A strategy of liberation requires emancipation

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

The case for “Palestinian voice” -A critique through the eyes of an exiled Palestinian

After almost one century of Zionist terrorism in Palestine, the world is gradually waking up to this racist and destructive ideology.

Contributing to the heroic Palestinian Resistance, this growing awareness will incidentally precipitate the abolition of the Zionist ideology and its hideous manifestation, just like slavery or Nazism were abolished.

The Palestinian Resistance and its allies represent an exemplary model of diversity and cooperation across borders, race, age, economic circumstances, religion or nationality.

In essence, the Palestinian Resistance is a model of inclusion, the radical contrary of the exclusivist Zionist ideology.

Contrary to the gory Zionist project, our true and sincere aspirations are long lasting Peace, Justice and Freedom. For us, this will restore of the true foundations of Palestinian society.

After almost a century of unrepentant Zionist terrorism in Palestine, all doubts have vanished: The only real road to Peace is a full and unconditional Liberation of Palestine, liberation from this supremacist ideology and liberation from the perpetrators. That will inevitably mean a return to the original, peaceful society Palestine was before the Zionist invasion.

To be called again “The Holy Land”, Palestine must be reunified with its people, the Palestinians. Only Palestinians can heal the disfigured landscape and Holy City of Jerusalem, for the benefit of humanity. Only Palestinians will open its doors to all those who come in Peace, as they had in the past, contrary to the present day Zionist occupiers and their apocalyptic weaponry and dishonesty, their bulldozers uprooting millennial olive groves, destroying biblical World Heritages, evicting entire families from their ancestral houses and neighbourhoods, bringing harm and destabilization all across the Middle-East and to the world.

To aim towards the Liberation of Palestine, it is vital to establish a clear, firm and visionary strategy, one that is not sabotaged by diversions, deflections, dilutions, obfuscation or control by anyone with slightly different objectives than the Palestinians themselves.

As a person who holds this Liberation dear to my heart, and as someone who was involved for many years- with various shades and colours of activism in support of the Palestinian struggle, I can testify personally of the significant change in people’s awareness and level of support to this just cause; thanks to the endurance and perseverance of Palestinians and the passionate hard work of our supporters across the globe.

In order to plan a successful strategy, the global solidarity movement needs to:

Define clearly its aims in a way that does not contradict or lower the aims and objectives of Palestinians themselves
Identify the parameters of struggle -that keeps the movement’s aims unambiguously resolute and persistent- as well as keeping the core issues on focus
Select the methods and tactics that are most likely to function in their locality while supporting Palestinians on the ground –under occupation- to select and implement their own.

This requires a system of communication for consultation, synchronization, and support of the Palestinian people and their representatives, at home and in the Diaspora.

So far, the international solidarity movement (in the wider sense) has been wonderful. It has to a certain extent provided some of these requirements.

However, despite its sincerity and ceaseless efforts to mobilize and generate support, it fails to notice a “small detail”, namely the lack of representation of Palestinians at the decisive level of its action, both in strategy planning and implementation. Consequently, the real aspirations of the Palestinians risk to remain vague and not easily defined. Hence it falls a little short in representing, conveying and carrying forward all of Palestinian aims of Justice, Freedom and legitimate Self Determination.

To fill these positions by Palestinians can be a challenge for various reasons, but it causes a huge gap in authentic representation. In addition, the solidarity movement being made up of so many quite diverse groups, the task of acquiring consent for cohesive objectives of all parties becomes almost an impossibility.

Nevertheless, to rise up to the task of defeating one of the most brutal regimes and militarized societies in history, a profound understanding and comprehensive vision of the Palestinian aspirations is needed, including the capacity of swift coordination and cooperation within the whole spectrum of Palestinians, i.e. their political diversity and geographical dispersal.

Furthermore, one cannot fail to notice that there is a level of subtle steering and goal-planning of the movement by some groups, especially anti-zionist Jewish solidarity groups, some of which (knowingly or not) share with the zionists FINAL AIMS of conquest and colonization more than they realize or dare to admit, and more than what they actually share with the Palestinians.

