Tymoshenko: Nuke 8 million Russians in Ukraine

Jim W. Dean

Image: Glorified Beyond Recognition. - Jewish Yulia Tymoshenko channeling Lilith, the evil female demon
in Jewish mythology (Babylonian Talmud).
(Feminine Strategies in Ukrainian Politics...and the Case of Yulia Tymoshenko) (Painting by Illia Panyok. Oksana Kis)

When the first phone intercept came out with Victoria Nuland's famous F-bomb we knew the Russian security people must be sitting on a mountain of them, and how interesting things could get if they released one a week.

We also knew that all the other European heads and military leaders would have to start thinking about calls they have made ending up on YouTube...ones they would regret.

Tymoshenko's PR people at first claimed the phone call intercept was faked. Later on her Twitter she admitted it was real. But she claimed the part about killing 8 million Russians was not correct...as that was only referring to 'Ukrainian Russians'. I guess that makes a big difference, especially if you are a one.

The pretty blond lady wants to kill, and she seems to have a big appetite. My editorial line early on in this Ukraine madness was a dual track one. First, American leaders don't seem to be able to learn from past mistakes over fear of being held responsible and having to resign. Taking responsibility does not exist anymore. Our elitists don't really care what we think. That makes them very dangerous...really the biggest threat that we have.

Besides wanting to shoot Putin in the head with a machine-gun, 'Madam Ethnic Cleansing' spilled the beans on Ukraine's nuclear weapons they are not supposed to have. NATO, the EU and the US can claim all they want that they did not know, but no one will believe them. That means the West and Ukraine breached the separation agreement with Russia when they signed it because they had no intentions of abiding by it.

If these coup-meister loons continue on with all their claims of illegal actions by Russia they will have shot past the laughing stock category and become candidates for the crazy house. That brings up the issue of the safety of Ukraine's nuclear stockpile. Will the West now take responsibility for securing it, as they have been the ones spoiling for a fight?

And if they knew all along about these Ukraine nukes, with all these crazy nationalist and Neo-Nazi gangs running around breaking into army weapons depots, was the West maybe hoping for a nuclear incident? Why did they not ask the Ukrainian military to assure they were protected?

But then again, are America Blackwater or other contracted company people already sitting on these nukes? Who has command and control over these people? Could one of the nukes be misused in a false flag attack to blame on the Russians, particularly by those entities in the West who have had so much false flag practice in the last decade or so?

Will our Congress, who has been acting like a bunch of sleeping walking Zionistas, take the helm at calming things down? They already seem hell bent on killing the Iranian nuclear talks, the stupid Senate Dems teaming up with the Republicans to get their share of the Jewish Lobby campaign money for the fall elections. After all, their top priority is maintaining their positions, something they used to deride the old Soviets for.

Putin has played a reserved hand here long enough for US politicians and generals to know he will not escalate the situation unless treatment of the Russians in Eastern Ukraine gets worse. We just had a Ukraine train robbery where Russians traveling to Moldova were set upon by masked Right Sector thugs after checking their passports. Reports were that the local police did nothing. Various cities on Eastern Ukraine are hitting the streets asking for a referendum similar to Crimea so they can join Russia. The West brought thugs and insecurity to the Ukraine and will reap what they wrought.

Since Tymoshenko is a presidential candidate and dreaming of murdering 8 million Russians there, her phone call intercept will certainly pour fuel on the secession fires in the East. Western media has given the Madam Murder a free pass on being closely aligned with the hardcore street thugs. We will be calling her Mrs. Pol Pot before it is over? God help the Ukrainians if they elect her.

An Army coup is the only short term solution that I see. They could wipe out the thugs and protect the government institutions while the Ukrainians work out their new elections. The Army could keep a lid on things in the East so ethnic tensions did not escalate to large scale killings. So far no one has cranked up a bombing campaign, but we know how easy that is to do...and keep doing.

But historically we only see military coups like this when the US is picking up the bills for the military and changing one group of puppets for another. I suspect the US and EU are committed to the present group, and it remind me of the marriage vows, 'for better or worse', where the worse paid an early visit in the marriage.

Crimea is going to get gas production support from Gazprom to make them self sufficient for electricity production. A bridge is planned for a direct link with Russia. But that may not be necessary if East Ukraine is set ablaze by more foot in mouth disease antics from the Three Stooges coup leadership. I would not trust this gang with my pet rocks.

The Ukrainian people have a long history of suffering and sadness. They have been exploited and deported...bought and sold. And it looks like that might continue. It is hard to be optimistic when you look around and see nothing but poor leadership. Many Americans admire watching the Russian legislature stand together with Putin to defend against this obvious assault from the West. We are hearing well meaning jokes like the Russian Marlboro man for Putin.

And as for our Congress, we would swap them for just about anybody else's for at least a chance of an improvement. It would be nice to have some that were not organ grinder monkeys for the Jewish Lobby, but I am dreaming here. I will close with my letter to Madame Mass Murderer.

Dear 'Tymo the Terrible', you lost Crimea because you overplayed your hand. The unconstitutional coup and the 100 sniper murders gave the Crimeans and the Russians total justification for taking defensive actions. You were even too stupid to say stuff like this on the phone. God help the Ukrainian people if they reelect you.

I wouldn't trust you to run a girl scout troop...but I think you would do just fine as an executioner in a prison camp somewhere. You show a lot of talent toward that area. Unfortunately, I don't foresee a happy ending for either you, or those foolish enough to follow you.

As Francesco Nitti, ex-Prime Minister of Italy between the great wars said: "Statesmen are the most directly responsible for the continuation of a language of violence. They should be the first to speak the language of peace." (The Wreck of Europe, Nitti, 1922)

You madam, are no stateswoman...not by a long shot. You are just another political thug like those Right Sector thugs that killed your own people on the Maidan. And thanks for the phone call. You have just proved that any and all defensive measures taken against you and your gangsters will be totally justified.

Source: PressTV. URL: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2014/03/26/tymoshenko-nuke-8-million-russians


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