Israel's Pending Attack on Iran

Charles E. Carlson

Israel's Pending Attack on Iran to Spur War Based Economy, Wikileak Exposes Mexico Farce

I have listened to many commentaries and interviews by reasonable writers who just do not buy the conspiracy story from Eric Holder and the White House. I agree with most, from Iran's point of view, a plot to murder the Saudi Arabian envoy to Washington makes no sense. Some compare the scheme to a "B" movie.

But even a “B” movie develops a plausible reason why the killer did it. If Iran would not benefit from this scheme, who would? Is there a motive for a U.S. secret service, say the FBI, to hatch this plot and blame Iran? It is easy to see this could have been done, but I have yet to hear others hit one the plausible argument why the US leadership might invent this illogical scheme. The U.S.'s motive is so simple it is easy to overlook, and it is almost too horrible to contemplate so the obvious is ignored.

We American have been living in a war-based economy for decades and those who steer our leaders know they need a newer and bigger war to keep it going. About 100 years ago, Calvin Coolidge said "the business of America is business." Today his statement must be modified to "The business of America is ‘Warbusiness’.” We are officially coining this new noun for the special kind of business that began with World War I, when for the first time, the cost of war was no longer an obstacle. Why, because the world warmakers had just installed the Federal Reserve System over the US dollar.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down. Warbusiness can only sell one to us gullible consumers for so long, and these two of America's longest running wars. And you Warmakers know the US economy can not be stimulated fast enough by finance infrastructure, like roads and bridges. However, money can be deployed in a hurry to destroy things, which is why war works best to stimulate a crumbing economy. Ask yourself, which can be done quicker, break a clock or build one?

The logical reason for the lie is the economic need for another war, larger and more draining. This is the simple theory of war spending, and it is the simple and untold reason why Ben Bernanke's bosses, the state of Israel, and our behind the curtain political leaders want war with Iran right now. It is a big enough goal for them to take great risk, and they are.

It was warbusiness when Colin Powell proclaimed in 2001 that we must attack Iraq based on WMDS that did not exist, and all the evidence confirm it did not exist. Note, Powell and George W. Bush were not disgraced, tarred and feathered or prosecuted for lying, and are still around. It is warbusiness today when peace President Obama tells us there is "conclusive proof" that Iran plans a terror network in the U.S. using Mexican mafia to carry out assassinations, starting with the ambassador from Saudi Arabia.

Warmakers would say they are doing it for us consumers. Warbusiness does not want its factories and civilian contractors to go idle or have to retrench to some civilian pursuit. Ben Bernanke from the FED has just announced that his bosses have tapped him on the shoulder and told him to remind bankers that QE3 is only the beginning, not the end, of money dilution. But for what is the next three trillion dollars to be spent? For warbusiness in Iran. That is the plot that everyone is afraid to say out loud, because the prospect is too ugly and mean to face.

Writers are saying that Erik Holder's claims that there is proof that Iran plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador on U.S. soil is out of keeping with the way Iran conducts international business. I agree. Iran has no history of international assassinations or terrorist plots; they have not attacked foreign nationals on their own soil. Nor have they taken retribution when they had the chance; President Ahmadinejad just released three American hikers who they could have locked up permanently as "pay back" for the assassination of several of Iran's nuclear scientists. Neither the U.S. nor Israel can say as much; both have histories of assassinating leaders of other countries.

It is also correctly stated that devout Muslim leaders in Iran would not deal with a drug smuggler. Muslims I know believe it would be a deadly sin to do so, and a disgrace. Iranian leaders are not secular Muslims who will deal with anyone; drug lords would have short tenure in Iran or Gaza. And the former Iranian Texan accused of being a go-between in this plot was anything but devoutly Muslim. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is well known to be a practicing Muslim and would not trust a man who was secular, who drank excessively, and who was convicted of check fraud. Muslims I know trust Muslims, or people who act like Muslims.

Another often mentioned possibility, that a secular, rogue faction instigated the plot within Iran and did it without the approval of political leaders. Non-religious Iranians might deal with the drug smugglers, where religious ones would not. If this is the case, Iranians will figure it out and someone will be charged.