Let me explain. Many of our Jewish supporters, individuals and groups (including leading intellectuals) vigorously oppose Zionism, and condemn “Israel’s” crimes and brutality. At various degrees, they also play a significant role in documenting and exposing “Israel’s” crimes, and are unambiguously critical of the Zionist apartheid discrimination policies towards Palestinians. Yet their vision of a solution always keeps at heart the interests of their co-religionists, co-culturalists (Jewish zionists, occupiers of Palestine), as they seek to secure a good future for the perpetrators hand-in-hand with that of their victims:

Some persist in supporting the obsolete two-state solution, irrespective the fact that this would subjugate Palestinians to the crushing “iron fist” of the occupier’s military, and force them to accept the annexation of 80% of their land!

Others oppose boycott campaigns under the pretence that this tactic is ineffective and it would harm Palestinians, irrespective of the almost unanimous call by most Palestinian political affiliations in support of a Boycott and Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

Some categorically oppose the inalienable Right of Return of Palestinians on the grounds that it is allegedly unpractical, hence unrealistic, that the “Israelis will never agree to it”, as it would cause political suicide of the Jewish state. On such grounds Algeria, all other colonial entities, would have never liberated themselves!

Others go as far as supporting BDS, the Right of Return of refugees and a one state solution, but they fail to go all the way toward Justice, since they request from Palestinians acceptance of their form of government, their judicial organization, their decision to accept the final stay of the formerly “Israeli” population! This tramples most elementary rights of ownership that can not be obliterated by violent conquest, right of Self-Determination that can not be obliterated by assassinations, Sovereign rights that can not be obliterated by mere “facts on the ground” perpetrated by violent invaders. The times of “wiping indigenous populations off the map” are over. The time has come for Palestinian indigenous people to reign and decide over their own land, and Palestinian state affairs are the sole decision of the Palestinians themselves, and not of the occupiers.

Disturbingly, our Jewish supporters promote the unwarranted contention that final status of liberated Palestine should be decided jointly with the invaders, irrespective the fact that these invaders have absolutely no rights whatsoever, neither to the land (robbed by force) nor to the policy / law making, moreover in light of their abysmal record of genocidal activities against Palestinians.

Establishing an independent judicial system will enable Palestinian to prosecute criminals, restore property rights to the rightful owners, and eventually decide upon compensations.

Depriving the victims of their inherent rights to freedom and justice by forcing upon them the permanent presence of the occupier on their stolen lands, imposing “equal rights” in favour of the occupiers, giving them free hand to shape the future status of Palestine, unequivocally equates to give high reward for crimes.

And this three times over:

First: by giving the occupier the privilege to stay in the land they robbed by force (making a mockery of any rule of law, as did the contrived Law of “return” and the “absentee” laws), again all under the pretext of “facts on the ground, we are here, nothing can be done about it”.

Second: by the sheer fact that the occupier is empowered, even militarily, and his assaulted victims are disempowered, giving the occupier “equal rights” to plan and shape the state of Palestine, unequivocally sets up the Palestinians to be on the shorter end again, de facto limited to only minor input, to the sole profit of the Zionist occupier.

Third: under the most absurd pretence that restitution “would create another injustice”, some are hoodwinked to believe that the Zionist occupiers should be granted the privilege to “keep the loot”, lands, property, rights, everything!

A few examples of “supportive” Jewish anti-zionist groups and excerpts of some aims as quoted from their own websites:

1) Jews for Justice for Palestinians (UK)

• Peace in the Middle East will only come about with mutual recognition and respect and must be seen as just by both sides.
• A lasting peace must be seen as just by both sides.
• We support the right of Israelis to live in freedom and security within Israel’s 1967 borders.
• To secure a lasting settlement to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis so they can live in peace and security, thrive side by side, and co-operate together, Jews today are obligated to pursue justice on behalf of both peoples.

2) Just Peace Leicester (UK)

• We believe that a peace settlement taking equal account of the needs and human rights of Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews and all other.

