A tribute to Sarah Meyer

William Bowles

Sarah Meyer, 73, who published her work on Index Research, died at 11:00 PM Wednesday, March 3rd. 2010 from cancer. We hung out a couple of times, once at her little hideaway in the country and on demos, but most of our contact was via the Web and our related writings. An American ex-pat, her writing was exhaustive, thoroughly documented analyses on Iraq, Afghanistan and much more. According to Sarah, her decision not to go through treatment in an attempt to delay the inevitable was hard for the NHS to accept, which resulted in her fighting her final battle with doctors, who just could not understand why she refused to undergo treatment. Perhaps her own words sum up her reasons:

‘The language applied to cancer sounds like Obama’s wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We hear about “battles” – “Fighting the Enemy” and the “War on Cancer.” Constructively discussing the actual process of life and death can often be a no-go zone. Even the word ‘death’ is replaced by the awful term, “passing away.”

‘I am almost 73 now, and I am ready for death. The suffering of peoples on our planet is a burden for me. I have tried for much of my life to be useful, but of course one cannot ‘cure’ this central crux of life itself.’

But her life lives on through her contributions, which is more than many of us can claim.

Hamba Kahle, Sarah.*


AWIP/Musafir's Musings: Hands Across the Seas. AWIP/Sarah Meyer: My Cancer: The Waiting Game. Sarah's website HERE.

* Zulu for farewell.


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