Jewish hypocrisy: vociferous on Sudan, but silent on Israel

Khalid Amayreh

Celebrating South Sudan's independence: Sudanese
refugees at a party in Tel Aviv.
(Sara Miller/Haaretz)

Zionist-Jewish leaders everywhere are quite versed in the art of hypocrisy and dishonesty. Their moral inconsistency cries out to the seventh heaven.

This week, Jewish leaders in Washington , D.C. , demonstrated outside the Sudanese embassy, protesting the al-Bashir regime's excesses against rebel areas in southern Kurdufan.

The protestors accused the Sudanese government of provoking a humanitarian crisis and blocking humanitarian aid from reaching people in need.

One rabbi, wore a T-shirt saying : "Stop genocide in Darfur."

There is nothing wrong in holding protests against government repression and human rights violation anywhere in the world.

However, when championing the cause of human rights is motivated by short-sighted political expedience, highly-selective, moral confusion and moral impurity blur the picture.

I am not suggesting or demanding that at a single demonstration one would have to protest all human rights violations on earth, although this would be a good thing to do.

However, when human rights breaches and even more scandalous policies in places such as Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories are deliberately ignored, a serious question-mark is drawn over the real motives behind such demonstrations.

I am one of those people who don't trust most of the Zionist rabbis who adopt a blind attitude toward the Apartheid state of Israel.

The hypocrisy of these gurus of racism and mendacity becomes really stark when we see them refrain from voicing even a gesture of dissatisfaction with real atrocities, some of which are quite comparable to Nazi crimes against Jews during WWII, on no ground other than the fact that the villains happen to be Jews and the victims are non-Jews.

I would want to know how many times have these so-called rabbis taken part in protests against Israel's Naz-like policies in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and Israel proper?

How many times have these important figures protested the demolition of Arab homes, the vandalism of Arab orchards, the torching of Arab fields, the open-ended detention of innocent Arabs without charge or trial, the desecration of Muslim and Christian holy places at the hands of government-backed Jewish thugs and terrorists as well as the recurrent murderous air-raids on helpless Gazans which kill, maim and incinerates thousands?

The five-year ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip have caused a virtual starvation throughout the coastal enclave, but most Jewish leaders, rabbis and otherwise, have remained silent, as if this was happening on another plant.

I know the answer too well. These rabbis' consciences are alive only when Jewish lives and Jewish rights and interests are in question.

However, when Gentile lives, rights and interests are the issue, we see these rabbis succumb to apathy and disinterest.

In fact a good many of these people don't content themselves with silence and apathy, they actually morph themselves into hysterical mouthpieces for the Israeli government and genocidal settlers by strongly defending every atrocity and every massacre perpetrated in cold blood by their brethren.

Didn't holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel declare that " I support Israel right or wrong" and "I really can't bring myself to criticizing Israeli crimes?"

A few years ago, Israel launched a blitzkrieg against the nearly helpless and virtually unprotected, and thoroughly blockaded Gaza Strip, using state-of-the art of the American technology of death.

The infernal barbarian rampage, which lasted for more than three weeks, killed over a thousand innocent civilians, including more than 350 children, murdered knowingly and deliberately "in order to break the Palestinians’ will for resistance and freedom."

As mentioned above, this nefarious aggression came on the heel of a hermetic blockade which put about two million people on the verge of starvation.

Unfortunately, not a single word of protest was uttered by people like Wiesel and his elk against the mini-genocide in Gaza. Far from that, the pseudo-moralist did every thing he could to defend Israel's shameful act, and he did it in the name of the holocaust and its survivors!!!

Why do many Jews adopt such distinctively duplicitous, manifestly unethical stances and scandalously inconsistent attitudes when relating to crimes committed by Jews and crimes committed against Jews?

Do these rabbis and self-centered thinkers really believe their ancient myths that non-Jews are beasts of burden created by the Almighty so that they may serve Jews, as the spiritual mentor of Shas, Ovadia Yosef, said last year?

Do they think, as many within the Chabad cult, that the lives of non-Jews have no sanctity and can be expended without the slightest compunction? One rabbi from this particularly evil cult was quoted as saying that a Jew may murder a Gentile in order to extricate the victim's organ if the Jew needed one?

I am not interested in vilifying and demonizing anyone, including Jews. I know well that there are many conscientious and humane Jews out there. But, unfortunately, the damage and ill-will caused by villainous Jews exceed by far any amount of good will generated by good Jews.

The Jews are an influential people in our world today. They control power nations and governments, including the only remaining super-power in the world, the United States .

Instead of gearing American policies toward embracing and supporting apartheid and oppression in Palestine (because the oppressors and practitioners of apartheid happen to be Jews), Jews can steer American policy toward promoting a moral world based on justice and morality, not on power politics.

We have experienced "power politics" since the beginning of time, and it proved utterly disastrous if not suicidal.

Khalid Amayreh (Arabic: خالد عمايرة‎, b. 1957 Hebron) is a Palestinian journalist based in Dura, near Hebron. Amayreh has experienced years of restrictions on his activities and travel, including imprisonment. Some of his many articled can be found here:

Amayreh has been a correspondent with numerous newspapers and news outlets:

Sharja TV, correspondent, 1994-2001
Iranian News Agency (IRNA), 1995-2006
Middle East International (London) 1995-2003
Al-Ahram Weekly (English) 1997-present
Aljazeera English ( 2003-2006
Palestine Information Center: 2000-present.
Palestine Times (daily newspaper) (has ceased publication)

Furthermore he is a prolific freelance writer contributing to many websites, e.g., The Palestinian Information Center, The People's Voice, PalestineThinkTank, Uprooted Palestinians and Al-Ahram Weekly.


Journalism and Mass communication, Theory and Practice (Arabic, 1996)
Refutation of Western Myths and Misconceptions about Islam and the Palestinian question (Arabic, 1988)
Living Under the Israeli Occupation, (Forthcoming)

List of Amayreh's articles in French
List of Amayreh's articles in Spanish

Information gleaned from Wikipedia and PIWP Database



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