3) Scottish Jews for a Just Peace (UK)

• SJJP is a diverse group of Jews committed to peace, social justice, and human rights in the Middle East. We support the right of both Palestinians and Israelis to self-determination and to live without fear of violence or oppression.
• support for the right of Israelis to live in freedom and security within Israel's 1967 borders.

4) British Shalom-Salaam Trust (UK)

• Supports projects both within Israel’s 1967 borders (the ‘Green Line’) and the Occupied Territories. We work closely with Palestinians and Israeli Jews committed to a just resolution of the conflict in Israel/Palestine based on equality and mutual respect.

5) European Jews for a Just Peace (a federation of Jewish groups in ten European countries), whose principles include:

• recognition of Israel’s 1967 ‘green line’ borders
• the recognition of the right of both states to have Jerusalem as their capital

6) Jewish voice for peace (USA) Mission Statement includes:

• JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem; security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians
• We support the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination.
• Israelis and Palestinians have the right to security, sovereignty, and self-determination within political entities of their own choosing.

7) Independent Jewish Voices (Canada)

• Palestinians and Israelis alike have the right to peaceful and secure lives.

8) Independent Australian Jewish voices (Australia)

• We are committed to ensuring a just peace that recognizes the legitimate national aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians with a solution that protects the human rights of all.

9) J Street

• the organization seeks provide a political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans who believe that a "two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential to Israel’s survival as the national home of the Jewish people and as a vibrant democracy."
• J Street supports Israel and its desire for security as the Jewish homeland, as well as the right of the Palestinians to a sovereign state of their own.
• J Street would support [...] a two-state solution under which the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem would fall under Israeli sovereignty and the Arab neighborhoods would be under Palestinian sovereignty.
• J Street believes that reaching a sustainable two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is both a fundamental American interest and essential to the survival and security of Israel as a democracy and home for the Jewish people.

Another example from a supportive intellectual,

Professor John J. Mearsheimer:

“it is essential that the Palestinians make clear that they do not intend to seek revenge against the Israeli Jews for their past crimes, but instead are deeply committed to creating a bi-national democracy in which Jews and Palestinians can live together peacefully” [“Palestinians should definitely not employ violence to defeat apartheid”]

The only exception I found throughout my research of anti-zionist Jewish groups was the example of IJAN, “International Jewish Anti-zionist Network”. I can only praise and commend IJAN for their declarations and charter. One beautiful example of how our supporter should be in their understanding and respect of Palestinians:

[From IJAN Charter:]

We commit our hearts, minds and political energy to support the varied and vibrant resistance movement of the Palestinian people and to confront the injustices for which the countries we live in are responsible.
We respond wholeheartedly to the call from Palestine for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.
It is not our job to prescribe what road the Palestinian people should take toward defining their future. We do not presume to substitute our voices for theirs. Our strategies and actions will emerge from our active relationships with those who are engaged in the range of liberation struggles within Palestine and in the broader region. We will support their struggle to survive, to hold their ground and to advance their movement as best as they can, on their own terms.
We are partners in the vibrant popular resistance movements of our time that defend and cherish the lives of all people and of the planet itself. We are partners in movements that are led by those most impacted by imperial conquest, occupation, racism and the global control and exploitation of people and resources. We stand for the protection of the natural world. We stand by the rights of indigenous peoples to their land and sovereignty.
Solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian self-determination, including full political, economic, cultural, social and land rights for all those living in the historic Palestine, and the right of return for its refugees;
Rejection of the Israeli apartheid state, premised on Jewish supremacy and Zionist ideology, and support for all struggles for legal and economic equality against it;
Challenging the current use of Islamophobia as a strategy for defending and justifying an imperialist US-European agenda;
Challenging white racism, including its manifestations as Ashkenazi racism against Mizrahi Jews and
Challenging the privileging of Jewish voices in conversations [and] negotiations about Palestine

IJAN an amazing model of how our supporters could/ should be like; supportive without being condescending, determined but not directing the struggle, advising but not imposing their vision, proactive but not taking the lead.

But unfortunately, the fact is that the majority of our Jewish supporters display a completely different attitude and behaviour, as demonstrated clearly by their aims and objectives, by their lead-taking, imposing their agenda on the solidarity movement as well as on Palestinians, and promoting the permanent colonization of Palestine by zionist Ashkenazi invaders, though using soft and humane tactics.