There is one piece of evidence I have not seen used by others, which makes the possibility of involvement by the Ahmadinejad government too slim to contemplate. It comes from a cable released by Wikileaks 30 months ago.

It seems an official State Department secret memo was sent to Mexico on March 6, 2009, copied to a host of U.S. agencies. It all but proves that our government already knows that Iran would not use Mexico as a base for an assassination operation, which it is now accused of doing. To the contrary, the U.S. knew that Iran was making it a priority to develop a business friendship with the Mexican government and to improve diplomatic relations there, not to destroy respect. Iran's leaders are not stupid. Julian Assange, who founded Wikileaks, is in custody in London because he is a danger to the world's Warmakers. He has exposed our State Department with its own words, in acts that could only be intended to build a case to force war upon Iran. The release below makes reference to Israel's interest in making sure the Mexican government of Mr. Calderon does not get too friendly with Iran. [*]

Spell it out

Iran has long been working very hard for peace with Mexico and in the region, in spite of U.S. hostility. How easy it is to frame Iran and start a trillion dollar war by creating a sting operation that could never happen, all for a cost of only $100,000. This kind of incident, like the "weapons of mass destruction" deception that triggered the war on Iraq, will prove to be a fraud. Let us not allow it to be exposed too late this time. This is not just another pound of imaginary uranium added to a non-existent bomb that has no mechanism to set it off; it is the trigger itself, designed to explode the bomb on Iran.

Does anyone doubt that the CIA, or a civilian contractor working for them, could arrange for a little bank account in Iran that looks superficially to be part of its government? Do you doubt they could buy a sting agent in Mexico to receive the money from the disguised bank account? Do you doubt the CIA could entrap a used car salesman in Corpus Christi, who already has a history of criminal check kiting, into saying something stupid over the phone to get his share of a 1.5 million dollar prize?

That is all it takes to make the trigger to explode the real US made bombs on Iran's people. The Warmakers know they must do it quickly, or it will be discovered and expose them in mid act. The trigger mechanism is a great risk to those who invented it, and many people are already suspicious. I fear this will be a faster moving scheme than the one that destroyed Iran and doubled our gasoline prices.

What is the motive in this cheap Tuesday night TV crime conspiracy remake? It is an open secret that ours is a war-based economy and depends upon the next war to keep it going. The odds are 100-1 some agency, or private group close to your own government, invented a mission impossible scheme to talk about hitting the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia. Why not postpone the collapse of our debt ridden banks by destroying Iran and stealing its oil...only a sense of right and wrong, and this is not the fuel governments run on.

Keep in mind, Israel's immense arsenal of long range weapons may have been held in reserve for just this war. Israel is the nuclear pit bull in the U.S. front yard, ready and willing to strike Iran tomorrow if the U.S. Air Force will just refuel its planes as they overfly Iraq.

Many on Wall Street would call war good business. My course is to act like we are dealing with a clear and present war threat, one worse than any we have seen since Vietnam. Only massive public outcry against war will halt a bloody attack on the innocent people of Iran. I do not mean an investigation by Fox News, the Executive Branch, or the Congress. Warbusness calls for a complete, probing exposure by the alternative press.

[*] Wikileaks

Ref: State 6423 Classified By: Political Minister Counselor Charles V. Barclay. Reason:1.4 (b), (d).

Summary: "Mexican President Calderon has not made enhancing ties with Iran a priority of his administration notwithstanding Iran’s efforts to increase its political and religious influence in the region. The Iranian Ambassador to Mexico has taken an activist role in promoting Iran’s interests, but nearly all of the cooperation and agreements between Mexico and Iran are symbolic and lacking in substance. Mexico has agreed to low-profile exchanges with Iran designed to improve their bilateral relationship, but resists efforts by the Iranian ambassador to play Mexico off of the U.S. Mexico agrees with the need to maintain consistent pressure on Iran to comply with its international nuclear nonproliferation obligations but as a rule prefers to work through the IAEA. The Israelis are watching closely for any security risks associated with Iran’s attempts to increase its presence in Mexico, but they also believe that Mexico’s intelligence service (CISEN)


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