World War Z and wrath of Netanyahu

Mark Glenn

Considering the seriousness of what had just taken place, i.e. Benjamin Netanyahu's infamous cartoon bomb speech at the U.N. in September 2012, the reaction on the part of the world was everything it should not have been, meaning mirth, merriment, and ridicule.

The reason why this was the wrong reaction is because there was nothing funny about it. What the world had just witnessed was a deadly-serious/high-level gangster within La Kosher Nostra (with zero tolerance for being mocked) threatening to blow up the world if his demands were not met viz a viz increased war in the Middle East for Israel's sake. And now, over a year later, all can be rest assured that neither his intentions nor his mood have improved a bit.

In fact, quote the contrary, given the fact that gasoline has been tossed onto the fire of Netanyahu's already raging fury with the following:

1. Obama has been re-elected to the presidency, despite Netanyahu's very overt interference and under-handed countermeasures.

2. A nuclear-armed Russia has awoken from her hibernation, stepped into the Middle East situation with all the poise and panache of a large, angry, territorially-protective grizzly bear and in the process, brought strategic balance to an otherwise chaotic situation in a manner not seen in decades. And, last but not least;

3. After 34 years of frosty-to-frigid relations between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the data coming in from all functioning barometers and thermometers indicates that the diplomatic and political weather between the two countries is--in Beatlese-- "gettin' better all the time..."

And if all of this weren't enough in jostling and exacerbating Netanyahu's already volcanic instability, added to it is the fact that powerful players within his own "famiglia" are working against him on a daily basis.

Yes, that's right ladies and gentilemen, an out-in-the-open gang war within La Kosher Nostra with billions of innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.

The reason for this inter-familial conflict can be boiled down to one, primary item-the continued survival of Jewish power at a time when the seeds of the "Gentile Spring" have germinated and are beginning to grow.

Day by day, with the obvious meltdown of world order taking place and how much (most) of this is traceable directly to this one troublesome, meddlesome group of people and their control over the political, economic and military machinery of the West, the magic spell is wearing off and the deep sleep is coming to an end.

A flutter of the eyes, then a deep breath, and soon the Gentile giant is awake and studying his surroundings.

And the smarter elements within the syndicate understand the inherent danger this growing awareness amongst the Gentiles poses to the continued existence of their criminal empire. They understand that a thief who makes too much noise during a midnight burglary runs the risk of waking his sleeping victims and thus winding up either shot dead or in jail.

Likewise, the more cautious players within the gang understand that their history of thousands of years of wandering from country to country, being expelled, jailed, and vomited forth from every known civilized society could once again become reality if things don't "quiet down."

And it is within this context then that loudmouths such as Netanyahu become a liability and why--for the good of La Kosher Nostra as a whole--it is important that he be shut up lest the entire operation be shut down.

This best explains the full court press taking place these days in forcing Bibi (the political equivalent of the loud, brash and incautious Albert Anastasia from yesteryear's Murder Inc) to practice the code of silence lest by every utterance he undo centuries of carefully calculated/carefully coordinated brainwashing of the Gentile mind concerning the inherently dangerous/inherently maniacal nature of Zionist power.

And the process by which the attempted caging of this wild dog (and subsequent lulling back to sleep of 7 billion Gentiles around the world) is taking place is by isolating, marginalizing, mocking, demeaning and making irrelevant a man who-as stated earlier-has zero tolerance for such treatment.

So, the long and short of it is that Benjamin Netanyahu--a political mob boss in his own right, with a black bag full of dirty tricks, an arsenal of nukes under his trench coat and accustomed to getting his way before his demands have even reached his lips--has certainly seen better days, and because he has seen better days, so has the rest of the world.

In plain language, what this means is that at no time in history has mankind faced the kind of real, apocalyptic dangers it faces now. The human equivalent of the rabid dog featured in Stephen King's Cujo or the reality-based version of the T-101 cyborg featured in The Terminator, Netanyahu is like some doomsday computer program plugged into the world's mainframe that cannot be rewritten, reformed or rehabilitated.

A true believer in the violent, rapacious, tribal narcissism making up the foundation of his "values," Nutty Netty is a mirrored reflection of all those biblical warrior kings who preceded him--remorseless, impervious to the magnetic pull of reason and compassion, bereft of conscience and a law unto himself who has yet to encounter a bloodbath of Gentiles--be it Passover, Purim or Operation Cast Lead--that didn't cause his salivary glands to go into overdrive.

Indeed, when considering this creature, this wild animal in an expensive suit and his seemingly insatiable thirst for human blood and the human suffering that accompanies it, the cryptic question asked years ago concerning a possible apocalyptic future for mankind becomes less puzzling:

"Who is like this beast, and who can make war against him?"