The pushiness and doggedness of such influential cluster of these groups and intellectuals, have managed skilfully to direct the vibrant and dedicated solidarity movement and caused the subtle steering of its direction, away –as far as I am concerned - from attaining the true aims and full aspirations of the Palestinians, victims of almost one century of ruthless, sadistic occupation.

Bottom line is: Almost all the so called “anti-zionist” Jewish groups who “support” the Palestinians, have exactly the same aims and objectives as their zionist “enemy” ; i.e. enabling, supporting, and securing the Jewish-zionist project and their permanent illegal, and immoral colonization of Palestine, be it as it may under a different name and altered regime.

This troubling conclusion urges to scrutinize how these facts have been translated as strategy on
the ground. It appears that the strategy is manifested in three main aspects: diversion, holding back and steering:


Fighting Anti-Semitism has been strategically inserted at the CORE of the Palestinian struggle, and made to be an essential part of it:

By highlighting and placing the

“Jewish concerns”, “Jewish problems”, “Jewish interests”, “Jewish peace groups and activists”, “Jewish suffering”, “Jewish hopes” and “anti-Jewish racism” at the heart of the debate, rather than the fundamentals of “Palestinian oppression”, “Palestinian concerns”, “Palestinian problems”, “Palestinian interests”, “Palestinian resistance”, “Palestinian dreams”, “Palestinian hopes” and “anti-Muslim racism”.

Another focus is the promoting of “Israeli” peace camp way beyond their real size, importance and effect, giving them a prime value and prominent platforms to advance their agenda which in almost all groups fall very short from fulfilling the minimum requirement of justice.

As they celebrate these groups -who are in fact an integral part of the colonial zionist project, inadvertently, they would be beautifying and glossing over the face of an army of conquest and presenting an illusive fake image of the occupation -who consist of both extremist as well as less extremists, or the so called “peace groups”.


some activists happily attach and emphasize the word “Jewish” or “Jews” to any good organizations, honourable ideologies and positive actions: “Jews for peace”, “Jews for justice”, “Jews against zionism”, “Jewish voices for peace”, “Jews are at the helm of social justice and intellectual progress”…etc,

while at the same time they get incensed if the word “Jews” or “Jewish” is used factually to describe some negative actions, immoral /supremacist ideologies or corrupt organizations.

Moreover, under the pretext of fighting anti-Semitism, they engage in downplaying, suppressing, ignoring or dismissing information that exposes the role of “Israel” lobby, or the problematic and extremely serious aspects of racism, supremacy, financial corruption, media control, political manipulation and intimidation within the Jewish-zionist community, or worse, they might even go as far as accusing with anti-Semitism, those who raise eye brows or dare to question such pervasive ideologies, infiltration and control.

As such, they would be neglecting the alarming outcome of such silent or vocal dismissal, which might be inescapably viewed as passive complaisancy if not active complicity.

Another observation, is that some anti-zionists supporters would be more than willing to debate with, hold civil discussions and dialogue with zionists of all shades (soft and extreme), with the pretext of hoping to enlighten them and win them to our camp, YET, they are fanatical objectors of engaging other Jewish supporters, they boycott, isolate and even label with anti-Semitism those supporters who go all the way in their support of Palestine; because they advocate the right of Palestinians and Palestinians alone to lead the struggle and shape their future, they dare to blow the whistle on and bring to light the racism and supremacy that exist within some branches of Judaism, and they dare to underline, criticise and disapprove the colossal influence of the Jewish-zionists in the Western political sphere.

In the meantime, and as a consequence to this diversion and muddle, and instead of purely focusing on the Palestinian struggle, the solidarity movement finds itself spellbound, orbiting the trajectory predicament of (is it anti-Semitic? does it hurt the sensitivity of “Jewish people”?)

As a consequence:

“Comparing Palestinian suffering to the suffering of Jewish people becomes a taboo, as it would upset “their sensitivity” and hurt their feelings”.

“Palestinians need to understand their fears”.

