The Great Jewish anti-Zionist Swindle

Arthur Aouizerat

Article taken from E&R Brest. Note by Gilad Atzmon: I didn’t write the following article. It is a translation from French. I share this article today because it raised some very troubling issues to do with the deceitful nature of Jewish Left. I guess that by now, it would be impossible to sweep that shame under the carpet.

Zionism, Talmudic Judaism
and Jewishness

Through his great historical work, the Israeli historian Israel Shahak(1)demonstrated the relationship between Talmudic Judaism and Zionism. If you happen to reside in France, to properly understand this relationship you need only observe number one sayan (Embedded Israeli agent) Bernard-Henri Levy, as he promotes his Talmudic ideology in support of Israel. The Talmudic-Judaism, as seen in both the Talmud and the Torah is simply law codified in the service of Jewish ideology.

But Bernard-Henri Levy is more than happy to say he acts ‘as a Jew’, but what does that mean? According to Gilad Atzmon’s classification (2), the problem lies not with those Jews who just happen to be born into Jewish families, nor with those religious Jews whose texts are interpreted through the ages. No, the problem is with those Jews who see the world ‘as Jews’ and who act in the world ‘as Jews’. It is this third category that carries and promotes Jewish ideology.

Culturally, this ideology can be understood as follows: ‘Jew’, transmitted through the blood of the mother, is a purely racial quality and cannot therefore be related to any acquired moral or universal qualities. So, when a Jew addresses a goy ‘as a Jew’ he/she simply highlights this racial quality and thus automatically defines the goy, without that, as inherently inferior. In this third category are found Talmudic Jewish-Zionist practitioners, non-practicing Talmudic-Zionist Jews (3), secular non-Zionist Jewish leftists and even anti-Zionists. So we can say that the theologico-racial supremacism as observed in Israel by Zionist Jews is entirely consistent with Jewish ideology.

However the “anti-Zionist Jews” or “Leftist Jews” who both see themselves as universalists are so often in the role of Jewish “intellectual” and we can explore this by studying just three of them: Michel Warschawsky, Alain Gresh and Dominique Vidal. All are on the left of the political spectrum and all see themselves as universalists. All are secular, all are anti-Zionist and, above all, all are Jews. Finally, all three are popular political personalities and all are frequent guests of the largely Zionist-controlled media.

The problematic behaviour
of anti-Zionist Jews in po-
litical and media circles

Consider the case of Michel Warschawsky. In November, he was received by Jean-Marc Ayraut, Prime Minister of France, an openly pro-Zionist government. The contradiction of this “anti-Zionist” consorting with a senior Zionist politician is quite striking.How can such a man be a guardian of universal human rights? The question is worth asking.

Next observe the recent debate between Alain Gresh and Gilles-William Goldanel in Frederick Taddeï‘s show (4).The topic was the recognition of Palestine as having observer status at the UN. During the debate, the positions of Goldanel, a rightist Zionist Jew, were fairly consistent: He called for recognition, by the Arab world, of Israel as a Jewish state. We may not agree, but such a position is both coherent and consistent. But, not so the position of Alain Gresh. Firstly, how come such an avowed anti-Zionist is invited to participate in a Zionist media event? Would Gilad Atzmon or Alain Soral be invited?

It is quite clear that the Zionist power here chooses a controlled rather than a genuine opposition. And we see the same with the “anti-capitalist” Trotskyite Olivier Besancenot promoted both by TFI and France Television. As Jacob Cohen rightly pointed out, this recognition allows the Palestinian Authority to continue collaborating with the Zionists at the expense of the Palestinian people. And, what is even more surprising; it seems that Alain Gresh does not even notice.

According to Gresh, Israel is the last unresolved colonial question. But as explained by Gilad Atzmon, Zionism cannot be a colonial movement, a product of Western colonialism in the nineteenth century mode. After all, who is the colonial power? And where is the mother country? That evening, in his attempts at intelligent analysis, Alain Gresh did not distinguish himself.

