Fear is a Magnetic Force and often Appears as Anger

Les Visible
Smoking Mirrors

"Evil destroys itself. Eventually, no matter how intricate or clever your perversion of the system, the system will come back on you with the same degree of cleverness and intricacy in an automatic way."

I’ve been watching Alan Grayson for awhile. He’s a congressman from Central Florida. He’s been a truthful and relentless gadfly against the vampire establishment of Zionist Jewish bankers and general, corporate malfeasance. Though he hasn’t named these miscreants as to their claimed and fraudulent native origins, he has certainly gone after the machinery of human oppression on a regular basis. He’s pretty much alone out there when it comes to honesty in a politician and stands out as a glaring anomaly in terms of right and wrong and those who don’t know the difference, except as it applies to personal profit and expediency in relation to self interest at all levels. What he talks about in this video exposes just how venal and evil the operations of the international banking community are.

It should be clear to anyone with a little more intelligence than a turnip that the bailouts were nothing more than calculated theft from ‘the people’ in order to cover the inconvenient results of Wall Streets greed and mistakes and to allow for wholesale robbery in name of protecting the system.

Here you can see another perspective on what is happening and the spin that is applied to justify certain activities and to hide the truth concerning them. Day by day the crime and disinformation accelerate as the disciples of evil seek to destroy the very system that they have fed off of for so long. Like the male black widow, engaged in the performance of a biological imperative, they hope to tie up the legs of the female, who is ten times their size, screw her and then get away with their lives, while the famished female sets about attempting to consume her lover. They think they’ll get away with it. They have in the past. They think it’s a simple game to hamstring the few remaining protections in the system for long enough that they can flee to another location, beyond the havoc they have caused.

I’ve been hearing from people more and more lately about the internet being shut down. In some cases, the same people have brought it to my attention multiple times in the same day. I respond by telling them that the internet cannot be shut down. Every time What Really Happened or The Truthseeker goes off the air for a few hours or longer, I am inundated by inquiries concerning them and all the apprehension and paranoia that attend these events. In nearly every case, the problem was something internal that got repaired by the webmaster. This is not to say there is no concerted effort to shut down the real truth sites. These are certainly in motion or on the drafting table but, as Michael Rivero has shown, there’s more than one way to skin a vampire.

We live in a world where the power of appearances molds our relationship to what ‘seems’ to possess the greater power to control and influence our lives. This is understandable in terms of those who lack the capacity to see beyond appearances and who possess very little in terms of objective reasoning skills. It is less understandable in terms of those who have the ability to see behind the curtain but who still think the wizard is a force of immense power instead of a sideshow charlatan.

Pardon me if I wax metaphysical for a moment. It might help to say that metaphysics occurs in a world outside the registry of the senses, while ordinary physics exists within those parameters. In fact, ordinary physics also exists outside of these parameters but is able with mathematics to prove certain verities in the way that algebra and other higher math systems can postulate the existence of something that cannot be directly viewed. The proof of this can be seen in any number of the wonders of technology as it exists around us.

We have an understanding of certain laws of Nature. One might think that we therefore have an understanding of most of the laws of Nature. This is not the case. In various situations we do not understand certain laws of Nature that we use in countless ways. We might not understand what’s going on but observation has made it possible for us to exploit them. Electricity is a good example of this.

Rather than get into explaining how I understand certain things to be true, I’m just going to state them and you can use the hints presented so far in this article to theorize about, prove or intuit the truth of what I say. It shouldn’t be hard for you to do this. You don’t have to understand the nature and composition of a certain mysterious, over-riding force. You never will anyway. You don’t have to apprehend all of the fundamentals and possibilities of the dynamics of the universe, as they apply in our observable world. All you need is a grasp of certain principles and you can prove the consistency and predictable operations of anything by simply watching and performing tests on what they do and allowing your observations and tests to sort themselves out in your mind to the degree that you are able to do so.

We make ourselves stupid by embracing a bias about the things we study. We shouldn’t make value judgments and place limits on things we don’t know enough about in the first place. Our ability to exploit the virtues of anything is confined by our own willing ignorance, concerning the possibilities of their potential. You can apply this to almost anything.

Evil destroys itself. Here’s how it does it. Evil is a negative exploitation of a system that uses the creative intelligence of the criminal to bypass the rules of the system or to turn seeming loopholes in the system against its inbuilt policing system. However, the system is a comprehensive thing and eventually it will react against violations to the degree of the violations. If you throw a ball against a wall it will bounce back at you. If you bounce the ball like you might in a racket ball court in order to outwit your opponent or to compromise his ability to respond, the ball will eventually respond in the same complicated manner for you. Eventually, no matter how intricate or clever your perversion of the system, the system will come back on you with the same degree of cleverness and intricacy in an automatic way. This is a basic explanation of Karma as well.

We are presently seeing this in operation, courtesy of The Apocalypse, which is a feature of a much more cosmic system that also contains the other system already mentioned. Evil knows only as much as it needs to know to perform its acts of self interest and to protect itself- more or less- against retribution. But… only the wise and the virtuous can understand the deeper meaning of this system, because the essential meaning and operation of this system cannot be fully known by those who willfully pervert it because that implies that they don’t understand its operations, which are essentially wise and virtuous beyond human comprehension.

Stop worrying about what you think the bad guys can and will do. Be more concerned with your own operations within the schematic of existence. The system protects those who are harmonized with its greater intentions. The system is conscious. Ordinary physics has already proven that the universe is thought born. Ponder that. There is only one force, period. This force is applied for both good and evil and is on temporary loan to both. It can be withdrawn at any time. It doesn’t matter if you see this system as an inflexible operation of mathematical principles or as a conscious and omniscient entity. It could well be both. A study of Greek and Roman mythology will repay big dividends to those who are honest with themselves in their manner of inquiry.

At certain points in human history, this mathematical or conscious force makes necessary adjustments, because of great imbalances that always appear like clockwork at predictable places. We are in one of those places. A new age is coming about and the previous age is being recycled. This one force is turning itself to new instruments, while also summing up the integrity, or lack of integrity, in the instruments that preceded them. You can call this ‘judgment’ or you can call it the outworking of natural law. It doesn’t matter what you call it.

Get your own house in order and enjoy the brilliant ironies and teaching moments of what is going to be presented for your attention, should you be paying attention. Paying attention is the difference between life and death. Really paying attention is called ‘concentration’.

I may be required to step away from all of this shortly and that includes my former hopes for a community and practically everything I’ve been engaged in until now. It’s not in my hands and I have to go in the direction that opens before me. I don’t mean to be mysterious but no small portion of it is a private affair. I say this in advance of any absence on my part that might occur and I’ll probably say not much more than this about it. Everything will be as it should be, even when it’s not what we might have had planned for ourselves. Things change and sometimes not the best of intentions can influence them back to what they formerly seemed to be. Those of you who have made plans concerning me should rethink them as they may no longer be possible.


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