“Palestinians ought to give them time to comprehend that the theft of another country is wrong as they are traumatized by the holocaust”.

“Palestinians must appreciate the magnitude of their pain and as such must break it very gently and very s…l…o…w…l…y to the zionist oppressors that they are actually engaged in holocausting and ethnically cleansing them!

The insistence on the insertion of “anti-Semitism” and the “holocaust” into the Palestinian struggle, and the false contention that organized anti-Semitic activities is alive and kicking is of course a grotesque deception, an absurdity when you contemplate the level of prosperity and influence many Jewish groups and lobbies have achieved all over the Western world since the end of WW2. This insertion serves many purposes:

Firstly: to protect and perpetuate the concept of “Jews are eternal victims”, which in turn belittles the unrelenting ongoing suffering of the Palestinians compared to the “unique”, “millennia-old” Jewish suffering, and gives the occupiers a head start by a priori winning of the hearts and sympathy of the neutral observer.

Secondly: to hoodwink the naïve “progressives” to focus on the sparse “anti-Jewish prejudice”, and by doing so detracting them from focusing on the alarmingly widespread anti-Arab, anti-Muslim hatred.

Thirdly: to legitimize the very core of the Zionist ideology; by validating their dogma of “Jewish nationalism” and endorsing the idea of the necessity for a Jewish “homeland” (be as it may, at the cost of another nation).

Fourth: It justifies the final takeover of some/entire lands of Palestine as an obligation to compensate, protect, and secure the future of Jewish people. Under the ploy: “Their eternal suffering needs to stop and they undeniably deserve to get their own land and self determination”.

Influenced by the agenda of supportive Jewish anti zionist groups, the aims of the solidarity movement and the perimeters of argument for Palestine ends up confined and defined primarily by the “unique” case of racism “Anti-Semitism”, and its omnipresence materialization, the holocaust. That evidently, pushes the Palestinian cause to the periphery.

Supportive organizations of Palestine find themselves obliged to express disdain of anti-Semitism, before even asserting its support of Palestine.

In other words, before being eligible as a supporter for Palestine one must vigorously, repeatedly and at every juncture proclaim his/her innocence from the dreaded charge of anti-Semitism, one must also convey his/her innermost grief and sincere apologies for the “unique” crime of the holocaust, furthermore, one must express sympathy with the victims of the holocaust by wishing them “peace, security and prosperity” on the land they’ve stolen! Then one must confirm his support for equal rights for “both” peoples (criminal and victim, oppressed and oppressor alike)

As such, supportive organizations find themselves cornered into accepting the fallacy and the bizarre depravity that a foreign invader has as much right to the land he subjugated by force and robbed by deceit, as the rightful owner! Never mind that:

Palestinians have nothing to do with neither European anti-Semitism nor the holocaust;
since the end of WW2, there is no real anti-Semitism except amongst those racist fringe groups who are naturally inclined to hate any “other” and everything that is different;
in most countries of the Western world, Jewish-zionist organizations (secular and religious) have accumulated an inordinate level of power and influence, a reality inconsistent with the claims of “thriving” anti-Semitism;
the holocaust is stopped and publicly shunned since over sixty five years ago, yet the incessant, chronic holocaust of Palestinians is ongoing;
at present, the most vehement form of racism in the West (fomented and inflamed by hasbara zionists) is anti-Muslim hatred and racism;
the permanent highlighting and celebrating the marginal “Jewish israeli peace camp”, only reinforces the zionist agenda of concealment of truth about their bloodthirsty entity, and gives the false impression of a “balanced”, “democratic” and “civilized” society whose only problem is its corrupt government, and if a change of “israeli” establishment occurs the Palestinian problem would be instantaneously solved;
these peace groups (international or “Israeli”) are not representative neither of the international Jewish community nor the zionist Jewish community in occupied Palestine;
these peace-groups are a tiny minority labelled, ostracised and despised by the pro-zionist Jewish majority, whether in occupied Palestine or outside; [and that]
ALL Zionists share the same aim as anti-zionist groups with regard to this issue of highlighting anti-Semitism. zionists put enormous amount of resources and energies to the same cause; namely vociferously keeping the issue of anti-Semitism and the holocaust “religion” alive, inserted into the Palestinian struggle, as a charade of “fighting” anti-Semitism when in fact all it does is to distract and divert from the REAL ONGOING holocaust against Palestinians.

