Islamic State Created by United States

Nikolai Bobkin

The battle flag is raised and waving. The United States has launched an air campaign against the Islamic State delivering strikes in Iraq and Syria. It is done without the permission of the Syrian government and the United Nations Security Council. There were allegations on the part of Russia and Iran that the final objective of the US-initiated operation was the elimination of Syrian infrastructure. The concern Moscow and Tehran have expressed appears to be justified.

Rear Admiral John Kirby, the spokesman of US Defense Department, reported that the US aviation hit 12 oil installations on Syrian soil that were supposedly under the Islamic State control. The Admiral said more similar strikes are planned. On June 25, 2011 a memorandum of understanding on the construction of Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline was signed in Bushehr. And the unrest in Syria went on the rise right after this agreement was concluded. They are right saying the war waged by the US against the government of Bashar Assad is a war for oil and gas. Damascus was added to the list of US enemies in 2009 when Assad rejected the proposal to take part in the construction of US-sponsored Qatar-Europe pipeline going through the Syrian territory. Instead Syria preferred to strike a deal with Iran on building a gas route going across Iraq to the Mediterranean shore. Back then Henry Kissinger made his frank admittance pronouncing the phrase to become famous afterwards, «oil is much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs».

The creation of caliphate on the territory of Iraq and Syria will make US (ExxonMobil Corporation) and British (BP è Royal Dutch Shell) oil producing companies suffer losses in Iraq and lose access to Syrian hydrocarbons (after the regime change in Damascus as Americans apply efforts to topple the Syrian government).

The West on the Tragic Events in Ukraine: Lies and an Information Blockade

Nikolai Bobkin

While the flames of a civil war are beginning to burn in Ukraine and the blood is beginning to flow, it is becoming clear that Europe does not know how to react to a crisis it has played such a prominent role in initiating. The Kiev regime’s counterinsurgency operations against the population of southeast Ukraine are gaining momentum, the number of victims is growing, there is fighting in many populated areas, and the Council of Europe, having turned a blind eye to the crimes of the junta, is discussing new sanctions against Russia. The versions of events being put forward by Kiev regarding Russia’s involvement in what is happening are becoming increasingly absurd. In an interview with the BBC, Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated that the riots in Odessa were triggered by «pro-Russian separatists». This lie suits the West, which is currently establishing an information blockade around events in Ukraine.

Neither the US nor Europe wants to admit that the Kiev regime is using military weapons, tanks and aircraft to suppress those opposing its dictatorship. Dozens of protesters have been killed, while hundreds have been maimed, abducted and imprisoned. This is now the new face of the European Union’s eastern neighbour. There has been virtually no reaction from the Western media or human rights organisations to the tragic events in Odessa. The fact that people were burned alive in the Odessa trade union building was reported briefly, with the lie that Russia is to blame for everything once again being reiterated.

Washington’s Foreign Policy Tools or Biden Visits Kiev

Nikolai Bobkin

Part 1: Washington’s Foreign Policy Tools or Biden Visits Kiev || Vice-President John Biden came to Kiev to see with his own eyes how the events unfold in the country. The second part of the article will be devoted to the results of the visit. Here it’s important to state the fact that Ukraine serves as an irritant for Moscow which may turn into its enemy and that’s the only thing Washington needs Ukraine for. The situation in the country has deteriorated to the point of bringing it to the brink of civil war, but Washington does not care. The main thing is to keep the puppet regime in power. Biden is an author of «color revolutions» policy and the person responsible for staging unrest in other countries, for him Ukraine is just another testing ground no different from North Africa…

Americans are not fantasy prone people, they always have a pattern to follow and they gauge all other nations with their own «democratic criterion» ignoring racial and religious specific features. The same thing is repeated in Kiev. The White House says that Biden will meet leaders of civil society to discuss their role in strengthening democratic institutions.

It’s not an occasion that NGOs are in the focus of his attention, billions of dollars are spent to keep them afloat and they are expected to produce the pre-programmed results. The Ukraine’s government has been using every occasion to stress its independence while it is quite docile and submissive towards all kinds of NGOs and foreign special agencies operatives acting on the Ukraine’s territory. No matter US NGOs always emphasize how open, democratic and transparent they are, in reality they act as close clubs with the criteria for personnel enlistment normally practiced by the CIA when it chooses the agents for the mission of strengthening American influence.

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