as the majorities of all of the wars. I found this posted at the top of;

"The few who can understand the system (check money and credits, will either be so interested in it's profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no oppositions from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests." -- Rothschild Brothers of London and then there's this “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper-Turtle Rothschild

One need not be a world class intellect to get what's what about what's what; to understand the concentrated focus of utter depravity on the part of this small group of merciless monsters in pursuit of nothing more than material profit, except of course for the part that has to do with the service and worship of their infernal master.

These things need to be said again and again and again. They need to be shouted from the rooftops, in the parks, on sidewalks and in food courts or wherever the spontaneous force of unbridled freedom is joined with courage and conviction, wherever that occurs, should it occur AND... it should occur. We must be quit of these lives of quiet desperation. We have to embrace the challenges of our humanity or we will cease to be human. Even today, all round about us, people are dropping onto all fours in time lapse action as a result of the most driving imperatives of their life. Do not let these be the driving imperatives of your life. Do not let fear put it's hand on the tiller of your ship of life.

George Soros is a vile, vindictive and evil man and this must be said and it must be realized around the world in every place where there are people so hungry or so crazed that they will take his filthy lucre and betray their fellows and themselves for fucking money. These days, these things are seen as good business sense because we live in a world of moral relativism that has been subtly and not so subtly hammered into our minds by those who snatched up all the mediums for the arts and all the media that reports on them in order to control the definition of what art is, as well as what truth is and what Love is and what anything that can be defined is defined as. Men and women like this MUST be identified for what they are. There must arise from our midst a common courage that permits us to say, “J'accuse!”

If they are not stopped, it will not be all that long before our lives will not be worth living. In many cases that is already true. I've said what I had to say.

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