Holding back:

Our anti-zionist Jewish supporters opt to impose their views on forms of resistance, limiting the choice of tactics of Palestinians by suggesting that the only path that Palestinians should take in order to achieve their aims is to abandon all form of armed resistance, and confine only to non-violent resistance. Never mind that:

Palestine is a nation sitting at the edge of annihilation, virtually abandoned by the international community;
the inconceivable impact of continuous oppression on the psychological health of any human being subjected to such abominable circumstances;
the timeline of almost one century of being the object of zionist aggression, bloodshed, torture and utter disrespect for life;
the basic human right given to every human being to defend ones’ self when attacked;
the international law which granted an oppressed group or nation to seek its liberation by all means necessary; including armed resistance;
the real historical examples -ancient and contemporary- have shown us time and [time] again that occupied nations have used armed resistance successfully and effectively in order to free themselves from invaders [and that]
by restricting the resistance with the non-violent tactics they serve perfectly the zionist occupier and create a buffer zone of safety, security and breathing space for him which helps him to continue his aggression without worry, and to persist creating of facts on the grounds without hindrance.


The end of the struggle and the future solution -as defined by our anti-zionist Jewish supporters- must be either “two states” with 1967 borders, or “one SECULAR state, for TWO peoples”:
With the pretext that “no one can change the facts on the ground”, “they are there now and nothing can be done about it”, “this kind of colonization happened before and some natives have lost their homelands to invaders”, “migration of populations is a normal human thing”, “Jewish people have the right to a homeland and self determination”, “we cannot solve an injustice by creating another injustice”. Never mind that:

one of these people is an invading impostor “nation”;
the fraud “nation” had ethnically-cleansed the indigenous nation and caused it an inconceivable amount of suffering and horror for over a century;
this imposer “nation” gathered itself from all corners of the planet and illegally implanted itself replacing the authentic nation;
this impostor “nation” claims the ownership of the land on falsified mythical ground;
that a fake “nation” have no right to exercise its “self-determination” at the expense of another authentic nation;
other previous historic colonisations happened centuries ago and we have no time-machine to go and fix them, yet what is happening in Palestine is happening NOW before our eyes, it can be stopped and reversed;
“never again” is used very conveniently and becomes obsolete when it comes to Palestinians;
[that] if the majority of the authentic inhabitants of the land –namely the Palestinians- might actually aspire to have their own choice of future government, and might like to exercise their freedom to choose their representatives whom might not be to the liking of their anti-zionist supporters, but may rather be genuine and natural representation of their authentic culture and civilization of the ME; [and that]
the goals of the anti-zionist here, yet again, coincides and fits perfectly with the goals of zionist; namely, ensuring and securing the PERMANENT stay of the invaders in the land of Palestine.

Let me be clear:

• The road to Palestine does not pass either through Nazi-Germany or through Auschwitz for that matter.

• Fighting the zionist occupiers of our land does not begin with fighting anti-Semitism.

• Palestinians do not have to “convert” to the holocaust “religion” in order to gain “salvation” and liberation.

• No decent human-being would demand to live on STOLEN land and still claims to have some humanity.

• No decent human-being could claim that the perpetrator should have the same rights as the victim.

• Palestinians are under no obligation to hold back their march for freedom, to curtail their aims or to smother their rights for the sake of accommodating and not offending their Jewish supporters.

• Palestinians are always grateful and appreciative of the hard work and dedication of all their supporters whomever they are, however, Palestinians have NO obligation to adopt the aims and objectives of the anti-zionist Jewish supporters instead of their own.

• Dismissing the Palestinian voice as radical, reactionary, intolerant, or unreasonable, and requiring the Jewish-anti-zionist validation to have legitimacy to speak for Palestine, contradicts basic concepts of human rights and does not do justice to Palestinians.

