Can British M.P.'s Withstand the Zionist Lobby?

Laura Stuart

It came as no surprise today that Paul Flynn M.P. apologised for doubting the British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould's loyalty to Britain. It was also nothing new that Zionist blog comments stated that the apology was "forced and not genuine" or "not enough" or "not sincere", no one can ever satisfy the total submission to Israel demanded by Zionists.

This sudden change of heart is the most recent in a long line of people who have done a U turn under extreme Zionist bullying and harassment, the most noteworthy example being Richard Goldstone and his report into operation Cast Lead. In reality Paul Flynn's statement would indicate not that he has an issue with Matthew Gould being a Jew but his self professed Zionism and that his role in the Fox/Werrity pro attack Iran agenda is a cause for concern. The main issue for the Foreign Office appears to be that they might find themselves in contravention of equal opportunity employment laws.

It is interesting that here in the U.K. the Zionist bullying cells are still so effective, at least in extracting apologetic statements from Paul Flynn or the P.S.C. whilst over in the United States Zionist intimidation has so far not worked as Obama has refused to sack the American Ambassador to Belgium over his remarks about Israel's inability to make peace with Palestine was a cause of Muslim Anti Semitism. It is easily provable that Israeli attacks such as Cast Lead and on the Mavi Marmara were a cause of more attacks on Jews. However, for once Obama is standing firm, but as we know it is a question of how long before he falls.

This week we also witnessed an attack by Alan Dershowitz on Gilad Atzmon's book "The Wandering Who" when Dershowitz went on Fox News telling lie after lie about Atzmon and the book's content . Despite the fact that Dershowitz was instrumental in ending Finkelstein's academic career, both Richard Falk and John Meersheimer who endorsed Gilad's book are standing firm in the face of the hate campaign against them. Gilad Atzmon's book in fact provides all the theoretical background that is needed to support Howard Gutman's remarks last week, for Gilad's book argues that Jews should first self reflect on the actions that are made in their name, and by the people who claim to represent their communities.

It is becoming clear that at least for the representatives of Jewish lobbies in this country freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of expression are far from being precious values, in America people are aware of the First Amendment and its inherent value for the notions of personal liberty and democracy. In Britain, it seems as if we are reaching the point of no return, we are living under the tyranny of Zionist lobbies and have totally given up on those fundamental liberties and the fact that 80% of our Conservative M.P.s are Friends of Israel may explain it all.

Illustration: © Unknown. Article published here: Gilad Atzmon's Blog


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