The causes of Gilad
Atzmon’s demonization by
these anti-Zionist Jews

Alain Gresh‘s case illustrates well what is missing in these universalists’ and anti-Zionist Jews’ analysis. It is the link between Talmudic Judaism, Zionism and Jewish ideology. It is this that explains the violence in this part of the Middle East over the past 70 years and it is on this point that the work of Gilad Atzmon is most illuminating. He shows that the purpose, conscious or unconscious, of these Jewish activists is to conceal this link from the rest of the world – and the fact that he is demonized by these same anti-Zionist Jews is surely evidence enough that he has hit the nail on the head.

One of the most striking examples of this demonization is Dominique Vidal’s article (5), the same Dominique Vidal who is Jewish and also comrade to Michel Warschawsky and Alain Gresh on the Palestinian issue. Vidal attacks Atzmon for targeting “Jews and Judaism including anti-Zionist Jews”, but Atzmon does nothing of the sort. Atzmon is unconcerned with Jews and Judaism, only with Jewish ideology or Jewishness. Now, Dominique Vidal is neither a Zionist nor a religious Jew yet Atzmon’s analysis clearly bothers him. Why is that? Is it because Atzmon highlights the fact that these anti-Zionist Jews are themselves steeped in Jewish ideology?

The objective function
of anti-Zionist Jews

Anyway you look at it, the real aim of those anti-Zionist Jews and their various intellectual positions is to prevent the goyim from knowing what’s really going on. And for the past seventy years we have seen the whole of the western world receive an intensive course in the worship of the Holocaust and the demonization of Nazism. Because, God forbid the goyim should ever perceive the obvious connection between Israel and Nazi Germany (racial supremacism, creation of a Lebensraum (6), Greater Israel) why if that were to happen the Jewish state might be seen for what it truly is.

Their real motives

So, what are the real motives for this concealment of historical reality by these anti-Zionist Jews? The first reason is identified by Gilad Atzmon and is the result of a deep, unconscious cowardice. The State of Israel as a Jewish state forced the Jews to see what a Jew (Zionist or not) really is – a tribalist, a racialist, a supremacist but never a universalist. And it should be remembered that Zionism is but one expression of this Jewish ideology. In fact, anyone who presents himself as a Jew and also as both secular and anti-Zionist has an inherent contradiction in his political positions that border on the schizophrenic. Another motivation, highlighted by Alain Soral, is prevent the goy from even understanding the complexity of the problem. The master in this field is undoubtedly Noam Chomsky.

Thanks to Dominique Vidal, we now understand the shared Jewish ideology and solidarity of both Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews, a solidarity amply demonstrated by the systemic defense of Jewish interests, especially in the case of Israel. This is done either consciously (traitor to the Palestinian cause), or unconsciously (useful idiots). As explained by Alain Soral, this Zionist/anti-Zionist opposition within the Jewish community, invariably accompanied by a political and media circus is more about the best ways of dominating the goy (7), a domination that takes place either simply by Israel’s violence or by the anti-Zionist Jews’ false universal compassion, their manipulation, their globalist vision, their anti-nationalism – and all achieved while appearing as opposing Israel.

Finally, clean up
the anti-Zionist circles

Those who struggle for the Palestinian people must understand that within their struggle are some who, consciously or unconsciously, have interests other than what is good for Palestine. As observed by Gilad Atzmon, the demonization by some anti-Zionist Jews happens fairly quickly if the work is done.

(1) non juifs, gentils…
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(3) Gilad Atzmon, La Parabole d’Esther, Anatomie du Peuple Elu
(4) Il est à noter qu’un sioniste n’est pas obligatoirement élevé dans les écritures, mais soutient de manière religieuse Israël en tant que Juif. En revanche un Juif religieux intégré à la communauté doit être un sioniste dans l’orthodoxie actuelle. [It should be noted that a Zionist is not necessarily raised in the scriptures, but supports Israel in a religious way as a Jew. However an integrated religious Jew must be a Zionist in the current orthodoxy.]
(5) vidéo Youtube: Débat – La Palestine à l’ONU, un pas vers la paix?
(6) Les protocoles de Gilad Atzmon
(7) Lebensraum = Concept hitlérien, espace vital territorial à conquérir pour assurer la survie de la race aryenne
(8) vidéo Youtube: Alain Soral – Les juifs antisionistes de gauche, Danielle Bleitrach, Gilad Atzmon, janvier 2012

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