• A Palestinian once saidWe run from Jew to Jew, they create the problem, and also argue the solution, they control the full spectrum of our discourse as well as our existence.” This needs to change.

• Palestinians have the ultimate right to choose their strategy and tactics of resistance that they deem most suitable for achieving their freedom, reinstatement of rights, and aspirations.

• Those tactics should not be manufactured or imposed upon them, leading in effect to more protection of the occupier and sheltering him from pain and from facing the consequences of his actions.

• Palestinians have the ultimate right to choose their vision for their future, of FREE Palestine including the type of government, the writing of constitution, the construction and implementation of their legal and juristic system, which stems from and corresponds to their ethics and reflects and protects their culture.

• Palestinians have the ultimate right to make the final decision on who is allowed to stay in liberated Palestine and who is not, using the legal procedure of their own choice.

• The future of the Palestinian struggle and the aim of liberation of Palestine should not be designed to shield the occupier from paying the full price of his crimes; including the punishment of all those who participated in transgression, and the deportation of the illegitimate Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants who colonized Palestine forcefully and were engaged in acts of aggression against Palestinians including serving in the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

• All refugee and their descendents have the unconditional right to come back home, they, the rightful indigenous owners are also entitled to the reinstatement of ALL confiscated (stolen) land and property, compensation for all their losses over the many years of exile and they are also entitled to Palestinian citizenship wherever they are.

• The aims and dreams of most Palestinians are not confined to the change of zionist regime or the vacuous declaration of abandonment of zionism by the Jewish-zionist occupiers, but rather to the FULL Liberation of Palestine and the restoration of all their rights.

• It is the privilege of Palestinian to decide who should stay in their homeland and who’s not.

• After a century of terror, theft and crimes, had the zionists shown any signs of remorse, respect or willingness to be decent guests, had they embraced with open arms the hospitable people of Palestine rather than destroying them with fire-arms, [then] they might have had a chance to be accepted and forgiven. [But] not any more, as far as I am concerned. They have lost that opportunity.

For all the above, I repeat; the strategy of liberation requires emancipation.

♣ ♣ ♣

[israelis:] ‘get the hell out of Palestine’ ~ Helen Thomas

To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war. ~ Ludwig von Mises

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says . . . I'll try again tomorrow. ~ Anne Henninghake

فليتكَ تحلو والحياةُ مريرة

وليتكَ ترضى والأنامُ غضابُ

ألا ليتَ الذي بيني وبينكَ عامرٌ

وبيني وبينَ العالمينَ خرابُ

إذا صحَّ منكَ الودُ فالكلُ هينٌ

وكلُ الذي فوقَ الترابِ ترابُ

يارب علمني ان احب الناس كما احب نفسي

وعلمني ان احاسب نفسي كما احاسب الناس

وعلمني ان التسامح هو اكبرمراتب القوة وان

حب الانتقام هو اول مظاهر الضعف

يارب اذا أسأت الى الناس فأعطني شجاعة الإعتذار

وإذا أساء لي الناس فأعطني شجاعة العفو


Nahida Izzat: "I am -Jerusalem born- Palestinian refugee living in exile for over 40 years. I was forced to leave my homeland, Palestine at the age of seven during the six-day war.

I am a mathematician by profession but art is one of my favourite pastimes, I love hand-made things, so I make dolls, cards, and most of my own clothes.

I also write poetry, and participate in dialogues with known and unknown friends as I believe that communication is the first step of understanding, I believe in building bridges not walls.

My shy and extra sensitive nature hinders me from public speaking, so I try to compensate for my shortcomings by writing! I started writing about three years ago when my friends insisted I should write about my memories, experiences, and my feelings as a Palestinian. So I self published two books (I Believe in Miracles and Palestine, The True Story) [Biographical information: Growing Gardens for Palestine]

This article has previously been posted at Uprooted Palestinians. The beautiful painting at the top is by the late Ismael Shamout. Check more paintings by this great artist HERE. A sincere thanks due to Alex Batista for bringing this to our attention. :-) Editor. [Palestine: The Exodous and the Odessey by Ismail and Tamam Shammout.]


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