Saved by the Bell…The Phone call that may have prevented (temporarily) WWIII

Mark Glenn

To say it has been a month of political roller coasters powerful enough to give even the most seasoned veterans a case of severe whiplash is an understatement…

The beginning of September featured what looked for sure to be yet another military disaster in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit. By all appearances, a nagging, needling Benjamin Netanyahu had finally gotten on U.S. President Barack Obama’s last nerve and pushed him into doing what he has resisted doing now for the last 4 years, meaning war with Syria. With up to the minute news reports featuring U.S. military assets steaming towards the Syrian coast at breakneck speed and a doomsday clock counting down to D-Day and H-Hour, the drama surrounding the event was so thick one could cut it with a knife…

And then, almost as quickly as it all started, it ended as abruptly as someone slamming on the brakes seconds before going over a 1,000 foot high cliff. Suddenly, President Obama remembered about the oath he swore to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and announced that there would be no military action without the U.S. Congress being brought in on it, just as the law of land demands.

Of course, even the most politically naive would have a hard time leaving out of this curious political equation the fact that a mere few days before Obama had suddenly became a conscientious constitutionalist, he and other world leaders met in St. Petersburg, Russia for the G20 conference.

Equally difficult would be dismissing the possibility (likelihood) of Obama having discussed the messy business of Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin who up to this point has made it clear that as far as Syria going the way of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya that ‘nyet’ means ‘nyet’ and that Mother Russia was not going to simply sit by as yet another neighborhood within the community of man was decimated.

Therefore, this–the likelihood of the Russian President reining in what has become the lawless, seemingly unrestrainable insane asylum of military madness known as America–was for most watchers of all things political as predictable as snowfall on July 4th. After all, Putin and his apparatchiks do not control the American Congress, the American media, the American financial system etc, etc, etc as do Benjamin Netanyahu’s kith-n-kin, who have made it clear that these wars in the Middle East are as important for the continued survival of the Jewish state as blood is to vampires.

And so, it's only reasonable that people watching all this will speculate on the nature of the conversations that Obama has been having as of late. A Russian president speaking with an American president at the G20 meeting, fixing him with a stern gaze and saying simply ‘DON’T DO IT, MR. PRESIDENT’…High level officers in the U.S. military explaining to their Commander-in-Chief that a war with Syria means a war with Russia, that the old bear still has teeth and saying to him as sternly as they can without crossing any lines of insubordination ‘DON’T DO IT MR. PRESIDENT’…Advisors within the U.S. intelligence community laying out various scenarios concerning the likely outcome(s) of the US widening an already-disasterous series of wars to include YET ANOTHER nation which Israel believes must be destroyed by virtue of divine mandate and advising the president with 5 simple words ‘DON’T DO IT MR. PRESIDENT…’

And it is against the backdrop of all this then that the crazy notion of an American President calling his Iranian counterpart does not sound so crazy anymore, despite the last 34 years of cold silence between them. Obama’s gesture in reaching out to newly elected Iranian President Rouhani and at least intimating that maybe ‘a deal’ can be struck between the 2 nations in resolving the difficult diplomatic disposition between the two only makes sense when the events of the last month involving Syria, Russia et al are factored in.

It is a general rule of thumb that human nature–flawed as it is–is such that people will only do the right thing when forced to.

And by all appearances this is exactly what has taken place. An out of control America firmly in the grip of an Israeli lobby with a voracious appetite for war won’t restrain itself on principles of the Constitution, the rule of law or even the basic tenets of right vs wrong, but it will do so if trapped in the cave of a large, dangerous bear equipped with all the necessary hardware to make hamburger out of whatever threatens its territory. At the end of the day, nation-states are as susceptible to all the rules of human behavior that govern individuals, and in this case, self-preservation–even for the corpse known as America–has spoken louder than anything else could.

Of course, Obama pulling back on the reins of his war horses and whispering sweet nothings into the ear of Iran’s new president does not a coast clear make. There is the other variable–wild card, one might say–in this strange equation, as pertains a particular madman in the Middle East in possession of several hundred nuclear weapons and driven by an apocalyptic religious ideology whose god gets his thrills by seeing all known creation go up in flames.

And of course, that madman is Netanyahu–’Nutty Netty’ as he is undoubtedly referred to in tight, private, political circles, and who has not yet figured out that indeed ‘nyet means nyet’. A wild animal in an expensive suit, he has yet to encounter a war against gentiles he didn’t like and right now is fuming mad over the fact that in front of the entire world he appears like a shmuck and a schlemiel by virtue of an American president of African descent having said no to his very Jewish war plans against Syria, Iran and even Russia.

Which is why right now, more than at any other time, a war-weary world is furthest from its dreams of peace and closest to its nightmares. Owing to his own personal brand of madness, there is no possibility in heaven, hell or anywhere in between that the fever afflicting the rabid dog Netanyahu is going to simply subside on its own, resulting in his shrugging his shoulders, declaring that the ‘best man’ won and walk away from what is an absolute defeat for him politically, and do so in front of not only his own people, but the entire world.

And so, a world yearning for peace, while indeed hoping for the best, nevertheless should at the same time prepare for the worst, more than likely arriving in the form of some false flag attack designed to raise the ire of the American people as took place on 911, the very same event which Netanyahu himself characterized as ‘good’ in that it would ‘generate immediate sympathy for Israel’.

The good news however is that–given the fact that America is waking up to the danger which Israel poses to her continued existence as the world’s lone superpower–it is highly unlikely that the US, at the political, military and intelligence levels, would be willing to cooperate with the same depth and scope of cover-up as took place after 911.

Therefore, in the event that Nutty Netty does indeed go forward with what he is magnetically-inclined by his nature to do and obeys the voices in his head telling him to blow something up in America (or elsewhere) and then blame it on Iran, what this will do is to put America in the position of doing the only thing she could do in response to such an event, which is to make the Jewish state the next country in the Middle East on the receiving end of American military ire.

Much like the Romans of yesteryear who had their own noisy, contentious organized Jewish lobby with which to deal, but who in 70 A.D. had finally decided that enough was enough, so too would it appear that America has reached her limit with regards to the tricks she is willing to turn for Emperium Judaica, the events of the last month being but the opening act of what is sure to be history in the making yet again.

Article published here: The Ugly Truth


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