The Green Zone

Marco Villa

All you wanted to know about the racist land distribution and housing police in Israel, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem has been eloquently put together in this Israeli documentary. It is a very small minority, but there is still an honest and noble core in Israel. Every minute of this is worth watching.

“Green Zone - is a 20 minute long documentary, exploring Israel’s discriminatory policies in occupied East Jerusalem. Since 1967 urban planning has been used by the Israeli establishment as a tool to contain the growth of the Palestinian population in the mixed city. The impact of these policies has been catastrophic for many Palestinian residents, resulting in an average of 100 house demolitions every year. The film incorporates interviews with Israeli and Palestinian residents, architects, journalists and politicians, in an attempt to present this complex situation, which has significant ramifications to the whole peace process.”

The great thing about new media is that we can watch things like this. Before, the establishment press controlled what people could read, see and hear. But the blogs, YouTube et al have opened up millions of people to new points of views. Just a few years ago many people did not have access to such information on the Palestinians because the U.S. media did not care. But now we can easily watch a documentary from Israel about Palestinians. New media is a chip in the wall of Zionist propaganda. It is opening eyes.




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