Hope not Hate

Gilad Atzmon

On the South Bank with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown,
Harry Potter and West Wing actor Jason Isaacs, Normandy
veteran, Kenneth Riley, Holocaust survivors Zigi Skipper
and Ben Helfgott and Searchlight's Nick Lowles.

Hope not Hate is presented as a British anti racist/anti Fascist organsisation but in fact it is an offshoot of the notoriously Zionist Searchlight magazine. As if this is not enough, its leader Nick Lowles also co-posts on Harry’s Place, the infamous anti-Muslim site and, according to Wikipedia, nominee for the Islamic Human Rights Commission's 'Annual Islamophobia Awards' 2006 (won by none other than Condoleezza Rice). Harry’s Place is known as a Hasbara pro-war Neo-Con outlet and is, in my opinion, far more dangerous of any English right wing party. Harry’s Place openly serves foreign interests, and promotes clear racist ideology in clear opposition to everything we hold to be associated with Western pluralism and tolerance.

Could you imagine any humanist, anti-racist posting news items on an Islamophobic Neocon, Zionist pro-war site? Well, I suppose this is the price that we pay in Britain for turning a blind eye for so long to Zionist stooges.

But now their game is over. I will not be silent about this or anything else - and I am not alone. Despite not being a member of any party, league or group and although I speak with my own voice, I am surrounded by the most supportive people. Hundreds of thousands of them who, just like me, believe in Truth, Peace and Justice, as opposed to the Lies, Falsification and Deceit of Hope not Hate, Nick Lowles, Harry’s Place and the rest.

So let us be clear about it: To oppose racism means also to oppose Jewish racism and Jewish supremacy. To oppose racism means to say YES to hope but NO to Zionist hate mongers such as Lowles and Harry’s Place.

If you ask yourself why Zionist stooge Lowles pretends to be a messenger of ‘hope’? The answer is very simple. It complies with standard Hasbara tactics. Israel and its operators have been planting Sayanim in the heart of our discourse for decades with the hope that, when the time comes, they would destroy any threat to the Zionist mission. Judging by the level of Zionist activity against me, I assume that I am regarded now as prime threat. I guess that my book The Wandering Who? has shaken them. It obviously discloses some of the most vile and sinister ideas entangled with contemporary Jewish identity politics. They are desperate to bring me down, they have recruited the entire Sayanim network- Alan Dershowitz, Abe Foxman, Jeffrey Goldberg, The JC, The BOD and David Aaronovitch. But in the last week they utilized Hope not Hate and Nick Lowles.

However, I have some bad news for them – it’s not going to happen. By trying to destroy me, the Zionists have achieved only one thing- they have exposed their entire network of Sayanim and AZZ operators while I’m still there, live and kicking and shouting out loud and clear what I know to be the truth.

Still, believing as I do in ethics and fair play, I would advise my Zionist and crypto -Zionist detractors to stop, take a breath and think. The orchestrated campaign which they conduct in the name of British Jewry only reflects extremely badly on their own, and in many ways, innocent, community. They play a very dangerous game. They’d be better off reading ‘The Wandering Who?’ and, as frightening as it may seem, taking a look in the mirror. Who knows, maybe at last they are understanding that criticism can also be constructive.

Gilad Atzmon was born in Israel in 1963 and had his musical training at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem (Composition and Jazz). As a multi-instrumentalist he plays Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Clarinet and Flutes. His album Exile was the BBC jazz album of the year in 2003. He has been described by John Lewis on the Guardian as the “hardest-gigging man in British jazz". His albums, of which he has recorded nine to date, often explore political themes and the music of the Middle East.

Until 1994 he was a producer-arranger for various Israeli Dance & Rock Projects, performing in Europe and the USA playing ethnic music as well as R&R and Jazz.

Coming to the UK in 1994, Atzmon recovered an interest in playing the music of the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe that had been in the back of his mind for years. In 2000 he founded the Orient House Ensemble in London and started re-defining his own roots in the light of his emerging political awareness. Since then the Orient House Ensemble has toured all over the world. The Ensemble includes Eddie Hick on Drums, Yaron Stavi on Bass and Frank Harrison on piano & electronics. Also, being a prolific writer, Atzmon's essays are widely published. His novels 'Guide to the perplexed' and 'My One And Only Love' have been translated into 24 languages. His latest book The Wandering Who? - A Study of Zionist Sayanim In Our Midst, can be ordered here: Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Photo/Caption: The Mirror
Published here: Gilad Atzmon's Blog
URL: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2011/11/24/hope-not-hate


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