And it is within this light, therefore, that certain assumptions can and need to be made concerning this beast, his wrath and what can accurately be termed "World War Z."

The first is that he is not kidding. He is not cutting up or putting on. He is not auditioning for some super-villain role in an upcoming adaptation of Superman, Wonder Woman or Spiderman.

He really is as crazy as he appears and is perfectly content to see the world go up in ashes if his demands are not met--to the letter. In truly Yahwehic fashion, his philosophy is 'all or nothing', which means that if he can't have it all, then the rest of the world gets nothing.

The second (and probably more painful statement) that has to be made is that as abnormal as all of this appears, none of it is abnormal at all. There are not, or rather-should not be-any "surprises" associated with the rise of Jewish power, the creation of the "Jewish state" and the present World War Z that mankind faces these days. Indeed, everything that has taken place, particularly over the course of the last century viz-a-viz the wars, the bloodshed and the nearly complete meltdown of established world order was/is as predictable as the proverbial slaughter at the henhouse after the jackals were put in charge of security.

The sad truth is that everything mankind needs to know about the deadly, radioactive nature of this political, social and cultural "element" on the periodic table of human ideas has been sitting there, screaming out to civilized man for literally thousands of years. Jewish power and violence, Jewish power and genocide, Jewish power and economic despoliation, Jewish power and corruption, none of this began in 1948 with the creation of Israel. It did not begin in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, as some like to imagine.

It did not even begin with the writing of a literary abomination known as the Babylonian Talmud.

It--the criminal, barbaric nature of Jewish power--has been there from the beginning, congenital from its birth, the moment a penniless nomad begins hearing voices in his head promising him kingdoms, riches and power beyond his wildest dreams, accompanied by the moral justification for doing whatever needs to be done in attaining these items, including lying, genocide, and theft.

In the aftermath of a long, destructive war between the various crime families in the New York region, the infamous scene in The Godfather features crime boss Vito Corleone asking the question, "How did things get so far?...I don't know...."

As philosophical as his question may have appeared to be for purposes of dramatic effect, nevertheless the answer to it was/is a no-brainer.

Things got "so far" because it couldn't be any other way. By its nature criminal thinking leads to criminal activity and with it certain unavoidable byproducts, namely violence, greed, betrayal, deception, vice, bloodshed, etc.

And likewise with the emergence of Jewish power in the affairs of the modern world--It simply could not have been any other way. Everything that has taken place/is taking place/will take place has within it the same certainty as water freezing at 32 F or boiling at 212 F.

It's as much a mathematical slam dunk as 2 and 2 equaling 4, over, and over, and over, and whether the equation is posed once or a million times, it will always be the same, without variation.

Modern forensics and DNA science is such that the process of identifying/catching/convicting criminals is oftentimes accomplished with something as small as a hair, a drop of saliva, an eyelash, anything, for within that tiny spec of material can be found all the answers necessary in understanding the who, what, where, when, why and how of some criminal act.

And that being the case, one needs look no further than the DNA evidence left behind from the millions of crime scenes where Jewish power has played a part in profiling/identifying the source of the criminality--

When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy.

You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…” - Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

This, a mere spec of spiritual DNA, a mere 94 words, contains all the information necessary in understanding the pathology of Jewish power, what it was, what it is and what it will always be. This, one tiny droplet amongst hundreds of others, accurately and precisely profiles and identifies the source of Jewish madness and criminality.

It is in effect the radioactive milk upon which psychopaths throughout history - including those such as Netanyahu - have been nursed for thousands of years and with undeniable deadly effects.

It is an open secret, an open conspiracy and an open declaration of war on the part of those who spiritually devour these words and make them part of their inner beings like communicants at a Black Mass and who then go forth and put into practice these precepts - to invade, displace, mass murder, destroy, lie, show no mercy, destroy the culture, debase the economy and to reduce every land they 'possess' to utter ruination, the entire justification for which is that the Jewish god Yahweh has demanded it.

And the tragedy, the crime-not of just the century, but rather of the last 2 milleniae - is that it has been there, in the open, for wise men to study and consider. Every microbe, every millisecond, every millimeter of conflict that has existed throughout history between Jewish power and the Gentiles they mean to rule over, from biblical Egypt to modern day Iran is explained and understood within those 94 words.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his army understand those words, their meaning, and have taken them to heart.

Perhaps the other side within this terrible conflict known as World War Z should do the same, while there is time.

Mark Glenn is a Lebanese-American journalist and author of several books focusing on the dangers of Zionist power, and co-founder of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, an organization set up to refute the Zionist lies perpetrated against Islam and to bring the Christian and Islamic peoples together against their common enemy. His website is

Source: PressTV. URL:


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