They Did It! They do it AND...That's It!

Les Visible

Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax by Zander C. Fuerza

What if there is no third world war? What if the trend of ever continuing exposure continues? What if the incredible buffoonery of the pigeon toed elite goes on in that Keystone Cops format and the identifiable outrages get more and more and more absurd?

Let us consider a metaphysical truth that I have no doubt is also true as an operational law of physics. The force of the collective belief of the people is a powerful thing. When the mass of the aggregate reaches a certain percentage, where enough people believe the whole terror scare put up job is a government op, the impact of this collective belief is something to be reckoned with. Here is an interesting example of how the elite consider such things. In the 60's, some thousands of anti- Vietnam war protesters met at The Pentagon grounds to perform an occult ritual. Perhaps only a few of them knew the deeper reasoning behind it. Whatever... suffice to say that all of these protesters began to join hands and encircle The Pentagon with the intention of levitating it. The police response was immediate and brutal. They took it seriously.

Go to your history books and look at the results of the impact of great faith upon world conditions. Look at what was accomplished by Mahatma (great souled) Gandhi. Look at what Martin Luther King accomplished with the civil rights movement. Look at the life of Rasputin and so many others and the power they were able to demonstrate as a result of great belief. I'm not interested in hearing about Sankar Ghose but... if you prefer, use him as an example. I'm not interested in hearing anyone's theories about King being an FBI operative. The way disinfo works is that it can come at you from any angle. Of course the FBI was deeply infiltrated into King's camp but what the literal truth of the matter is remains inconclusive; what we have is more along the line of so and so says such and such. If one wants to paint a certain picture, one includes particular objects and does not include others. It's known that the FBI was involved, one way or another in the assassination of Dr. King, just as they were in 9/11 and a host of dirty tricks that span decades. If he was owned and controlled, what would be the point of killing him? The rot that permeates the Administrative, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Zionist owned and controlled American government emits a perfume not unlike what you get when you inadvertently puncture the stomach of a floater that's been in the water for ten days. It is an unmistakable statement of composition.

Here's something to keep in mind that I saw over at What Really Happened. This is impressive and this says it all:

The idea that... after all of these events... this group of people are simply victims being picked on for no reason other than unjustifiable hatred is ludicrous. They are and have been, directly responsible for everything that has ever come at them and this is why the term Anti-Semitism was invented. When you are aware of your inflexible genetic code that inspires evil in every land where you are resident, you need every defensive mechanism you can muster. As for modern day proof and verification of the evil these monsters do, we have only to look at PNAC, where they were the larger representative number and then at what the American government was manipulated into doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and every land where such despicable actions were carried out for the benefit of Israel. It was provably the Zionist neo-cons and their wealthy supporters who brought these acts of mass murder and destruction about. It has now been irrefutably proven that they also carried out 9/11 with the assistance of compromised intelligence services and a confused military. Nothing more needs to be known about the lengths that this criminal nation will go to plunge the entire world into a cauldron of mayhem and discord. Should anyone come around to this locale and still be on the fence about who and what went down, simply visit the link in the right hand menu and read what you find.

The nation of Israel was created for only one reason and that was to grant sovereign nation status to a large band of psychopathic criminal thugs. This put them out of the reach of domestic law enforcement agencies in other lands; not that that was very effective in any case. You may not want to hear this. Your survival instincts might not permit you to believe any of this but I challenge anyone to convincingly refute what is said here. I try, strenuously, to avoid making claims that I cannot prove with hard cold facts or overwhelming circumstantial evidence. These things are so. These things are so, just as it is so that they owned the majority of the slave ships that brought the Africans in chains to Charleston Bay and other locales; just as it is irrefutably so that they sit, sometimes exclusively, on the boards of every single alternative sexual organization and are also the primary funding agency of each and every one. Don't like knowing this? Too bad. It's what it is and nothing else.

After the most recent massacre of women and children in Gaza, not to mention, the destruction of the environment, the world in general is much more aware of what terrible demons lurk among us. Publicly, the Zionists who own the movie business and entertainment world have threatened all working actors with painful sanctions (you'll never work in this town again) should they mention the carnage that Israel wrought upon Gaza, after first executed 3 of their own people through one of their paid terror agencies, using this as a pretext to kill at will. Along the way they had their paid agents launch bottle rockets into empty lots in Israel to ramp up the orchestrated motivations for mass homicide and continuing land theft. There's no counter argument that can be made here. They did it. They do it and that's it.

Mossad front company, Urban Moving Systems, had this van
filled with explosives on 9/11. The sinister mural painted on
the van depicts the terrible tragedy in grim detail. Mossad
agent Dominik Suter escaped to Israel after 9/11. He has
never since been extradited nor brought to justice.

However, behind the scenes and inside the minds of these Morlocks the tide has shifted. Nothing seems to be going their way. Everything they do turns on them. Normal human hearts and minds in sad decline cannot fathom the absence of all conscience and remorse in these creatures. How it will come I do not know. When it will come I do not know but... come it will and the force of justice will manifest upon these brigands and beasts. It is only a mater of time. That millions and millions of the indifferent and gullible will follow them into perdition is unfortunate but given they are magnetized by lies they shall go with the pull of destiny in every case.

These things need be said at intervals along the way. The most massive public relations machine the world has ever known is tirelessly at work to obfuscate the truth and exonerate these fiends. The counter argument must be made by decent souls everywhere. It is one of the significant tragedies of the time that there is such a lack of decent and courageous souls who will state and stand behind what needs be said and has been said again.

Source: Smoking Mirrors. Photo2: 9/11: Israel’s Masterpiece (Lost Scribe Media)


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